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Alexis "Lexia" Rodgers

Name Alexis "Lexia" Rodgers

Position Combat Instructor

Character Information

Gender Female
Age 18
Codename Delphi
Occupation Combat Instructor

Physical Appearance

Height 5'2"
Weight 120lbs
Hair Color Blonde with sea green streak (was originally black)
Eye Color Changes depending on power use.
Physical Description While for the most part Alexis is not very noticeable two things stand out about her. Depending on who you are the first thing is that her eyes are almost too large for her face, which can sometimes make her look bug-eyed. The second thing is that she is extremely curvy with an hourglass figure, though she is a bit top heavy. Alexis has dark brown hair that is nearly black, though if she spends a lot of time in the sun she winds up with golden chestnut highlights. She typically wears her hair down unless she is playing, then she pulls it back into a ponytail or bun to keep it out of her way. She also has long delicate fingers perfect for making music.

Family & Friends

Significant Other Liam Graham Carter
Children None
Father Viktor Rodgers (Boris Klaus Sasavin - biological father deceased)
Mother Stacy Rogers
Brother(s) Nicolas (Nico) Rogers - twin
Sister(s) None
Other Family None that she is aware of.
Friends Liam, Nico, Boris (Just because they're family doesn't mean they're not friends), Maggie, Brook, Bryan, Jax, Abby

Personality & Traits

General Overview For the most part Alexis is a happy laid back person. She can be snarky at times but never means it as cruel. Lex is not the kind of person to hurt the feelings of others to make herself feel better. At the same time she can be rather blunt and up front about her thoughts and feelings. She hates to feel helpless and even more when other people treat her like she's helpless. For the most part she is slow to anger but being treated like she's a cripple sets her off, even Nico and Liam have gotten the sharp side of her tongue on that one. Though neither of them really treats her like she is helpless.
Strengths & Weaknesses Determined

Get's stuck in her own head
Can be too trusting
Obsessive about her music
Has a hard time asking for help
Stubborn (Nico: "That's the POLITE way of putting it.")
Ambitions To become a world renown musician, or a rock star, she'd be happy with rock star. Not despite her blindness or because of it but because of her talent.
Hobbies & Interests Reading
Listening to Music
Playing Music
Listening to Nature
Hanging out with her friends and brother
Languages Russian, Polish, German, and English

Personal History Alexis Rodgers was born October 31st 1992 on the stroke of midnight. She was tiny only 9 ozs, then again that was rather to be expected when she was born three months early. Five minutes before Alexis was born with quiet dignity, Nicolas Mikhail Rodgers came flailing into the world. Nico was more robust than his little sister, growing to become a well muscled 6 feet while Alexis grew into a petite yet curvy 5'2". Alexis jokes that the reason she's so tiny is that Nico sucked up all the growth hormones. Nico just laughs and says that Alexis took all the pretty.

When the twins were just four months old they discovered the truth about Alexis, she had suffered one of the birth defects that could come from being born prematurely. She was four months old and completely blind with no hope of regaining any vision in the future. Alexis has only ever known darkness, her world is about sound, scent, and touch. At an early age she would hum along with any music that was playing, something that drove her parents crazy and made her brother laugh. It was quickly apparent that Alexis had perfect pitch and a love for music that would not be denied.

The twins grew up in a rural area, never knowing the reason that their family was so isolated, they simply believed that they were simple horse breeders. The truth was a bit more sinister. Back in the 80's Alexis' father was a high ranking officer in the KGB. He had seen the writing on the walls and rather than stay in the failing Soviet Union and becoming a nobody he defected to America. To say that he made a nice little profit off of what the US government was willing to pay him for the secrets of his former station would have been an understatement of titanic proportions. He met his wife once he had relocated in rural southern Virginia. Stacy Anne Lawrence was a waitress at the local diner where Viktor Rodgers would have lunch and dinner nearly every day. After a few months the pair began to date and eventually married. Stacy was a perfect wife, quitting her job at the diner when her husband demanded it. Viktor was a jealous man and hated the idea of other men around his beautiful wife.

