Wiki Updated

Posted on Wed Jun 12th, 2013 @ 9:19am by Magdalena Somerset aka "Maggie Locke"

As some of you know I have been working diligently to update our site's Wiki page with important information for writers both those already in the sim and those that are new.

Some of these articles will be familiar to a lot of you, they were adapted (with permission) from articles Don wrote a number of years ago. This was a very hard process for me emotionally as I was going through and replacing references to Shayne with references to me (which Don gleefully supplied.)

This, more then anything, has brought home the loss of a dear friend. There were moments where I simply had to stop because to continue would make me feel like I really was trying to replace him.

I will never be the GM that Shayne was, I will never be able to navigate the twisting pathways of that wonderfully devious mind that we all loved. But what I can do is provide something close, a rich game, a new twist, and a world full of as many surprises as I can muster, I can use his concept to bring the people he cared about for so many years together.

Now on to the point of this announcement, if everyone could wander over to the wiki when you get a chance there are pages you might all like to see!



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