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Brooklyn "Brook" Van Domelen

Name Brooklyn "Brook" Ash Van Domelen

Position Student

Character Information

Gender Intersex
Age 18
Codename Twixt
Occupation Vigilante hero

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 10"(1.78 m)
Weight 156 lb.(71 kg)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown and blue
Physical Description General Appearance: An androgynous male of mixed Japanese heritage between 16 and 20 years of age who engages in regular physical exercise. Can easily pass as either a man or a woman depending on attire and makeup. Bright, warm smile, large, expressive eyes, and full lips. Strong jaw with a tapered chin. Hair is worn loosely to shoulders in a curtained shag style. Streaks hair with bright colors. Typically wears multiple earrings: two hoops up the back of left ear and three in right. Also, a pair of sapphire studs, one per lobe. Typically wears a tasteful mix of men’s and women’s clothing along with makeup.


February 14, 2010: Tattoo of a pair of black feathery wings appears on Brook’s back, extending down his body to his ankles. In addition, a Thronos Pavo’edras peacock feather “tramp stamp” appears on his lower back. Wings are black with a metallic shine. The tattoo transform into live wings with a span of 19.6 feet(6 m). The wings appear and vanish at will.

February 18, 2010: Brook’s hair transforms into long, soft feathers the same color as his wings. Color streaks in hair transfer to wings.

February 19, 2010: Brook begins to wear Timo Braken's ring on a leather cord around his neck.

March 16, 2010: Intensive, extensive exercise along with hand-to-hand combat training has improved Brook's physical fitness.

Family & Friends

Significant Other Timo Braken
Children One day
Father Diederik Van Domelen(1966-2005)
Mother Isako Tsubouchi(1968-2010)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Nope
Other Family Haruma Tsubouchi(maternal grandfather), Donya Somerset(oathbound great-great grandmother), Cameo Somerset(oathbound mother), Liam Carter(oathbound brother), Magdalena Somerset(oathbound sister), Lily Owens(clan cousin)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Brook is by nature very sweet and gentle. He is considerate and trustworthy, quick to lend aid and think the best of others. He is aware of harsher truths of the world and he makes a conscious decision that his life be dedicated to leaving the world a better place, one life at a time. That said, he has limits in certain respects. He doesn’t tolerate disrespect in his home or place of business. He won’t tolerate flirting from one he knows is in a relationship. He breaks fingers that grope him without permission. He won’t tolerate pushing one’s beliefs to the discomfort of him or others in his home or place of business. He is not one to make a scene in public so he chooses to leave if he is subject to proselytizing or disrespect. Push and he warns about self-defense. Offenders get one warning. Otherwise, have a great day!
Strengths & Weaknesses Artistic Prodigy: Brook creates beauty and inspiration in anything he touches. He picks up new techniques quickly and often approaches his work with a depth of perspective few artists attain.

Business Administration: Brook's mother imposed the condition that her son could only pursue his art so long as his grades in his business classes matched or exceeded his art classes. Brook feels no love for numbers and management but he honors his arrangement with his mother.

Open-minded: Brook overlooks things that divide others. He cares only about the content of one’s character. This is so prevalent in him that he makes ready friends across many walks of life, some from shady places few might expect from one of his warm and gentle character.

Weakness :
Medication: Brook requires HRT or Hormone Replacement Therapy daily to maintain good health. Loss of this medication can lead to chronic fatigue, irrational mood swings, fever, cold sweats, disorientation, and memory impairment.

Altered sense of smell: Klinefelter's Syndrome leaves Brook with an altered sense of smell. He can only discern strong astringent odors. He has no interest in cooking and most food tastes bland.

Sexual Ambiguity: Brook risks public shaming and hostile confrontations when out and about. He is “too pretty” for a man and some people find it offensive. His taste in clothing exacerbates matters but he refuses to change or hide what he is.

Dangerous Cook: It isn’t enough to burn water. Brook fuses ramen noodles into the bottom of an aluminum pot. He is dangerous in the kitchen unless he is popping things in the microwave.
Ambitions Make the world a safe place to live for those who only want to lead their lives in peace.
Hobbies & Interests Body Art: A school friend introduced Brook to the world of tattoo parlors and body modification. He is a renowned tattoo artist at his tender age. His love of body art extends into several related areas, including, but not limited to:

Cosmetology: Brook excels at cutting hair and applying makeup. He specializes in youthful, modern looks but he has experience with many classical styles having worked for the drama department in school.

Fashion and Design: Brook can never find anything that suits him so he makes his own clothing.

Body massage: Brook is a licensed practicing masseur. He works out of the tattoo parlor and takes private appointments.

