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Magdalena Somerset

Name Magdalena Somerset aka "Maggie Locke"

Position Student

Character Information

Gender Female

Physical Appearance

Height 5'2"
Weight 120 lbs
Hair Color Dark Red
Eye Color Green

Family & Friends

Significant Other none
Children none
Father Ion Blake (deceased)
Mother Cameo Somerset
Brother(s) Half Brother Liam Graham Carter
Sister(s) None
Other Family Great Grandmother - Donya Somerset

Personality & Traits

Character Questionnaire

Character's Full Name
Magdalena Somerset

Reason or meaning of name?


Is there a reason for the nickname?
Shortened version of her real name

Birth Date

Age in years

How old do they appear?

Eye Color

For reading

Weight in pounds

Height in inches

Type of body/build

Skin Tone

Shape of Face

Distinguishing Marks
small birthmark on right side of face and Tattoo of a peacock feather on her right hip and behind her left ear

Predominant Feature
Eyes, Hair and a chest that will someday rival her mothers

Hair Color
Dark Red

Distinguishable hair feature

Type of Hair
heavy and thick

Character's typical hairstyle
Up in a messy halo with a thick headband or just loose

Are they healthy?

If not, why not?

Physical disability

Turquoise and Purple

Maggie's listened to pretty much everything but tends to enjoy pop music best, mostly songs that have happy endings, or are about being happy, or at least have a good story

Maggie is oddly picky, she likes one or two things from almost every genre of food, but no specific on that can do no wrong. She won't eat anything that's slimey or has a weird texture.

Maggie doesn't do a lot of sitting and reading, she's too on the go, but she does love to listen to books on tape, almost any genre but she is always looking for books with happily ever after endings

You have GOT to be kidding me!

For fucks sake Kuraf'te Tu - Fuck you in Romani Oh hell

Maggie follows trends and more than that dresses for those she's going to be with. If it's jocks she plays the part of the preppy cheerleader. Nerds, she wears her glasses and something low cut. Hipsters she wears skinny jeans, a something with a bird on it and slouchy hats. Rednecks, well she avoids rednecks. The only thing she always wears is a silver charm bracelet with charms for her mother, her grandmother, her great-grandmother and son on back through 10 generations.

Born in Canada, grew up in Seattle, moved to Atlanta until her mother sent her to South Dakota to meet her so called fiance, wants more than anything to go back to Seattle.

What do they do too much/little of?
A little too much talking back, not enough listening.

What is your character's most prized possession?
Her charm bracelet - it is her family

Does your character play a musical instrument?

Mode of transportation
Turquoise Vespa that she managed to con her mother into bringing from Seattle and a matching Smart4Two that her mother gave her for her birthday since the Vespa isn't really feasible in South Dakota

Does your character smoke?
Only when she has a headache and only the herbs her Great Grandmother gives her, though sometimes she "has a headache" and indulges, but never on a school night.

Does your character drink?
Diet Dr Pepper, she is a total addict

guitar, knitting, video games, she can sing but her voice only sounds good on a very small range of songs. When in Seattle she took riding lessons and loved working with the horses.

How does character spend a rainy day?
outside playing puddles, or any of her hobbies

Seattle, WA

Type of Childhood?
Maggie's father died when she was a small child, she was raised by her mother and great-grandmother. She had a happy childhood, though pointedly missing in a male influence, her mother never dated or remarried.

What is your character's first memory ever?
She's in her mother's arms, she's young, less than 2, surrounded by the comforting sounds of people all around their home. Then startling images of light flashing to darkness so thick she can't see her own tiny fingers in front of her face, the only thing that keeps her from screaming is the feel of her mother still so close. Then light exploded and she was somewhere else, somewhere too hot, too quiet, nearly alone.

Most important childhood event that still affects them?
Moving from Seattle to Atlanta, though technically a teen, it was the end of her life as she knew it.

Maggie's never been a great student, though she never skipped school and she passed all her tests with flying colors, she's always felt homework was more effort than it was worth.

Never one to put labels on anything, Maggie believes there is a higher power, or even many higher powers, but she doesn't try to categorize them.

