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Unawakened Devon Spencer

Name Devon Tate Spencer

Position Unawakened

Rank Unawakened

Character Information

Gender Male
Age 20
Occupation Professional Artist, Assistant Manager, College Student

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9" (176 cm)
Weight 143 (65 kg)
Hair Color black
Eye Color blue and brown(cf)
Physical Description A Caucasian/Greek male between 18-22 years of age who engages in intensive, extensive physical exercise. He has fair skin and a smooth face. He is youthful in appearance with sparkling eyes and a cheeky smile.

Daily wear features a sharp button down shirt, dark slacks or jeans, belt, and loafers. Formal attire ranges from sharp European fitted business suits to dress casual as the occasion merits. Party attire most often consists of a black military hoodie over a tank top, low rise jeans, and ankle boots. All clothing is fitted and high quality.

Accessories commonly include: ear hoops, both ears; ear stud, single, left ear; ORB bluetooth headset(c.f.); Gargoyles “Breakaway” sunglasses: matte black with smoke lenses.

Lambda shield in black ink on left deltoid
Greek spear in black ink inside right forearm from elbow to wrist

Heterochromia Iridum: Devon has partial heterochromia in that both eyes are blue with a center of hazel around the pupils. Eye color appears to change based on light and the color of clothing worn. Eyes can appear spring green, cobalt blue, gray, and much to his delight, when he wears purple or violet his eyes look violet too.

Family & Friends

Significant Other Robert Christopher "Bobbie" Mitchum
Children Oh, god no! Okay, well, maybe; someday
Father Greg Ward Spencer (age 62)
Mother Aminta Karastinos Spencer (age 55)
Brother(s) Clint(age 35), Slade(age 37), Waylon(age 39)
Sister(s) Arista (age 28)
Other Family Faustina “Tina” Cyparissus(35), Anthony and Talassa Wilson(cousin and husband), Lisa Wilson(18), Melissa Wilson(age 16), Kyle Wilson(15), Twins Dustin and Dylan Rhodes(age 2)
Friends Chuck and Sandra Jones, Harvey Nussbaum

Personality & Traits

General Overview At first glance, Devon appears to be a casual, pleasant, easy-going guy. He is affable and engaging. He smiles readily and laughs easily. All of this makes for a great public face and, for the most part, it is. In good company, Devon is more snarky and irreverent. He is an unapologetic nerd. He loves taking photos and painting them on his iPad or transferring them to canvas for good, old-fashioned paintings. He cannot stand bullies and he will put himself in harms way to protect an innocent. Devon has an explosive temper but he bites it down as hard as he can. He has a big heart, he is generous, he is loyal and dependable to a fault. Don't let him get caught up in his feelings, though. He can wind himself up like a kitten in silly string.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD)

Ambitions Devon is driven to make the most out of life. He aspires to retire comfortably by age 30 and focus on life at his pace, on his terms. Comfort, quality, and freedom define the essence of everything he seeks.
Hobbies & Interests Digital photography
Digital painting
Computers and gadgets
Languages English, Greek, French, Klingon, Na'vi, Huttese

Personal History Birth: 23 December, 1989 in Newport News, Virginia, United States

Mom, Aminta was born to one of the original Greek Orthodox families to migrate to Tarpon Springs, Florida from the island of Kalymnos.

Father, Greg was born in Gainesville, Florida. He served during the Vietnam War from 1967-1975. He spent years after the war following the rodeo circuit across the country. He met Aminta at the Florida State fair and they struck up a stormy romance. Aminta's father forbade the romance as Aminta was betrothed to a local Greek youth. Young Aminta eloped with Greg and they fled to Newport News, Virginia where Greg invested in property.

Greg built a house for his then pregnant girlfriend and over the years the house grew into a sprawling horse ranch, called "Riverview Farm Park." Greg proved a grim and loveless man who rejected Aminta's heritage and insisted all of his male children take names after his British roots. Decades passed and Greg focused on his role as provider as his way of showing his family love. From the birth of his first son onward the Spencer Family endured a humorless environment where the only thing that mattered was work.