Stacy was the primary care giver to her children and somehow managed to raise two independent souls despite her husbands desire to see his daughter as subservient as his wife. A task that he thought would be simple due to Alexis' blindness but was in fact hampered by that very same hurdle. Alexis grew to be an independent young woman who's focus became her music. She joined every choir and singing group that she could while growing up. Her brother Nico encouraged his little sister, even going so far as setting up a local karaoke night every week at Alexis' favorite restaurant. Alexis would go to the event every week and often sang more than one song. One such night ended up with her brother bloodied and in the ER and Alexis meeting a charming deputy, Liam Graham Carter.

Liam and Alexis hit it off nearly instantly and quickly became fast friends though that changed when Alexis turned 18.

Character Questionnaire Character's Full Name:
Alexis Rodgers

Reason or meaning of name?:
Parents just like the name.

Lex, Lexi, or Alex( Though she hates being called Alex)

Is there a reason for the nickname?:
Shortened versions of her name

Birth Date:

Age in years:

How old do they appear?:
Late teens early 20s

Eye Color:
Sea Green Hazely color (Changes due to use of powers)


Weight in pounds:

Height in inches:
5' 2" or 62"

Type of body/build:
Curvy and Healthy

Skin Tone:
Caucasian, pale

Shape of Face:

Distinguishing Marks:

Predominant Feature:
Large eyes and huge...tracks of land.

Hair Color:
Was Black and now is Blonde with sea green highlights

Distinguishable Hair Feature:

Type of Hair:
Fine but lots of it.

Character's Typical Hairstyle:
Down unless she wants it out of her waythen in a ponytail or bun.

Are they healthy?:
Yes and no

If not, why not?:
Detached Retinas

Physical Disability:

Alexis has never seen colors so she doesn't really have a favorite or a least favorite.

All music except classical and gangsta rap. For the most part Alexis loves all music and enjoys performing all kinds as well.

Alexis likes down home cooking. Things like Meatloaf, Fried Chicken, Chicken n Dumplings, mashed potatoes and gravy are just a few of her absolute favorites.

Alexis loves fantasy and romance novels especiallythings that have paranormal or mythological aspects to them.

And now it's awkward.
I'm blind not dead.
Actually I am. (Response to "What are you, blind?")

Bloody Hell
Fuck a duck
Fuck me.

Loose dresses and leggings, jeans and t-shirts. Alexis isn't really all that particular about her clothes as long as they feel nice. She prefers microfiber and silk

Drake's Branch, VA

What do they do too much/little of?:
Always playing music, singing. Depends on who you ask. According to her father she doesn't listen or behave like a lady. Her mother thinks that she doesn't
worry enough about getting a man. Alexis thinks that she's fine just the way she is, though she could probably exercise more.

What is your character's most prized possession?:
Her voice, because no matter what people take away from her she will always have her voice.

Does your character play a musical instrument?:

Mode of Transportation:
She either walks or Nico drives her.

Does your character smoke?:

Does your character drink?:
Alexis likes Cherry Coke and Cherry Mountain Dew. She doesn't drink alcohol, at least not yet.

Music, swimming, reading, hanging out with her friends and brother, martial arts.

How does character spend a rainy day?:
Singing, playing music or reading.

Dante's Branch

Type of Childhood?:
For the most part Alexis had a typical childhood. Her parents love her very much.

What is your character's first memory ever?:
Hearing a song called Little Red Riding Hood on the radio and singing it with Nico.

Most important childhood event that still affects them?:
The sound of her brother's joy when she sings. Because Nico's joy brings her joy and his laughter gave her a sense of acceptance that only he seems to be
able to give her.

Most important childhood event that still affects them?:
Learning about music.

High School graduated at 17

There is religion and she doesn't believe that any one is the only right one.


Stacy Anne Rogers. Her mother loves her and believes that they are as close as can be but Alexis does not respect her mother. She does not believe that
the sun rises and sets on her father and that he is the only person in the world who matters.

Viktor Rodgers. Alexis is too independent for her father's peace of mind. She doesn't behave the way he thinks that a proper lady should ever behave.

Nicolas Rodgers. Alexis' twin brother is more like her best friend and confidant. They are closer than many siblings, very rarely do they fight or even get on
each others nerves.

