Unawakened Quentin Grant

Name Quentin Miles Grant

Position Unawakened

Rank Unawakened

Character Information

Gender Male
Age 23
Occupation Mechanic

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 200
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Moderately tall with a fit frame, Quentin is neither athletic or what one would term 'fit'. He keeps his thicket of brown hair short and spiky, something easily molded into shape with either hair gel or motor oil, depending on the situation. His brown eyes are usually half closed as he quietly contemplates whatever problem has once again disrupted his life. He's not very worried about his appearance most of the time as his arms are usually covered with varying degrees of dirt and oil except for special occasions when he gets out the lava soap and brillo pad. At work he is always wearing his dark blue mechanics outfit to protect his clothes from his job at all times of the year. He can usually not be bothered to shave beyond thick stubble as he has no one to impress at work. He has various faint scars on his hands and they are weathered and tough from his years working with vehicles.

Family & Friends

Significant Other Ragaen Aishe (ex-GF...mostly)
Father David Grant
Mother Megan Grant
Sister(s) Danielle Grant
Friends Eddie Gomez

Personality & Traits

General Overview I am my own special snowflake.
Strengths & Weaknesses Yeah I'm pretty strong but who wouldn't be working with heavy machines all day? Oh, that ain't what you're asking. Well what can I say about what the inside of my head looks like? I'm not the best, I'm not the worst, I'm just a guy. I used to be a pretty hot headed guy back in highschool, always getting into fights and whatnot, too much anger pent up in my hormone driven body. Was seriously thinking about dropping out of school at 17 and joining the military like my dad but then Mr. Hargrove, my old homeroom teacher, suggested I take a look at the Power Tech classes. And I am genuinely thankful to him for that. Now I can see that I was headed on a one way track to destruction without his intervention. Once I got my hands on those presses and lathes something in me just clicked. All that energy I was pouring into my rage suddenly had an outlet, something constructive that made SENSE. I got better grades, didn't fight with folks nearly as much and generally stopped being such a bad kid. I mean, I'm not the best guy now but I get it. I really do. Everyone's got to grow up.

I'm kinda torn up right now over breaking up with Reggie but can I blame her? That girl's got brains and then some. Why be held back by an unmotivated bum? Nah she didn't call me that. She didn't call me much of anything but “Oh god, more!” the last week....and that's another story.
Ambitions I'm sort of on track right now. I just bought the insulation I need for the barn and i'm going to start installing it this weekend. In two months I SHOULD have enough money for the first shop light and all the doohickies that I'll need to hang it from the ceiling. Give me two to three years and I should be able to leave my crap job and open my own garage!
Hobbies & Interests Well my work is cars. I really like working on cars. Love them? Meh, not sure about that, but I am pretty good with them. Wait! Rube Goldberg! Yeah, I love building Rube Goldbergs! I just finished a contraption of pulleys and gears that can get a coke from my fridge and run it along a track around the wall to me when I'm at my computer! I am into some video games when I've got my downtime but for the most part I spend most of my free time working on the barn, turning it into a mechanic's garage.
Languages American, Geek, Automotive Manuals

Personal History *Sigh* You still want more? Hold on, let me grab something to drink. Alright where to start? Right, at the beginning.

September 6th 1987, 0359 hours: A bawling me is popped out of my mom. I was a stubborn baby and had given her several false labors over the past 2 weeks. I was also 3 weeks overdue so by this time both of my parents wanted me OUT. Poor mom was in labor for 32 freaking hours! At this time we were living overseas in Okinawa, Japan as both of my parents were US Air Force and were stationed there. It was pretty sweet to have the first years of my life there. My first memories are of sun and beautiful sandy breaches. I was a swimmer baby and mom would take me into the water with all the time, right up until we came across the shark. She doesn't remember what kind it was to this day but she still has the scars on her thigh from where it bit her. Didn't take anything but left her with a nasty reminder. From that time on we only swam in the 2 foot part of the ocean.

I was a big hit when they took me to Disney World in Tokyo. At this time I was a bleach blonde child with vivid blue eyes so mom's got tons and tons of photos of Japanese girls posing with me while they give me a big hug. Towards the end of the day I was getting real grumpy about this and you can see it on the photos. They never lie.

When I was 4 we PCSed to San Vito Air Base way in south Italy, all the way down in the heel. Which was actually really nice because we went from tropical weather, sun and beautiful beaches in the Sea of Japan to the EXACT same thing in the Mediterranean. By this time I started school on base and during the weekends we would go with a group of my parent's friends to this secluded cove on the coast and just chill. Three years later we welcomed baby Danielle into the family and I thought that was just about the coolest thing next to peanut butter and jelly.

