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Ethan (Atana) Crow Song

Name Ethan (Atana) Joseph Crow Song

Position Student

Character Information

Gender Male
Age 17

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9
Weight 160
Hair Color Bllack
Eye Color Amber
Physical Description Ethan or Atana as he prefers to be called is lithe with a swimmer or gymnast build. He spends a lot of time on the pommel horse and in the pool and it shows. He black hair is slightly wavy and hangs below his collar. He usually wears it loose but depending on the circumstance will but in a ponytail.
His amber eyes are large and expressive and give him a rather wolf like look, they contrast with his dark features. He is half Native American(Cherokee) and half Caucasian. He is often mistaken for both depending on the company he is with. As part of the Seventh Generation he often wears traditional tribal jewelry.

He has a tribal tattoo of a crow feather on his left forearm and wears a choker made of rainbow colored interlocking diamond shaped links.

Family & Friends

Significant Other Ryan (deceased)
Children None
Father Jacob Hawk Moon
Mother Rachel Miller
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Sarah Shadow Weaver(17)
Other Family Oliver Wolf Storm (grandfather)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Atana grew up on the reservation. As a half-breed he has felt bigotry from Whites and Native Americans. Of course the racism was by no means universal, but it was there. He’s been called ‘Injun a Redskin by whites and Unega by Native Americans and Half Breed by both. That along with the reaction of the tribal leaders, who he found to be incompetent, corrupt, apathetic, or all three caused him to rebel and develop a lack of respect for most authority.
His parent’s divorce when he was six did not help matters either as he was tossed back and forth between the ex-spouses. He came to feel as if he really could not trust anyone.
He has come to terms with much of his past but still has trust and intimacy issues. He covers this up by participation in drama where he can take on a different persona or role, music (singing, the flute and tribal drums)where he can lose himself and drawing, especially dark and gothic-like where he can truly express himself.

He can be confrontational when he has to but would rather talk or connive his way out of a situation or embarrass or prank his adversaries rather than get violent with them.
He has mild acrophopbia.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths & Weaknesses
+ Determined
+ Thinks outside the box
+ Total recalll
+ Thinks well on his feet
+ Protective of others with a personal code of conduct
+ Committed to justice
+ Good liar
+ Romantic
- Stubborn
- Trust/Intimacy Issues
- Authority issues
- Slight acrophobia
- Stubborn
- Smart Ass
- Good liar
- Romantic
Ambitions Ambitions:
Fiight for justice, gay rights, marriage equality, become more immersed in the tribal/traditional ways, survive, use his gifts and talents in the Fine Arts to help and influence people. To make a difference in the world and for his life to have significance.
Hobbies & Interests Theater, music, traditional Native American spirituality, chess, movies, X box, Aikido, cooking, drawing.
Languages English, Cherokee (Tsalagi) fluent, Spanish(conversational)

Personal History Jacob Half Moon grew up under the tutelage of his father who was a traditionalist. As he was growing up he did not see the traditions doing anyone any good. He joined the Army when he graduated from High School and met a nurse. They were married and lived together for a wild and tumultuous seven years and had two children. Ethan and Sarah, twins. The marriage ended in divorce when Ethan and Sarah were six.

The kids were shuffled back and forth between the two homes. When visiting his mother he began to fall into the wrong crowd and when he was 11 in order to survive he would join them in a gang running cons, committing break-ins (he was especially adept at second-story cat burglaries) and picking pockets. This proved to be both lucrative and danger and these were his drugs of choice for quite awhile.

When he was 13 and other boys started looking at girls and making up stories about their exploits with them he realized that he was different. He had no real interest in girls sexually and realized he was attracted to guys. At 14 he met Ryan a white kid two years older and more experienced than him.
Ryan was blonde, blue-eyed, a consummate flirt, straight-laced, except for his sexual preference and a bit of a redneck. His family were very conservative and when he came out of the closet they practically kicked him out of their house. His revelation that he had a boyfriend almost sent them over the edge and the fact that he was Native American only made the matters worse. His mother eventually came to terms with it, his father never did.

They became friends when Ryan started volunteering at the Reservation School and tutored Ethan in English literature. They started to secretly date, became boyfriends and then lovers. They were a couple for almost a year. Ryan was not one of the gang and he frequently tried to get Atana to quit. But he kept putting the other boy off. He knew that what he was doing was wrong and wanted to stop but just couldn’t bring himself to give up the additional cash and nicer things it brought.
One day when Atana and Ryan were making out, an old enemy of Atana, a fence who had stiffed him on the proceeds of a job and who the young thief had turned in, decided to take revenge and rather than kill him outright broke into Ryan’s apartment when they were making out and shot Ryan to death.
Ryan died in his lover’s arms having splattered him with blood and brain matter. Atana was wounded in the shoulder when one of the bullets went through Ryan.
Ethan/Atana was devastated by what happened to him so he turned to the one constant in his life his grandfather. At 15 he went on his vision quest where he was called by the crow. He was looking for a change, a wake-up call and is vision helped bring that about. The crow and by extension Atana, was a trickster, a protector, seeking vengeance and retribution through primarily guile rather than brute strength. This fit in well with his core beliefs and justified, at least in his own mind how the ends could justify the means.
For the past eighteen months he has been living in San Francisco. He attends the Ruth Asawa High School where he studies primarily in the Visual Arts Department. He is also a student at the Young Conservatory of the American Conservatory Theater and has been in a number of productions. In this environment where he fits in instead of sticking out he his making excellent grades and tutors other disadvantaged kids as a way of honoring Ryan. That is his day job, his real job Is using his former skills attributes and training to rob from the greedy and pass on the proceeds, with a small percentage for himself, to the poor.

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