Aminta grew to miss her Greek heritage and quietly made contact with her family. Her father passed away ten years prior and after a few more years of tense soul-searching her mother finally forgave her and welcomed her home. This turned into an eager invitation once Devon was born. During one visit she met her former betrothed, Hector and they shared a special night together.

Aminta by this time was going through menopause. She had no idea she could get pregnant but lo and behold Devon surprised her. He was born sickly and puny but he quickly gained weight and grew into a rambunctious little hellspawn. He brought joy to the family with his infectious charm and natural joy of life. His next eldest sibling, Arista looked after Devon more like her child than as her little brother. She sewed clothes for him and played "dress-up." Devon's brothers treated him far differently.

All three brothers roughed Devon up on a regular basis for “acting like a sissy." They rolled their eyes dismissively at his art and scolded him for "wasting time." Clint singled out Devon for special cruelty. He gathered little brother’s art, as well as toys on a daily basis and tossed them in the trash. Each time it happened Aminta or Arista helped Devon retrieve his things. Brothers Slade and Jarrett ignored Devon unless they needed help working on the ranch. They then terrorized the boy as "lazy and useless."

Greg treated his youngest son coldest of all. He suspected that Aminta had an affair and that Devon was not his son. He never accepted Devon as his child, especially given how differently Devon looked and acted from his brothers. Still, the boy lived under his roof and ate his food. Greg grew determined to “straighten the boy out.”

He took away Devon’s art supplies. He doubled Devon’s chores and assigned the hardest, filthiest, and most tedious tasks. He beat the boy under the guise of “teaching him how to man up.” He insisted Devon train like a soldier and drove the child into the ground as hard as he could. Aminta protested her child’s treatment vehemently to no use. She could not openly defy Greg so she comforted Devon as best she could. She hid his art supplies and watched for her husband so the boy could enjoy a little respite. It was not much but some of Devon’s fondest moments are of when his mother watched over him like an eagle so he could rest and play. She let him be a child.

Devon grew to hate life on the ranch. He spent time in the woods or at his friend Liv’s house. He could not sit still to read books but he loved comic books and copied his favorite art. In later years he declared himself an out and proud, card-carrying "geek." That he was gay was something of a given from a very young age. Frankly put, Devon never knew what “the closet” was.

Liv and Devon grew to become soulmates of a different sort. They discovered their interest in their same gender together. They shared their deepest thoughts, trials, tribulations, and had plenty of adventures together. Liv tutored the restless Devon in his school work and he poked her to develop socially. They proved a perfect complement, each compensating for the others weaknesses and bolstering their strengths.

Devon struggled with bookwork due to his impatience but he thrived in the accepting atmosphere provided by his teachers. School became a haven and he spent as much time there as possible when he did not sleep over at Liv's house. He felt safe to be himself at school and in the years to come it proved critical in his personal growth.

Puberty struck Devon at age ten and he grew to become a charming, playful flirt. He grew more superficial and flippant in order to hide his growing confusion and vulnerability toward boys. He became "the" boy for girls to hang out with but he grew distant from other boys.

Devon's 16th birthday proved eventful. His mother, Aminta revealed that she had been quietly in touch with her family. They were ready to reconcile and they wanted to meet Devon. He leaped at the chance to get away from the ranch and insisted that Liv join them. Once in Tarpon Springs his Greek family quite literally mobbed him with joy.

They introduced him to his Greek heritage and knowing he was a teenage bottomless pit when it came to food, they plied him with every manner of Greek cuisine at a festival in his honor. He had never experienced such family love save from his sister, mother, Liv, and Liv's family. At last his Mother and her brother, now the family Patriarch sat Devon down and asked him to accept Baptism into the family.

Devon drew back, suspicious of religion but they assured him he was not compelled to accept any religion. The baptism formally adopted him into their family. After giving the idea some thought and following another talk with Liv he accepted the baptism.

The priest baptized him into the family and gave him the Greek name of “Deo Sotiris Karastinos.” The family called him "Deo" from then on. Later, he participated in the Dive for the Cross, a Greek Orthodox ritual where teenage boys dove into the icy cold January waters of Tarpon Springs and sought the blessed Silver Cross.