Herbalism, custom ink, and flower arranging: All extensions of massage training that Brook took to artistic extremes out of curiosity. His impaired sense of smell makes creating custom massage oil challenging. He is far better creating custom tattoo ink. His ink is vibrant and durable, lasting for years with little risk of allergic reaction.
Languages English (ILR-5 - Native), Japanese (ILR-5 - Bilingual), Dutch(ILR-5 Polyglot) Spanish(ILR-4), French(ILR-3), Chinese-Cantonese(ILR-2), Romani(ILR-1)

Personal History February 14, 1992 at 5:10 PM Eastern Daylight Time saw Brooklyn Ash Van Domelen enter the world with a dramatic flourish. His mother went into labor unexpectedly while stuck in rush hour Brooklyn traffic. A police officer and a Hindi driver helped Isako birth her child in the backseat of her cab while a number of well-wishers cheered and caught the action on their cellphones. Isako and her husband Diederik decided to name their child "Brooklyn" after the city of his birth and "Ash" for the street on which the cab was trapped in bumper to bumper traffic.

Brook spent his childhood in wealth and luxury. He enjoyed the benefits of tutoring early and his parents enrolled him in the prestigious "Avenues" school. "Avenues" stressed a truly global education in preparation for a world economy. Brook's training emphasized cultural studies and languages in addition to an internationally recognized standard of primary and secondary education. He proved amazingly bright, especially with languages and cultural studies. He excelled in the arts and pursued art-related classes for all of his electives. Life took a tragic turn in 2005 when Diederik, Brook's father died from an extremely rare form of renal cancer. Mother and son grew distant until a bitter fight about Brook's grades brought out that both of them suffered in silence. It marked a turning point in their lives.

A move to Dallas, Texas in 2009 marked the next big event. Isako's work demanded that she move to Texas in late 2008 to assume a promotion. Brook remained in New York with his grandfather until graduation in 2010. He then moved to Texas to attend the University of Texas A&M as a Business Administration student. Like most TAM college kids, he moved to College Station, nearly 300 miles from his Dallas home. There he found work as a tattoo artist and performed licensed Massage Therapy. Mom did not approve until Brook got a license and proved that he worked for reputable people. Brook remains in College Station currently, where a dark family secret might lead to the next chapter of his story--or the closing chapter.


February 14, 2010: Brook’s 18th Birthday: Gains full control and access to his trust fund. He becomes independently wealthy overnight.

February 14-15, 2010 - Tattoo and Wings: The Greek god Hermes infuses Brook with a tattoo of black bird wings. The wings appear on his back and extend down the backs of both legs to the ankles. In addition, a Thronos Pavo’edras clan peacock feather appears as a “tramp stamp” on his lower back. The style of work is Brook’s and the quality is exquisite. On close examination the tattoo appears to be a birthmark. Later, the tattoo is discovered to transform into natural wings with a span 5.9 meters(19.5 feet). The wings vanish back into the form of a tattoo at will.

February 16, 2010 - Mother's death and secret origin as a member of the Spider Clan

February 16, 2010 - Speed(unconfirmed at present): Brook experienced several instances of what appear to be superhuman speed during an attack against him. He dodges thrown knives, venomous spit, and spray from a glue gun with limited success. To Brook’s perception actions slow, giving him time and opportunity to sidestep attacks.

February 16, 2010 - Permanent relocation to Locke Academy, Public identity believed killed after a failed attempt to pay mother's kidnappers.

February 19, 2010 - Brook and Timo decide to go steady. Brook gives Timo his "Osorezu / Koukai Nashi" pendant" while Timo gives him the ring his father gave him to wear on a leather cord.

Character Questionnaire Player Name:

Character's Full Name:
Brooklyn Van Domelen

Reason or meaning of name?
Father is Dutch, born in Brooklyn


Is there a reason for the nickname?
Short for "Brooklyn"

Birth Date:

Age in years:

How old do they appear?

Eye Color:
Brown with blue stars


Weight in pounds:

Height in inches:

Type of body/build:
Slim, smooth, average build

Skin Tone:
Pale Asian

Shape of Face:

Distinguishing Marks:
beauty mark on chin

Predominant Feature:
large, expressive eyes

Hair Color:

Distinguishable hair feature:
streaks of blond

Type of Hair:
thick, soft

Character's typical hairstyle:
curtained shag shoulder length with color streaks

Are they healthy?
good health

If not, why not?
regular physical fitness

Physical disability:
Impaired sense of smell

Favorite: white Least: purple

genres: pop, industrial, goth, R&B, classical Fave song: "Unwritten" by Natasha Bedingfield Least favorite genre: gangster rap Least Favorite Song: "Golddigger" because of slurs and nastiness toward women.

Favorite Food: Thai, Japanese Least: fast food and Italian because it's greasy.

Favorite: Erotic action adventure Least favorite: drama, snore...

Leave the world a better place than you found it age is an attitude Age doesn't equal wisdom Hold still, no really, hold still Everything is an opportunity. You have to look for it.

No fear, no regret!


Crater Lake, Oregon

What do they do too much/little of?
Too much: helping others
Too little: taking care of himself

What is your character's most prized possession?
Ring from Timo

Does your character play a musical instrument?

