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Jonathon Harrison

Name Jonathon Ward Harrison

Position NPC

Character Information

Gender Male
Age 30
Codename None
Occupation Former SAS

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 190 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Fit, hard, toned body, marked by scars. Large scar on his leg where he took some shrapnel from an IED in Basra.

Family & Friends

Significant Other Melinda Harrison (wife, deceased)
Children Jonny (7)
Father Reginald Harrison (deceased)
Mother Stella Harrison (deceased)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Deborah Matthews (sister-in-law)
Friends Jeremy Wexel (deceased); Destiny Winters; Jade; Rupert Gravelines (former employer); Xander and Cecily Carlisle

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jon is generally stoic and controlled. He is quiet and observant. He is deeply loyal to his friends and family and sacrificial in nature.
Strengths & Weaknesses Loyal

Recovering alcoholic
Struggles with violent tendencies, especially when drunk
Ambitions Remain under the radar
Help those he cares about
Hobbies & Interests Rugby and soccer
Languages English, German, functional Arabic

Personal History Jon came from a working class family in Bristol, England. He joined the British Army soon after school and eventually went on to Special Forces training and the Special Air Service (SAS) as the Iraq War was beginning. He served several tours in Iraq, including the Battle of Fallujah. While on patrol in Basra, his convoy was hit by an IED and Jon took shrapnel in the leg that ended his career and returned him to England to recover.

Dealing with PTSD and his experiences in Iraq, Jon fell into alcohol, frequently drinking until he blacked out. Jon had several run ins with the law, as he tended to be a violent drunk. This ended when he came home one night to find his wife in bed with his best friend from the Army. Jon doesn’t know what happened. He remembers catching them and everything going black. He woke up with their blood on his hands and his wife and friend dead in the bed.

The trial was rather sensational, but Jon was defended by an unscrupulous defense attorney Rupert Gravelines, who managed to get a mistrial and the Crown decided not to pursue charges further. During the year in jail awaiting trial Jon made many changes, giving up alcohol and struggling to control the violence inside of him. While in prison, Jon was approached for recruitment by Nexus, but turned them down.

Jon went on to work for Gravelines as driver and bodyguard. The attorney represented several important clients, and many shady, grey legal and financial matters, including Neville Carlisle, a minor nobleman and custodian of his niece and nephew the Lord Edward Alexander Carlisle IV.

Jon formed a friendship with Xander’s sister Cecily and was very disturbed with Neville and Rupert arranged her committal to a mental institute so Neville could maintain access to her trust. Jon eventually aided Xander in helping his sister to escape and getting them out of the country, casting suspicion on a local Czech organized crime boss Vincent Zajic.

About a year later Jon was working under the alias John Harris as a bouncer at a high end club in Reno, Nevada when he aided a young teenage girl against a local pimp and crime boss. He cared for the girl and helped her recover from her injuries at a local brothel owned by a friend. But the pimp wanted revenge and attacked them again, so Jon and Bethany took the offensive. They hit his safe houses and stole his drugs, money, and weapons, eventually ending the affair with a hit at his home, where they executed him.

Jon then assisted Bethany in planning the assault on the compound in which she was raised, and her cult leader father. Prior to the assault, however, Bethany drugged Jon and left him in the desert to protect him from what she viewed as a suicide mission. During the assault, Nexus arrived and Bethany Awoke. She and Jon were then taken in by the Awakening team.

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