Devon dove with the rest of the boys and gave up any hope of finding the cross. Literally hundreds of boys swam around him. He contented himself with chattering his teeth in the cold and ogling all the bare bodies when he spotted a glint under water. He followed the glints, seemingly drawn to a deep crevasse in the reef. There he found the cross. He surfaced with a victorious whoop, securing good luck and great prestige for his family for the next year. Sadly reality intruded and time came for Devon to return home, to Virginia.

Not everyone at school took the news that Devon was gay well. Kids cornered him in the halls to insult, spit, and sometimes beat him badly. His father, Greg’s response was to push Devon."Fight back until they know better than to mess with you. It builds character." Aminta pressured the school to stop the bullying and a few of the teachers volunteered to help. They took turns keeping watch over Devon during the school day. Devon suffered additional teasing for getting help from teachers but in time the harassment settled down. Off school grounds proved another matter entirely.

Devon lapsed into depression and largely withdrew into himself. He went through a Goth phase where he wrote through his feelings of anger and hopelessness. At school he turned his biting wit into a weapon, verbally torturing his tormentors and intimidating them until they backed down. In time he grew sick and tired of constant negativity. His cheerful spirit dragged him kicking and screaming back to a sense of balance until by graduation he had matured immensely from his experience. Just as Devon turned a page in his life the universe threw a cruel curve ball.

During the holiday season in senior year high school Greg, Devon's father worked in area schools as a handyman. Eventually he heard the gay rumors about Devon. He confronted his son and Devon responded with a hale and heartfelt, "Duh." Greg beat Devon to within an inch of his life but the boy climbed to his feet, battered and bloody to say, calmly, "Do you feel better now?" Greg beat him down repeatedly and each time Devon got up, asking the same question until Greg quit in disgust. He disowned Devon and barred him from the ranch. Greg forbade any contact with the family and swore to kill Devon if he set foot on Greg’s land in the future.

Devon finished school with help from Liv's family and from school teachers and guidance counselors. He graduated in the top five of his class and won an art scholarship. He and Liv chose to attend university together. Life was hard in the beginning but for the first time in his life Devon is living life on his terms. He makes the most of it and looks forward to a bright future.

Character Questionnaire Character's Full Name?
Devon Tate Spencer

Reason or meaning of name?
Paternal grandfather and uncle’s name

Dev, Deo

Is there a reason for the nickname?
“Dev” is short for “Devon”
“Deo” is his Greek name

Birth Date:
23 December, 1989

Age in years:

How old do they appear:

Eye Color:
Blue with hazel around pupil


Weight in pounds:

Height in inches:

Type of body/build:

Skin Tone:
Caucasian, fair

Shape of Face:

Distinguishing Marks:
Lamda shield in black ink on left deltoid
Spartan spear inside right forearm from elbow to wrist

Predominant Feature:
Mischievous eyes and smile

Hair Color:

Distinguishable hair feature:

Type of Hair:

Character's typical hairstyle:
long, loose with bangs

Are they healthy? If not, why not:

Physical disability:

marigold, orchid, morning glory, powder blue, silver, black, bold blue

Dance Pop, Electronic, Classical


Comic books, online comics, sci-fi/fantasy audio books. Can’t sit through reading actual books.

“I like cake.”
“Let’s not, and say we did.”
“What’s in it for me?”
“Do you have to strain to stick your head up your ass or does it come naturally?”

“What were you thinking? No, wait, were you thinking at all?”
“Do you know how much that costs?”
“I can’t believe I’m doing this!”
“I’m going to die!”

All clothing is fitted

Casual = smart button down shirt, belt, slacks, loafers
Formal = European power suit or suit jacket over jeans and loafers for business casual
Party = military hoodie or open button down shirt, sleeves rolled, tails out over tank top, jeans, and ankle boots

Williamsburg, Virginia, College of William and Mary, top floor corner dorm room

What do they do too much/little of?
Too much: movement, can’t be still, restless
Too little: sleep

What is your character's most prized possession?
Silver lambda ring; gift from mother and Greek family.

Does your character play a musical instrument?
Does playing a soprano recorder in middle school count?

Mode of transportation:
2008 Honda Fit hatchback, electric blue

Does your character smoke?
Ick! No! The smell is disgusting! ACK!

Does your character drink?
Socially, yes; he likes amaretto sour and ginger liqueur as well as fruit-based drinks. Daiquiris and single malt scotch are good too. He can’t stand the taste of hops and coconut.

