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Unawakened Isadora Kane

Name Isadora Giselle Kane

Position Student

Rank Unawakened

Character Information

Gender Female
Age 18

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 115lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Amber
Physical Description Izzy is for the most part is a healthy athletic girl. She has a fairly ample chest, narrow waist, and long muscular legs. Her body reflects her passion, showing her hard work and dedication in every line of muscle. Her dark brown hair is long and curly, hanging down to her waist. Typically she wears it down unless she is dancing, then it is done up as the dance dictates. <33-23-32 32C bra size.>

Family & Friends

Significant Other Ballet
Children Ballet
Father Unknown
Mother Arabella Kane
Brother(s) Not that she knows of
Sister(s) Not that she knows of
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Izzy is completely obsessed with dancing. She loves it and will dance whenever she has a chance. She is a classically trained ballerina though she does other dance styles as well. Despite being one of the youngest Primas ever she is not cocky nor conceited. She tries to be nice to everyone no matter how they treat her. Though she does have a nasty streak when someone makes her angry. Typically this only happens when someone makes comments about her sleeping her way to Prima.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:

Disregards her personal health
Ambitions To dance until she dies.
Hobbies & Interests Dancing, really there’s not a lot of other things in her life.
Languages English, French and Italian

Personal History Excerpt from Pointe Magazine:

Isadora Kane has been in love with dance since before she could walk. Daughter of the Prima Ballerina Arabella Kane Isadora, or Izzy as she insists on being called, laughingly insists that she could dance before she could walk. She spent much of her formative years living in the dance studio of the Royal Ballet Company. She mimicked the older dancers and many of them took her under their wings. Then tragedy struck as her mother was severely injured during a performance. Arabella’s partner dropped her while near the front of the stage, breaking the back of the Prima Ballerina and paralyzing her from the waist down.

Arabella moved to the States with her daughter where she began teaching ballet. Izzy was easily her mother’s prize pupil, though she will shake her head and say that she’s by no means the most promising student her mother ever had. Despite her curves Izzy was named a Prima in her own right just a year after joining the San Francisco Ballet. There have been rumors that Izzy slept her way to her title, anyone who has seen the knife dance that she performed based off of Javier Perez’s En Puntas knows that this is a flat out lie. She earned the name of Prima despite people who said that she would never make it, that her body was not the right shape or size. Her life has been full of naysayers who said that her dreams were never going to come true but she has overcome every obstacle that has been thrown up in her way.

When asked how she spends a typical day Izzy’s answer is worlds away from a typical 18 year old girl’s answer. There is no mention of taking classes or going to work or hanging out with friends at that mall. For Isadora Kane a typical day starts at 4 A.M. when she grabs a quick breakfast of fruit parfait and a bagel and heads toward the ballet company’s studio. Once there she begins to dance the only times she stops is to take a brief break for a snack, usually granola and yogurt, and then again for lunch, in many cases a salad with some chick peas and soybeans on top or a sandwich. Then she dances some more until she goes home has dinner and then goes to bed.

When asked if she misses having a life outside of the ballet studio Izzy just laughs. “There’s a world outside the studio? Oh well I’ll get to see it when I retire. Life is too short to waste it, the life of a ballerina is even shorter, so I’ll dance until I can’t and then I’ll spend the rest of my life seeing everything else.” She has a couple of friends who are very close to her Ivy and Parker. Ivy is another female dancer who will laugh and joke with Izzy and doesn’t feel jealous of her ability. Parker is the male lead who keeps up with Izzy and works with her every day. His strength and sense of balance make sure that he winds up paired with Izzy for every performance.

Izzy’s life is dance and she lives it that way. Rehearsal and performances are what her world revolves around. She doesn’t have time for relationships she says, and when asked if she has a sex life simply smiles and shrugs. “Right now dance is my life, anyone who I want to share my life with would need to understand that and share it. No man seems to really be able to do that. Not even other dancers, I’m supposed to want love and romance and not to spend every moment thinking about the next performance. When I do that they shut down on me so it becomes relegated to another waste of time date.”

Writer's Details

Writer's Details Birthdate: 01/01/1992