Extended Family:
None that she is aware of.

Horses. The one thing that Nico and Lex do not agree on is horses. Nico loves the creatures and they have
terrified Alexis ever since she was nearly trampled to death when she was younger.

Snakes. When she was younger and sick a servant thought putting a snake in the bed with her while she slept would be amusing. The snake got around
Alexis' throat and grew tighter when she tried to get it off. No actual harm was physically done to her.

Bedrest. A silly fear to be sure but Alexis is afraid to be on bedrest because she believes that it was what made her so sickly as a child.

What is the worst thing that could happen to them?:
Losing Nico, he's her rock, the one person that she feels she can tell anything to.

What single event would most throw character's life in complete turmoil? Why?:
Something happening to Nico. He's her touchstone.

What will character fight to the death over?:
Her family and friends

What makes the characters skin crawl?:
People randomly grabbing her and trying to lead her around.

Character is most at ease when:
She's performing music.

Most ill at ease when:
Alone in a crowd

Family, Music

How does your character feel about themself?:
Alexis is happy with who she is and how she lives.

What past failure they would be embarrassed to have people find out about? Why?:
To be honest she doesn't really embarrass all that much. She's landed on her ass way to many times for that.

If granted one wish, what would it be? Why?:
Alexis has never really thought about having a wish granted. She doesn't really wish for her sight since she never had it and so doesn't miss it.

Daredevil or Cautious?:
On stage and alone she is a bit of a daredevil, in a crowd she's more cautious.

Greatest strength in character's personality (whether s/he sees it as such or not):

Greatest weakness in character's personality (whether s/he sees it as such or not):
Stubbornness AKA Determination gone wrong.

Character's soft spot?:
Those she loves.

What is your biggest vulnerability?:
Blind and extremely sensitive hearing.

Are they an introvert or extrovert?:
Introvert unless on stage.

Drives and Motivations:
Joy, for herself and others.

Music- Alexis can play any instrument that she picks up after a few hours. She's most skilled with Guitar and Piano though.

Extremely skilled/unskilled at:
Skilled: Music, performing, dexterous but she's not really crafty.

Unskilled: Not the greatest cook, has no fashion sense.

Get's stuck in her own head
Can be too trusting
Obsessive about her music
Has a hard time asking for help
Stubborn (Nico: "That's the POLITE way of putting it.")

Has a tendency to move her fingers like she's playing an instrument when she listens to music. Sings absentmindedly when she does other things. Closes her
eyes when she's performing.

Treats Igor, her guide dog, like he's human and gets pissed off when people treat him like he's just a dumb dog.

Regret does no one any good, learn from your mistakes and move forward.

Every day is an accomplishment for Alexis. Every time she doesn't cave under her father's insistence that she become the perfect empty headed little lady.

Character's darkest secret?:
She's not nearly as confident in herself as she pretends.

One word CHARACTER would use to describe self:

How CHARACTER would describe self:
To be honest Alexis thinks that one of her best physical characteristics is her hair. She loves the texture. She really doesn't think of her physical appearance
all that much.

If change #1 was made, would character be as happy as s/he thinks? If not, why not?:
Alexis is happy with herself. She doesn't focus on changing things, just how to make them work for her.

How does character relate to others?:
Alexis tends to be quiet but friendly towards others.

How are they perceived?:
Strangers may see Alexis as helpless, her friends know that she is not. They tend to see her as strong and determined. Only the people she's really close to
tend to see the real Alexis, without any bravado or posturing.

What do family/friends think about character?:
Alexis' parents see her as a beautiful but unfortunately too stubborn girl. Nico sees her as a wonderful soul who makes the world a brighter place for having
been in it. At the same time he wishes that she would accept help every so often.

Alexis wants to be a world renowned musician, or rock star. She would be good with rock star too. She works to achieve this by performing every chance she

Alexis is calm in a crisis, keeping a cool head and seeing that what needs to get done gets done. She does not deal well with change, especially when it comes
to the layout of the room.

Writer's Details

Writer's Details Birth Date Midnight on Halloween. 10/31/1991