Nadia Vladimirescu

Name Nadia Vladimirescu

Position Unawakened

Character Information

Gender Female
Age 18
Occupation Theif

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 6"
Weight 125 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Nadia could be accurately described as an above average bust sized lollipop. She is a smallish C cup but for the most part that is really the only place she has any extraneous fat on her. She is a slender young woman who is toned to the nth degree from long hard hours of performing as an aerialist, at least that's how she started out. She has medium length dark brown hair that she wears pinned back into a number of different up-dos when she is flying. When she is on the ground she wears it down around her face. She has light hazel eyes. She has a perfectly innocent look that she uses to her advantage more often than not.

Family & Friends

Significant Other None
Children Not planning on it EVER
Father Victor Vladimirescu
Mother Destiny Vladimirescu
Other Family Natasha 'Natalia' Vladimirescu (Cousin/Sister), Sloan Miller (Adopted Father), Kate Brown (Adopted Family), Chase Thomas (Adopted Family), Caden Thomas (Adopted Family), Caine Smith (Adopted Family)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Nadia is a flyer, she is almost addicted to being in the air. Her fondest memories and times are when she has been performing aerial stunts of one kind and another. She is highly intelligent and has an almost savant like understanding of security designed to protect physical objects. Security that is designed for virtual information and things like that she can't get no matter how hard she tries. She can hack a building, not a computer.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: athletic prowess (specifically in acrobatic and aerial stunts), lockpicking, cooking, loyalty, physical security savant

Weaknesses: Reckless, Natasha, Hyperfocus, Low Self - Esteem, Difficulties dealing with people, has no value on her own life
Ambitions Helping people and staying with her family.
Hobbies & Interests Aerial stunts, locks, lock picking, fine arts, statuary, jewelry, money, security systems. Food.
Languages Romanian, English,

Personal History Nadia did not have what anyone would call a normal childhood by any stretch of the imagination. The first face she ever saw was the bearded lady, who happened to be a fully trained midwife for the troupe. She learned to tumble before she learned to crawl and was swinging through the air before she could walk. Okay so that's slightly exaggerated but only slightly. Her best friend was born the same day that she was, also attended by the bearded lady. They were so close and their families were so close that more often than not the girls shared a crib. Not too long after the girls were born the leader of the troupe Constatine decided to leave and gave the control of the troupe to Nadia and Natasha's parents.

While her childhood could only be described as unorthodox it was happy. Natasha and Nadia were often mistaken for one another. Something that the girls delighted in. It was like having a twin only not having to share your mother. While most kids want to run away and join the circus Nadia and Natasha were quite happy living the circus life. Moving from town to town and never staying in the same place more than a few weeks. After a number of years of poor money management Natasha and Nadia's parents tried to pull in larger crowds by flying higher and farther than any other aerialist show. Crowds got a real show when their equipment failed and all four aerialists fell to their deaths. Both little girls were watching from the wings when their parents died.

Two days later tragedy hit them again. Social services came to take Nadia away, the ring master only had documents giving him custody of Natasha. As the distraught young girl was pulled away she watched her twin rehearse on the now repaired equipment. Nadia screamed for the only other person that was left of her family. Then she watched as Natasha fell just like their parents had. Nadia was in a downward spiral at that point. She had watched as her entire family had fallen to their deaths. Rather than taking her love of flying from her it only increased it. She thought that if her family was cursed to die flying then the more she did it the sooner she would be reunited with them. The problem that she ran into was that normal people didn't get her innate love of swinging high and walking along ledges of tall buildings. After only a few months she was diagnosed as suicidal, from there unless an adult was watching her she was locked in her room. The one thing that the deaths of her family took from Nadia was her voice, she refused to talk, knowing that her screaming had lead to Natasha's fall. Soon after she was under lockdown Nadia discovered another talent, she was rather good at picking simple locks, she was also good at sneaking around and not being seen. This allowed her to escape from her room to the high places that soothed her soul.

When she was ten years old life changed drastically for Nadia again. A group came to the orphanage that she was living in to help one of the children get to a family that had paid to adopt him. It was a scam that was seen in a number of Eastern European orphanages, a well to do American couple would go to the orphanage website from legitimate adoption agencies and a child would be dangled in front of them as long as they kept paying. When they couldn't pay any more they never heard from the orphanage again. While they were there one of the men was intrigued by the little girl that seemed to disappear and who the caregivers complained of not being able to be kept in a locked room. Sloan adopted Nadia legally, meaning that he paid a large amount of bribes to the right political officials to have the paperwork go through seamlessly. Partially due to the fact that she was only a couple of years younger than his own son. A son that he had not seen since the boy's mother found out Sloan's true occupation. It didn't hurt that she had a particular skill set that he felt could be nurtured by the group that he worked with. To be quite frank they were criminals, but not the typical type of criminal, they used their abilities and reluctance to follow the law to help those who the law had failed. Sloan was a master cat burglar and saw in Nadia the same things that he looked for in himself. She was his daughter but she was also an eager protege.

It took another year or so before Nadia became comfortable enough to speak with the members of the crew who had become her new family. Though she still rarely spoke outside their small circle. None of them insisted that she call them Mom or Dad but they became Papa Sloan, Papa Caine, Papa Chase, Papa Caden, and Mama Kate. While they had been told about Nadia's suicidal tendencies Sloan discovered that she was not actively seeking to kill herself, just that she had no fear of death and placed no value at all on her own life. Over the next two years Sloan started to teach Nadia everything he knew, she was a quick learner and a natural at the art of cat burglary.
When Nadia was twelve the crew needed to visit a forger to get a couple of documents created that their hacker couldn't just print out. They arrived at the circus that the man used as his cover and Nadia simply looked over at her Papa Sloan and then at the aerial equipment. He gave her the nod and she climbed up and started to fly. When the bearded lady had seen the young girl she knew exactly who she was. In turn she had found the young aerialist that was still with the company to tell her that Nadia was still alive. The circus that the crew was visiting was the remnants of the same circus that Nadia had spent the first seven years of her life. The ringmaster had told everyone that Nadia had committed suicide about a year after she had been taken away.

This was how Nadia and Natasha found each other again, their connection instantly as strong as it had been years before. The crew knew separating them simply was not an option. But that was exactly what their so called friend the forger, aka ringmaster had in mind when he committed the one sin that no other criminal should make, he turned them into the authorities.. The crew had already decided to take Natasha and run, only to find that the girl had already managed to rescue herself! Her years with the much less reputable criminal had left her with a unique skill set for a 12 year old. She was a pickpocket the likes of which the crew hadn't seen for a long time. Fitting right in with their family

Once they moved back to the United States Papa Sloan was able to force his ex-wife to let him spend time with his son. Every visit he brought the girls with him, they were only a few years younger than his son, however the young man always seemed to resent that the girls came along. After a year or two Nadia began to complain when they would go spend time with Marcus, though he prefered to be called Marc.

Both girls flourished as they learned to become some of the best criminals in the world. However they were both raised to know, 'Sometimes, bad guys make the best good guys.'

Writer's Details

Writer's Details Birthdate: 06/10/1992