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Donya Somerset

Name Donya Somerset aka "Donna Locke"

Position Mentor

Character Information

Gender Female
Age 90

Physical Appearance

Height 4'11"
Weight 100 lbs
Hair Color White
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Small and rather frail looking, Donya walks with a knobbly cane most of the time but though she leans on it, it seems more a comfort and a precaution than a necessity. The body belies the spirit though, for inside her diminutive form is a devilish wit and a complete disregard for social niceties.

Family & Friends

Significant Other Bo Grey (deceased)
Children Esmeralda Somerset
Father Harmon Blackheath (deceased)
Mother Simza Somerset (deceased)
Brother(s) Gudada (deceased)
Mihai (deceased)
Pitivo (deceased)
Sister(s) Jaelle Somerset (deceased)
Mirela Somerset (deceased)
Other Family Granddaughter - Cameo Somerset
Great Granddaughter - Magdelena Somerset

Personality & Traits

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