Mode of transportation:
2010 Tesla Model-S Roadster, cadmium red with sunroof

Does your character smoke?

Does your character drink?

Tattoo and Body Art, Cosmetology, Fashion and Design, Body massage, Aromatherapy, herbalism, and flower arranging

How does character spend a rainy day?
Social media, drawing tattoos, caring for herbs, making ink, listen to music, dance

New York, New York

Type of Childhood?
Privileged, happy, good, responsible parents. Quirky and eccentric in total fun, hard work earned great rewards.

What is your character's first memory ever?
Sound of father singing a lullaby in Dutch.

Most important childhood event that still affects them?
Death of Dad five years ago. Mother's murder.

Avenues, the World School k-12, Texas A&M


Inheritance, investments, filthy rich.

Isako Tsubouchi, deep trust and loving relationship but she occasionally provokes and manipulates, grooming her child to inherit the family empire.

Diederik Van Domelen, hero worship.

No siblings known

Extended Family:
Haruma Tsubouchi, maternal grandfather

brain damage and/or paralysis, because he can overcome blindness, deafness and amputation and continue his art. Losing his mind or ability to move leaves him condemned, helpless, unable to interact and express creatively.

What is the worst thing that could happen to them?
Brain injury or broken neck

What single event would most throw character's life in complete turmoil? Why?
Amnesia would upset his carefully constructed world and force him to face feelings and demons he ignores at present.

What will character fight to the death over?
Fight to protect life and limb, to defend mother, a lover, or a close friend. Will defend an innocent stranger, especially and always a child. He'd save a puppy or kitten too and surprise himself.

What makes the characters skin crawl?
Verbal or physical abuse, violence

Character is most at ease when:
Making clothes, tattooing someone

Most ill at ease when:
At odds with someone he cares about

Master mutant abilities and establish a support network to affect social and political change. Win civil rights for mutants.

How does your character feel about themself?
Excellent self-esteem and confidence

What past failure they would be embarrassed to have people find out about? Why?
Tried smoking and puked, because he knew he couldn't stand the smell of smoke. He was curious as to why people smoke. Could he get past his feeling sick? It seemed to make sense at the time.

If granted one wish, what would it be? Why?
Wish for a cure for cancer because he doesn't want anyone else to suffer what he and his Mom went through.

Daredevil or cautious?
Daredevil both in private and alone. The only way out is through.

Greatest strength in character's personality (whether s/he sees it as such or not):

Character's soft spot?
little animals like puppies or kittens

What is your biggest vulnerability?
Love, because it yanks Brook out of his comfort zone and his ability to control. It is twisted up in his sex. He risks much giving his heart to someone who might not understand what it feels like to live as intersex in a polar sex world.

Are they an introvert or extrovert?
Extrovert, very outgoing and engaging.

Drives and motivations:
Driven to create. There is so much in his head, so many ideas that he can't get them out fast enough. Motivated to excel, to match talent with vision.

Polyglot, artistic prodigy, keen awareness

Extremely skilled/unskilled at:
Extremely skilled at most anything artistic, using art programs, tattoo and piercing, massage. Extremely unskilled at cooking, expressing his own feelings.

Good: artistic, eco-friendly, friendly, flirty, good sense of humor, romantic, brave, perceptive Bad: horrible cook, couch potato, over-emotional, perfectionist, obsessive, iconoclastic, eccentric

Quiet, curious, considerate, kind, generous, sensual, sexual, playful, impatient, stubborn,

Mix-gender clothing, wears makeup, wears women's and men's jewelry.

Regrets not reporting rape attempt by boorish massage client.

Valedictorian at a world-class academic high school. Numerous art contest victories, three successful businesses at the age of 17.

Character's darkest secret?
Once let things go too far with a massage client and he grew abusive. Fought back and fled. Told no one.

One word CHARACTER would use to describe self:

How CHARACTER would describe self:
Best: eyes Worst: lips Character thinks his lips are too big, irrational, he has full, sensual lips.

If change #1 was made, would character be as happy as s/he thinks? If not, why not?
No, after the fact he would realize that he was fine just as he was.

How does character relate to others?
Excellent on a casual basis. Once intimacy is involved insecurity and inexperience come into play.

How are they perceived?
By strangers: weird, freakish, perverted By friends, weird, fun, outlandish No spouse yet to consider

What do family/friends think about character?
Most like: kind, generous, supportive Least: obsessive, confuses self-reliance with independence, unintentionally aloof

Immediate goal: turn a profit on businesses by increasing production and quality Long range goal: settle down with a number of household name art brands trademarked, build a nest and start a family with lots of pets and move friends onto property.

Cool as a cucumber in a crisis. More problems pose a challenge to organize time handle affairs better. Just do it. Reacts to change with surprise and then intrigue. Everything is an opportunity. You only have to look for it.

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