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Posted on Fri Mar 21st, 2014 @ 9:51am by Magdalena Somerset aka "Maggie Locke"

Alright everyone, I am going to be adding a new article to the wiki called Sandbox. This is something I have been rolling around for a while in an effort to provide new writers with a more dynamic world to write in and old writers with a new toy to play with. Each writer who has an awakened char (this doesn't have to mean a full awakening, a glimmering and discussion of when your char will awaken is enough) will be offered a sandbox to play in that is theirs to do with as they please, within the bounds of the world I have introduced mind you.

What is a Sandbox? In short, it's a city. Maybe you want your hometown, or where you live now, or that place you've always wanted to visit but never had the time. The rules are simple, it must be a city that you know well enough to help writers whose chars are passing through, and you must check with me on any major happenings past me before you run off with them.

You will be given one adult NPC with a basic and limited powerset. This is something I will come up with but will work with you on to make sure it fits the char you have in mind. And then the city is yours, you can work for the mutant underground helping funnel mutant refugees and sympathizers out of major cities and into safer homes, or work for Nexus ferreting out the resistance, or just stand by and watch as things unfold around you.

There are no posting requirements for your Sandbox, there are only two things you must be willing to do. First, be available to and work with any writer who is passing through your city to help them engage in the world. This includes writing your NPC as well as any other non-powered NPC needed. Second, you must maintain a wiki page for your city with any major happenings that differ from our history. Ex: The slagging of the tower in Atlanta.

And no one is required to take on a Sandbox. After reading this if you're interested send me a note and we can start working on putting together your sandbox.

Points to remember:
1. This is still my world. Mutants are the extreme minority. It is a recessive gene and has been hunted for 100's of years by various enemies. The world is terrified of mutations and your own grandmother would turn you in.
2. Nexus has started offering large cash rewards for information that results in the capture of mutants, so if your grandmother wouldn't turn you in out of love, she might turn you in for the money.
3. Mutants have no rights under the law. Though not expressly stated at a federal level yet, most states fall into one of three categories. The most lenient have a don't ask don't tell for those with an inactive x-gene, but if you are found to have an x-gene, active or not, you are required to pay a fine and must leave the state. Others have a law on the books that classifies those with an inactive x-gene as non-human, though animal cruelty laws still apply, those with an active x-gene are considered criminals to be turned over to nexus immediately. The worst states have a law on the books that states anyone exhibiting a physical mutation is considered armed and dangerous and it is legal to kill them on sight without provocation. (you and I will work to decide what laws are in place for your state)
4. If more than one person want the same city we will have to find a compromise. This is not first come first serve, we are all friends and I think that there will be plenty of room for everyone to have fun with this.
5. The wiki is critical, both for new writers and me. I will be checking the wiki once a month to see if any updates have been made. If a post is released with something major happening and the wiki is not updated within 30 days with at least a blurb about it, we will need to discuss whether or not you can keep up with a Sandbox.
6. Any mutants you do mention need to be kept generic. I am a huge believer in everyone having their niche, it would be no fun for me to give a powerset to someone and then have it pop up as an NPC and the last thing you want to do is limit me when it comes to thinking of a powerset for new chars.
7. This is supposed to be FUN! If you aren't having fun doing it all you have to do is tell me, you aren't required to keep a Sandbox once you take it.

Okay I think that's it for now. Please message me with any questions.


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