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Unawakened Jana Rotherbridge

Name Jana Lindsay Rotherbridge

Position Unawakened

Rank Unawakened

Character Information

Gender Female
Age 18

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9
Weight 150 lbs
Hair Color Auburn
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Still filling out from her last (late) growth spurt. Not too skinny, but the 'anorexic' jokes didn't stop until she made them (the charges were dropped). Usually found in a hoodie and jeans with sneakers, much to her Aunt Mariah's chagrin.

Family & Friends

Significant Other That would require her to date. Which would require a desire to do so.
Children NO. And maybe never.
Father Gabriel Edward Rotherbridge (deceased)
Mother Celia Marie Lynds-Rotherbridge (deceased)
Brother(s) Gabriel Edward Rotherbridge, Jr. - 16
Cole Martin Rotherbridge - 14
Sister(s) None. Gladly. No one else should have to suffer.
Other Family James Edgar Darling – Uncle
Mariah Clara (Rotherbridge) Darling – Aunt
Cynthia (Cindy) Grace (Darling) Hart – 23, cousin
Sebastian Louis Hart – 28, cousin-in-law
Edward (Eddy) Gabriel Darling – 21, cousin
Clarice Emma Darling – 19, cousin
Benjamin Hawthorne Shooter IV – 25, cousin-in-law-to-be
And numerous Lynds relations

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jana is only a little understood. Being the oldest child of three, she was always an affectionate older sister and good daughter. It was after the accident that things kinda... shifted. She was still affectionate toward her brothers, but other men are held in contempt without reservation. The women don't fair much better.
Strengths & Weaknesses Jana is strong-willed, protective, and loving. Her brothers are everything to her. She's smart, well-educated, and brave. Not to mention incredibly loyal.

She's also stubborn, rash and arrogant. Nothing anyone does is ever good enough for her. Not if she didn't have a hand in it. Seen as dangerous, whether or not its warrented.
Ambitions Graduate high school and get out of her aunt's house. And if possible, get her brothers out as well.

As for educationally speaking, she really wants to get a law degree. She's not in it for the money, she just wants to help the less fortunate.

Personally... she'll just be happy to be left in peace at the end of the day by all the people that push her buttons.
Hobbies & Interests Jana does some quilting, perhaps the only thing her aunt approves of. It reminds her of her mother. She has an eye for color, and would go into the crafts business if becoming a lawyer didn't annoy her aunt more.

Other than that, she's interested in spending as much time with her brothers as possible.
Languages English, French. Wanted to learn Spanish, but 'someone' said it was 'beneath' her.

Personal History Jana Lindsay Rotherbridge is the eldest child and only daughter of Gabriel Edward Rotherbridge and Celia Marie Lynds-Rotherbridge. Her family was already 'tainted' by the presence of her mother, a Yankee. The birth of a girl first didn't really help. It should have been a boy. Or so Aunt Mariah said.

Jana had a very happy childhood. Her mother was her hero, and the source for her red hair, which would turn auburn at puberty. They lived below their means, always found ways to spend time together, and did their best to be always be open to new things.

Then the accident happened.

Jana hadn't been awake for it. She'd been exhausted after finishing up her AP classes and filling out applications for every college she qualified for. Gabriel would later tell her that their father never saw the oncoming tractor trailer brake until it was too late. Because all three children were in the backseat, they'd somehow managed to leave the accident with not so much as a scratch. Their parents were not so lucky.

They were picked up at Child Services in Texas after being transported there via plane in the days after the accident, taken in by her Darling relations. The last name used to cause a lot of amusement. The irony did not.

Initial clashes with her youngest cousin, barely a year older than herself, set a pattern for them. it didn't help that Jana was two inches taller, and had a better grade point average. Clarice couldn't have been more different. Or so she thought.

Jana's habit of sleeping in cars continued on a shopping trip she was forced to take with said cousin. When Clarice thought she was asleep, Jana witnessed her give away some clothing to Goodwill she could swear she'd told Aunt Mariah had 'shrunk in the dryer.' The look on Clarice's face when she saw Jana staring was priceless.

School was a whole different animal. After a few initial run-ins with young men who clearly did not know what boundaries were, Jana got labeled as the 'scary girl.' She hadn't really *meant* to nearly shove that one guy down the stairs. Clearly, private school had new and more interesting definitions of 'scary.'

And the pool incident was blown out of proportion. Not that Miss 'My face will never be the same!" would listen to any apologies. Fortunately, her aunt was good for something and managed to get the charges dropped. Jana was far more careful after that.

Her 'long overdue' debut on the horizon, Jana only wants to live in peace. If only her aunt hadn't found the acceptance to Stamford before she did....

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