Art, parkour, archery

How does character spend a rainy day?
Working on art, chatting online, video games, chatting on the phone with friends and family.

Newport News, Virginia, USA

Type of Childhood?
Hellish with periods of refuge and respite

What is your character's first memory ever?
Squealing laughter at Wakko Warner’s belching

It's time for Animaniacs
And we're zany to the max
So just sit back and relax
You'll laugh 'til you collapse
We're Animaniacs!

Most important childhood event that still affects them?
Father beating the hell out of him in boy’s locker room

Associate of Fine Arts: Graphic Design and Illustration
Associate of Science: Animation and Web Design


Independent online business owner, steady part-time employment, investments, scholarship

Aminta Karastinos Spencer

Gregory Ward Spencer

From youngest to eldest: Arista(sister), Clint(brother), Slade(brother), Waylon(brother)

Extended Family:
Faustina “Tina” Cyparissus(35), Anthony and Talassa Wilson(cousin and husband), Lisa Wilson(18), Melissa Wilson(age 16), Kyle Wilson(15), Twins Dustin and Dylan Rhodes(age 2)

Men, violence

What is the worst thing that could happen to them?
burned over a large percentage of his body and survive

What single event would most throw character's life in complete turmoil? Why?
Love, because it forces him to confront his fear of men and his evasiveness about feelings

What will character fight to the death over?
protect loved ones, innocents

What makes the character’s skin crawl?
roadkill, spoiled food, anatomy models and illustrations, exposed bone and flesh, sight and smell of large amounts of blood

Character is most at ease when:

Most ill at ease when:
home sick in bed alone

be good to self and others, work hard, stay honest

How does your character feel about itself?
insecure, anxious

What past failure would character be embarrassed to have people find out about? Why?
wet bed until he was 13 because it is embarrassing as hell

If granted one wish, what would it be? Why?
Father loves him because then that means dad has found peace and the family can heal

Daredevil or cautious?

Greatest strength in character's personality(whether s/he sees it as such or not):

Character's soft spot?
kids, old ladies, puppies and kittens

What is character’s biggest vulnerability?
Explosive temper and the energy required to clamp down on it.

Are they an introvert or extrovert?

Drives and motivations:
motivated to excel mentally, physically, and emotionally

Artistic prodigy, charming rascal, parkour monkey, natural at archery

Extremely skilled/unskilled at:
Skilled: Art, business skills
Unskilled:communicating feelings, trusting

thoughtful, emotional, honest, sincere, obsessive

cheerful, engaging, playful, witty, mischievous, considerate

restless, jumpy

hurting his mother

Associate degree by age 19, successful business owner, investment portfolio

Character's darkest secret?
explosive anger and cruelty

One word CHARACTER would use to describe self:

What does CHARACTER think is its best/worst feature?
Best: smile
Worst: dorky

If CHARACTER changed worst feature, would CHARACTER be as happy as s/he thinks? If not, why not?
No, he is a lovable dork. Change that and he isn’t Devon anymore.

How does character relate to others?
Superficially pleasant and charming

How are they perceived?
Charming, dorky, distracted

What do family/friends think about character?
Father hates with irrational fury
Brothers dismiss him as non-entity
Mother adores him, is very proud of how he has turned out given how he has suffered
Sister adores him though he is a little dork
Liv loves him dearly as a friend, worries about him constantly
Joneses love him as their own son and likewise, worry about him
Harvey loves him like a kid brother he’s like to strangle from time to time

Retire by 30, see the world, take pictures and sell paintings

Problems: organize, explore options, choose best option with acceptable consequences
Crisis: Icy calm, scarily focused
Change: life change=opportunity; sudden, unexpected change=frustrating

Reader's Digest Devon is extroverted. Social connections energize him and he grows depressed if he goes too long without contact. He needs to talk out his problems and he depends on those he trusts to help him remain objective. Personal relationships are vital to him. He values honesty and trust. He is there for others as he hopes they are for him. He forges deep emotional connections and opens himself selflessly. Sometimes it backfires and he is hurt, badly. He accepts this price with few exceptions. Speaking of emotions.