When I was 9 we PCSed again, this time to Rammstein Air Base in Germany. What a shocker. First 9 years of my life are spent on the beach and then I'm transplanted to forested hills that get buried with snow in the winter. I. Was. Not. Happy.

This was also around the time where problems started cropping with mom and dad. When Danielle turned 5 mom wanted to go back to work in the Air Force and dad had an issue with this. Mom had always been a very strong, independent woman her entire life and suddenly he was surprised when she wanted to gain back a modicum of her own independence. They argued and argued for 6 months before he finally relented and let her re-enlist. But even then he was never happy, always finding reasons to point out all the things that weren't getting done at home.

I wont go too far into that, suffice to say they fought for another year before mom had enough and split from his ass. By this time Dani was in school full time and I was old enough to help around at the house. We moved back stateside to a really nice Air Base in Massachusetts. It was nice to be back on the coast even if it did get cold as balls in the winter time. I grew to love the snow though as mom took me and Dani up to Vermont on long weekends and taught us how to ski!

I think the problems popped up right around my 12th birthday. Yay puberty. It hit me hard and fast and while other's kids voices were starting to break I was shaving for the first time. Raging hormones, suddenly discovering girls were awesome, you get the picture. At this time mom had moved to a really nice town about 30 minutes north of Boston, called Beverly. Me and Dani no longer went to US Military schools but instead to this really dingy factory turned school near the train tracks in town. The windows were covered up so the classrooms were always dark and every class went up to 25 kids. Me and Dani were the oddmen out as the military brats and whooboy did they love to pick on us. Well I was more then happy to mix it up with any of those kids, no matter how much bigger then me they were.

Two years later and I'm running with this pretty rough crowd. Kids still loved to pick on us, me specifically, so I was getting into fights in and out of school on a regular basis. On top of that my grades are bad and in general life sucked, hardcore. Mom was really pressing on me to knock off the crap and useless dad was nowhere to be seen. But I think the worst thing was that Dani was starting to adopt some of my mannerisms. Mom was trying, really. But there was only so much she could do in the situation and I was on the verge of being completely out of control.

Then things got really bad. Mr. Hargrove, my homeroom teacher, called mom and me in for a 'talk'. My grades were so bad that if I didn't change, NOW, I would be held back a year. Two days later Dani is suspended for getting into a fight on the playground at school and breaking a male students' arm. Someone robs our house when we are out to dinner one evening.

I don't think I ever saw mom at such a low point. She had been really strong for both of us but sometimes life just beats you down to nothing. And this is when I did something REALLY stupid. I went out that night and started asking around my 'freinds' about anyone who might be unloading a TV or phone. I found the guys who robbed our house pretty fast and then tried to 'Captain America' the situation. That was the first epic ass kicking of my life.

Well I couldn't go home like this and it's getting cold so I called up Mr. Hargrove. See he had given me his number a while ago, in case I ever wanted to talk about anything. I think he saw I was having a real tough time without my useless dad in the picture and this was his way of trying to help. I called him up and he and his wife came over right away and picked me up. They took me to their home and cleaned me up, even gave me a clean change of second hand clothes they had left over from when their kids were younger.

Then me and Mr. Hargrove had the Talk. I can't even remember how long it went on or what was said but I remember what I felt: Rage. Resentment. Sorrow. Guilt. Longing. Desperation. Everything came out of me that night, one great torrent of pent up emotions that had been building ever since Dad left. See, to me I had failed as the man of the house. It was arrogant and stupid of me, but that's how I felt. Then Mr. Hargrove took me to his garage and showed me his current project; a sweet '67 Shelby Mustang, Marlboro red with black racing stripes that he was restoring. That night we stayed up all night and he began to teach me about about vehicle's 101. At the time I don't think I really cared what I was doing, I just needed to be doing SOMETHING constructive that didn't have the pressure of a grade or mom's approval or wasn't some kind of life or death situation. This was something I could learn to fix.

Well I managed to scrape by that year and not fail. Next year I moved to another school on the other side of town with a much more tech oriented teaching and dove headfirst into it. Gone was the boring repetition of history or the pointless painting of art class. Gone were the jocks and cheerleaders, gone were the people who cared about something as stupid as social standing. Here were other kids, like me, who didn't really fit into normal school but proved to have a gift with this sort of material. We were going to become the type of people who were the spine of society, that helped keep everything standing.

