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Elliott Spencer

Name Elliott Jack Spencer

Position Student

Character Information

Gender Male
Age 17

Physical Appearance

Height 6'4"
Weight 210
Hair Color Sandy Brown
Eye Color Pale Blue
Physical Description Tall and lanky, Spencer has the look of someone whose growth spurt was as sudden as a gunshot. He is lean and fit, though not overly muscular. His figure is not unlike that of a junior varsity baseball player: built for speed and utility.

Family & Friends

Significant Other None
Children None
Father Steven Q. Spencer (divorced)
Mother Mary Spencer (divorced)
Brother(s) Michael B. Spencer (24)
Alex "Lex" A. Spencer (20)
Sister(s) Elaine Robbins-Spencer (6) (Half-Sister)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Spencer is generally well-mannered young man. Growing up in a broken home, he learned to retreat within himself if and when the outside world got to be too much to deal with. He is even-tempered, though sometimes loud and unpredictable, thanks to being the youngest in a family of three boys.

Despite his general propensity towards shenanigans, Spencer is more diplomatic and thoughtful than most give him credit for. He is not the first to throw a punch involved in a fight and would rather work things out nonviolently. Unfortunately, he has a tendency to sort through personal problems on his own, taking a good bit of time to open up to others about things that are bothering him on a personal level.

Although he is raised Methodist, he considers himself to be a Freestyle Pantheist, believing God to be in all things. This is also something he is fairly private about.
Strengths & Weaknesses As previously stated, Spencer is even-tempered and diplomatic. Though he may not be very good at talking his way out of problems, he gives it honest best. He is athletic, comfortable with working/living out-of-doors and considers himself to be a logical thinker. He also adjusts fairly quickly to new situations.

Spencer lacks confidence in himself when confronted with problems that require his intellect and capability of reasoning. Though he may know the answer, he will consult somebody else to see if they would go the same route that he would have. His preference of diplomacy over brute force is also a failing, as he would rather stare down a gunman with open hands and the barrel against his chest while negotiating. This, obviously, can lead to some serious consequences. He has an intense fear of heights and will likely seize up completely if confronted with a situation that requires him to climb higher than fifteen feet.
Ambitions At the ripe old age of 17, Spence's only real ambition is to play college baseball and, someday, play for the San Diego Padres.
Hobbies & Interests First and foremost, he is baseball player. He enjoys football as well (Go Seahawks!), but prefers a game that involves bases, a ball and a bat.

He is an avid book-worm, spending free time reading when he isn't hunting for somebody to throw the ball around. He enjoys comedy films from the 70's to 90's and dislikes having to watch movies with thin or nonexistent plots; he prefers a good story if he's going to spend time on it.

He grew up on bands like The Zombies, Boston, Electric Light Orchestra, Captain Beefheart and the like. He has a firm appreciation for music that was as eclectic as it is rare to find in stores. He also enjoys pop music and has a fairly decent singing voice, but if somebody puts on dubstep, he'll likely vomit.
Languages English

Personal History Born on January 3rd, 1993 in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Elliott James Spencer was considered to be both a miracle and a surprise, as neither parent expected another child out of their failing, bittering marriage. His father, Steven, was a city planner and his mother was a stay-at-home Mom. Due to marital dischord, Elliott and his two brothers often stayed with their pleasant, loving grandmother up until her death. That same year, Elliott's parents divorced. At the age of six, Elliott was now in a single-parent home.

There were ongoing custody battles, holidays with his parents competing over who gave the best presents as well as two brothers who were, for lack of a better word, acting out against the turmoil they'd found themselves in. Elliott lost himself in books, only noticing girls a little later on than most boys. He began to sprout in height and took an interest in baseball, which is when the books took a backseat to figures like Manny Ramirez and later, Evan Longoria.

In school, Elliott was a mediocre student. He excelled at sports and was a good team player, but his solo game was lacking. He scraped by in his classes by getting extra points here and there as well as attending summer school when he failed a class. As a result, he remained the older kid in a few grades from time to time. Though his teachers insisted to his exasperated mother that her youngest son wasn't lacking intelligence, there still existed the unhappy truth that something deeper and better-hidden than laziness was stunting his growth as a student.