Emotion is the core of this sensitive soul. Devon searches his feelings to work through moral and ethical quandaries. His approach to problem-solving is intuitive rather than logical. Logic has its place, of course, but his first impulse is to “feel things out.” His intuition is uncanny, near empathic. He can read the emotions of others like a book and he has an instinctive knowledge of how to approach others. Because of this most trust him implicitly after only knowing him a short time. He cherishes this trust and that in turn fosters greater fondness between him and others. Devon has many who call him a friend, including those whom he doesn’t know by name. Given how there are so many free-floating emotions and intuition in his life Devon craves structure to maintain balance.

Schedules, charts, tables, frames, deadlines, maps: all these things offer structure to the chaos that exists inside Devon. He sets timers, keeps a meticulous daily planner, constantly checks his Smartphone and watch for time. He uses Google Maps, He depends on GPS. Routine and habit helps to keep him healthy and stable. Sudden changes uproot him and leave him feeling unsettled. He is quick to adapt, but surprises like changing plans at the last minute frustrate him. Structure is nonetheless hard and Devon must focus to maintain his rhythm.

This structured approach applies to his relationships. Devon needs stability in his relationships so he offers stability to others. He is dependable to a fault. Others can trust him with their lives. His moral and ethical compass is true and consistent though thankfully, not rigid. The chaos of his emotions and intuition balance his structure, allowing him to learn, to grow. Change is unsettling, even painful but Devon has learned to seek it out for the opportunity to learn new things.

Matters of religion and spirituality are intellectual exercises. Devon is keen to catch inconsistency and hypocrisy. Because of this he harbors a deeply-rooted loathing for organized religion. He willfully defies dogma and searches for truth in all spiritual paths, even those most avoid, like Satanism. In his mind, even idiot paths have worth. They teach what doesn’t work.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Artistic Prodigy:

Devon creates beauty and inspiration in everything he touches. He is constantly sketching and designing what pops to mind. He is fearless about diving into new projects. He picks up new techniques quickly and often approaches his work with a perspective few artists consider.

Devon can't help but light up any room he enters. He cheers his friends with infectious optimism. He uses wit and cheeky humor to great effect.

Indomitable spirit:
Devon can go through periods of crushing despair or sanity shattering depression but no matter how much he suffers eventually he sees humor in his plight and bounces back. He has no idea what inside him makes this happen but he appreciates how it helps him in life.

Acute Perception:
Devon senses the world around him with far greater depth than many comprehend. His senses aren't superhuman but rather, he pays more attention. He catches scents, colors, tastes, sounds, and touches with near perfect clarity and some draw him into rapturous moments of awe. He reads body language, vocal tone, smell, dress, color, and word choice as easily as breathing. People betray a lot of information with subconscious gestures. Devon picks it up with ease. This perception aids him greatly in his art and grants him keen insight into the personalities of others.

Physical Prowess:
Devon doesn't think much about it but daily life keeps him physically fit and strong. Jogging back and forth to work; climbing trees for fun; parkour and finally, archery contribute most to his development. PTSD(cf) keeps him constantly pumped on adrenaline with all of the benefits and weaknesses that incurs.

Permanent Adrenaline Surge:
PTSD(cf) grants boosted reflexes and a quick mind. Devon can run faster and with far greater facility for short bursts. He handles emergencies with shocking clarity, calm, and alertness. If anything, he excels when others panic. During moments of stress he can shrug off pain, push his strength, and demonstrate superior stamina.


: Devon suffers from Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD. The "fight or flight" impulse many feel when frightened or endangered is Devon's permanent state. He is hyper-aware of his surroundings, constantly alert to danger, and finds relaxation extremely difficult if not impossible.

PTSD(cf) fills Devon with nervous energy. He cannot remain still. He taps his feet, his fingers, he chews on pencils, whatever it takes but he must remain in constant motion. His thoughts race and it affects his concentration. He grows bored easily when he doesn't feel engaged or interested in a topic, especially if it is repetitive. He tends to nod off in class and he has a hard time learning martial arts unless he is sparring. He is unable to truly rest. He keeps moving until he quite literally collapses in exhaustion. His body finally relents and allows him to sleep for a short time. The slightest sound, light, or smell will startle him awake.