From here life got a lot better. I dismantled and rebuilt my first car when I was 16 and started getting straight A's in my classes. Hey I never said I was a stupid kid, I just made some poor life choices, alright? To me cars were...logical. They either worked or they didn't and if they didn't, it could be fixed or replaced. And hey I got my first girlfreind! Yeah I know, 16 is a bit late but better then never!

I graduated highschool with good grades and went straight into advanced technical training and earned my mechanic's certification when I was 19. I bounced from job to job and eventually moved down to New York with my buddy Eddie Gomez. He was a few years older then me and was rebuilding his life after getting caught with drugs at 18 and doing a nickel in the pen. Big spanish guy covered with tattoos, he was very quiet and just wanted a chance to accomplish something after making a single mistake. We had met at mechanic's school and became good friends.

We hit New York in a whirlwind. Neither of us had even been to the Big City and it was an adventure for both of us to see Lady Liberty and Battery Park. We got an apartment with a cousin of his who had been living in the city for a few years and he hooked us with a job working at a local gas station/mechanic.

I'd say it was about a year ago when I met Reggie through a blind date. See Eddie had hooked up with this cute little college girl who had stopped at our shop because of car issues and turned into pure 'lioness on the hunt' when she saw him. They danced around the issue for a while but then I kicked Eddie's ass and convinced him to just GO. They'd been steady for a few months when his girl got the idea to hook me up with her bookish roomate, Reggie.

For a while I couldn't understand why Eddie kept talking about this stupid club he and his girl kept going to, how awesome it was, how there were so many fine women there. Blah blah blah for weeks! When I confronted him about how annoying it was he got real combative with me, talking some nonsense about how I kept missing the point, how I never saw the looks some of the customers gave me, how some of my repeat customers would intentionally break something on their vehicle and then bring it in for me to fix. It was the strangest conversation I have ever had to this day and I still do not understand what he was going on about.

Well the long and short of it was he convinced me to drag out my one good suit that I still had in the dry cleaner's bag in my closet. Combed my hair, sort of shaved some of the hair off my face and in general become the cleanest I had ever been in the past 4 years. The club was the standard hooplah you'd expect, boom boom boom and flashy lights and underage idiots drinking until they are not dancing so much as bouncing off other people. His girl is already there at a table with this looker who looked as uncomfortable as I was, Raegen Aishe. She hated when people called her that for some reason so corrected me rather severely until I started calling her Reggie.

Well rather then sit there and watch Eddie and her roomate Selena make out, we ditched that place. And after that we just...walked. We kind of meandered though city and just talked for hours and hours, not keeping track of how tired we were or that most people had gone to bed. We had found a bench in Battery Park and were still talking when the sun came up.

Six months later I bought some property outside the city. It's not much to look at, surrounded by abandoned farm fields and butting up hard against the southern tip of a big ass forest that went all the way up into Canada. It was part of this huge plot of land that had been bought by wannabe realtors who went bankrupt. The land was being sold by the bank at a huge loss and I quickly grabbed a plot that had this huge old barn built on a still solid concrete slab. I kinda blew most of my money with that purchase but just looking at it and imagining the possibilities..I had to have it.

I used more of what was left my savings to mostly convert a section of the old hay loft into an apartment. I moved out of the apartment with Eddie and his cousin and moved into my first true home as an adult, all mine with no roomates. Reggie likes to come out on the weekend and study as the plot is at the end of this long dirt road and the area is always quiet and peaceful.

The relationship was solid for about a year and a half when she got this great news that she had a full scholarship to ***. It was great news and I was super happy for her but there was a snag in the situation that was us. It essentially boiled down to she was going to California to attend a university in San Francisco and she wanted me to come with her. With the housing market the way it was though I couldn't bail on the property out in the country and I refused to slow her down. So we ended the relationship with a week of...cuddling.

We ended the relationship on a good note and it's been a few months since she moved and damn it still hurts. How can you really break up with a woman who is willing to go full monty out in the hinterlands just for some awesome memories at the end? That's a rare tiger to lose.


Reader's Digest Yes I often read on the toilet.

Jim Butcher
Terry Brooks
Terry Goodkind
Michael Stockpole
Ray Feist
Piers Anthony

Lots more that I can't remember off the top of my head. Over 1000 books read before I was 20. Almost 1000 physical books in my library before I was 30.

Writer's Details

Writer's Details Josh from Germany, now Michigan. Who created angry asshole Quentin from yonder prior years.

This is not a repeat. It's a redemption.