Until very recently Maggie always believed that they rode the line between just making it and not, that her mother brought in just enough for the three of them to live off of. But recently she found out that her great-grandmother was loaded and that they tapped into those funds from time to time to make sure they didn't sink.

Camero Somerset - they were close, but over the last year Maggie has grown to resent the choices her mother has made for her.

Ion Blake - Died when she was a baby

Older half brother from a previous relationship her father had with an Irish Gazhì (outsider) before he married her mother.

Extended Family
Only other living relative is her Great-Grandmother Donya

Claustrophobia - but is only brought on when she feels trapped or physically restrained, elevators or small rooms don't bother her unless they are packed full of people.

What is the worst thing that could happen to them?
To be buried alive

What single event would most throw character's life in complete turmoil? Why?
The loss of her mother, despite her frustration with the current situation, her mother is her rock, and her best friend.

What will character fight to the death over?
The people she considers hers, the people she loves.

What makes the characters skin crawl?

Character is most at ease when:
Running, it's her refuge when she needs to either think or just turn her brain off.

Most ill at ease when:
Forced to stay still and confined

Family Freedom Music

How does your character feel about them-self?
Maggie knows she's pretty and fairly well liked, she's pretty happy with who she is.

What past failure they would be embarrassed to have people find out about? Why?
Nothing yet, she's still pretty young.

If granted one wish, what would it be? Why?
To be free of the obligations to her clan without losing her relationship with her mother. The idea of being forced to marry someone just because there was a contract between their families makes her sick.

Daredevil or cautious?
Mostly a daredevil, but she knows when to be cautious... most of the time.

Greatest strength in character's personality (whether s/he sees it as such or not)

Character's soft spot?
Boys, though not all boys, Magdalena is simply more comfortable around most boys than girls, though very feminine and not a tomboy, she just seems to relate better to boys and forms closer ties to them.

What is your biggest vulnerability?
Too trusting, though once crossed she doesn't forgive easily.

Are they an introvert or extrovert?

Drives and motivations
Right now all Maggie wants is to get through high school and get out from under her mother's thumb, though she loves her mother she's tired of having to listen to her.

Maggie is very dexterous and good with her hands, so has learned to play guitar and video games and taught herself to knit with great ease.

Extremely skilled/unskilled at:
See hobbies

Brave Charismatic Commitment Issues Computer Whiz Flirty Friendly Great Kisser Heavy Sleeper

Maggie tends to play with her hair when she's nervous, running one piece over and over through her hands. When she's thinking she bites on her thumb nail though never biting it off.

Unless she's running Maggie almost always wears high heels, one of the reasons she's finding South Dakota so stifling, the snow makes heels a luxury.

Going with her mother to Atlanta, not being brave or stubborn enough to fight being moved to South Dakota

Nothing yet, she's only 17 after all

Character's darkest secret?
Though a constant flirt, Maggie's never really dated anyone and never even had her first kiss.

One word CHARACTER would use to describe self:

How CHARACTER would describe self:
Maggie takes after her mother in one department, her most prominent feature is her large chest, or her "superpowers" as they call them. She knows they draw attention and most of the time revels in that, wearing clothes that accentuate rather than minimize. The only thing that really frustrates her about herself is her height, for too long she's been called pipsqueak or shortstuff. But even that she wouldn't change about herself.

If change #1 was made, would character be as happy as s/he thinks? If not, why not?
No, because then her constant desire to wear high heels would turn her into an amazon.

How does character relate to others?
Maggie is always open and friendly and seems to get along with everyone, even people that seem to be her complete opposite are drawn to her and tend to end up liking her.

How are they perceived?
Everyone loves her, she charms them all.

What do family/friends think about character?
Cameo and Donya are not immune to her near infinite charm but seem to still see her as the little girl they raised together.

Maggie's immediate goal is to get the hell out of South Dakota, and not to go back to Atlanta either. She doesn't know how she's going to go about it, at the moment she's about ready to put her bags in the back of her new car and starting the long drive back to Seattle.

Most of the time Maggie can roll with changes accepting and moving on, the only one she's not been able to handle has been the most recent moves.

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