Devon's hyperawareness leaves him vulnerable to emotional slights and hurts few others notice. He has only recently learned that he felt things more acutely than many around him and it has proven a liberating experience. He feels intensely, never regrets, and endures the pain whether it is agony or ecstasy. It is however still pain and pain hurts. In his case pain hurts BADLY. Extremely painful or traumatic experiences imprint on his mind permanently and he relives them anytime he encounters something that reminds him of the experience. He used to suffer flashbacks but counseling helped immensely. He still suffers from occasional intense nightmares.

A tragic side effect of PTSD instills in Devon an intrinsic fear of men. He grows anxious in the presence of men and finds it difficult to relate with other men. Years of counseling have helped but Devon still struggles. This of course makes being gay suck really hard.

Psychiatrists prescribe medication to help Devon deal with racing thoughts, restlessness, anxiety, and insomnia. Taking these medications helps to keep him on an even keel and going more than a week without them causes all of his symptoms to intensify, most notably insomnia and anxiety.

Dark Secret:
Devon has an explosive temper and a capacity for cruelty that terrifies him. It deeply shames him and he ruthlessly suppresses it.

Hobbies and Interests
Devon is a gifted illustrator and painter par excellence. The demands of the modern world drive him to master digital art. To this end he has cultivated an interest in cutting edge graphics technology. Art is a private passion, but Devon must regularly set it aside to satisfy his craving for social contact.

Devon spent much of his childhood in the woods near his home. He learned to climb trees, walk limbs, jump and spring with great facility. After getting to college he learned a fancy word for this, called “parkour” and he joined a campus club, called “Wallcrawlers.” He meets with them weekly to push his skill and keep in shape.

Archery is also a hobby. Devon’s father insisted he learn the care and use of firearms but he never liked it. He much prefered the quiet skill of using a bow. He combined archery with his parkour for fun until he could hit targets on the run, hit moving targets, and fire a bow from horseback. His skill has atrophied since leaving home but he participates weekly in an archery club.

Lastly, Devon is an out and proud member of the Geek community. He can debate the best captains like a champion and he is at home at comic book and gaming conventions. He is an experienced table-top role playing gamer. He enjoys MMORPG games as well as video games. Unfortunately, work and school leaves little time to indulge in his more time consuming passions.

Skills and Abilities: Childhood exposed Devon to a variety of useful skills. He can ride horses effortlessly. Likewise, he knows how to care for animals of all sorts. In addition upkeep on a ranch demands he know how to work on vehicles and build basic structures. Time in the woods trained him in basic camping, rope and woodcraft. He can fish though he does so only with the family. He won't hunt much to the frustration of his father.

Devon is assistant manager at his job and he runs a successful online business selling his art. He took business electives in order to best handle his affairs and pay taxes. He focused on money management as well as investment; going so far as to attend free seminars and correspond via e-mail with trustworthy experts for tips and tricks.

English(ILR-5 Native), Greek(ILR-5 Bilingual), French(ILR-4 Professional), German(ILR-1 Daffy Duck has a better accent), tlhIngan Hol(ILR-3 - Geektastic), Na'vi(ILR-2 - Eywa hears him), Huttese(ILR-1 Han shot first)

Writer's Details

Writer's Details Astrology: Sagittarius cusp Capricorn born in the Year of the Snake
Chaldean Numerology: name number=9, birth number=8

Chest: 40” (102 cm)
Shirt Size: Medium
Waist: 27” (69 cm)
Shoe Size: 10

Noteworthy items:
O.R.B. bluetooth headset:
Gargoyles “Breakaway” sunglasses:
iPhone 4 GSM 16MB:
Laptop: Macbook Pro 2.4 “core i5” 15”
Laptop Dock and Monitor: “Thunderbolt” Dispay 27”

Vehicle: 2010 Hyundai Accent Hatchback:

Middle / Junior High:
Passages Middle School, Newport News, VA

High School:
Denbigh High, Newport News, VA

College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, VA
École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris, France

Degrees and Awards:
Associate of Fine Arts: Graphic Design and Illustration
Associate in Business Administration
Associate in Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies

"Aromas" coffee house

Posts and sells artwork at "" website. Accepts art commissions.