Character Questionnaire Character's Full Name
Elliott Jack Spencer

Reason or meaning of name?
Elliott was named after the little kid from E.T. Jack is a family name.

Jacky, E.J. or Spence

Is there a reason for the nickname?
Jacky was something that his father called him when he was little, E.J. was a nickname he tried to start in middle school but it never caught on and Spence is something that thankfully caught on ...

Birth Date
January 3rd, 1993

Age in years

How old do they appear?
19, early 20s

Eye Color
Pale Blue


Weight in pounds

Height in inches

Type of body/build

Skin Tone

Shape of Face

Distinguishing Marks

Predominant Feature
Long nose. Bright blue eyes.

Hair Color
Sandy Brown

Type of Hair

Character's typical hairstyle

Are they healthy?

Physical disability

Green is his favorite color. Really, it's shades of green because they comfort him. If he had to pick a specific green, it would be olive green due to the fact that he likes "Earthy" colors. His least favorite color is Orange; it reminds him of people from The Jersey Shore and it's generally a color that inspires annoyance and anger in him.

Spence likes all manner of music, mainly stuff from before his time due to the fact that his father kept a lot of old records and cassettes around. He grew up on 70s, 80s and 90s rock and pop. His favorite song of all time is "Operator" by Jim Croce. The genre of music he likes the least is dubstep, his least favorite song being Bangarang. This is because he thinks that dubstep sounds like fax machines having sex.

His favorite food is tomatoes. He will eat them on anything they go well with(see: almost everything.) He hates oysters due to the fact that he tried one once and likened it to "eating a loogie on a cracker with weird ketchup."

Spence is very open-minded when it comes to literature. He loves good stories, whether fictitious or not. He enjoys sci-fi in the same way he enjoys fantasy novels. He loves character-driven dramas and funny novels, but if pressed to pick an all-time favorite, he'd choose murder mysteries. With a good mystery novel in his hands, he can usually deduce the killer or parties involved before the hero of the novel figures everything out. He's even read Twilight and doesn't think it's a bad book. His least favorite kind of literature would be harlequin romance novels because, really, sex can't be ...

"That is no bueno" Usually stated when confronted with bad news. "Anyone wanna play a little pickle?" Stated when trying to find somebody to play ball with.

Elliott does swear, but it's rarely worse than 'Damn,' or 'Hell.' If he breaks out 'Shit,' 'Fuck' or 'Bitch,' it means he's upset. If he says something like "shit-birding fuck-nut," there's something very wrong. Another off the wall favorite is "damn fucking nipple-head."

Elliott's taste in clothing is pretty straightforward. He likes his jeans loose-fitting but not baggy, he likes his shirts to be a solid color and short-sleeved. In colder weather, he can be seen wearing a two-tone olive green/black fleece hoodie. He wears a thin silver chain under his shirt and wears a simple Timex wrist watch (something he feels lost without.)

He currently lives in Sioux Falls, South Dakota with his mother and two brothers. He'd like to move to San Diego to be able to watch the San Diego Padres in action or to somewhere in Colorado, so he can live in the mountains.

What do they do too much/little of?
Elliott spends more time reading "fiction and other assorted nonsense" according to his father and less time on his studies. He prefers a good story to the harsh-and-yet-boring reality around him.

What is your character's most prized possession?
When he was born, his grandmother gave him a thin silver chain that was owned by her husband. He considers it his most valuable possession since it is his last remaining tangible link to the one member of his family that he loved as well as liked tremendously.

Does your character play a musical instrument?
Drums, though he can't read sheet music

Mode of transportation
Elliott would prefer a truck or car(A Jeep Rubicon would be perfect, thanks), but instead relies on his silver 12-speed Schwinn.

Does your character smoke?
No, it's a disgusting habit.

Does your character drink?
Occasionally, but he can't hold his liquor.

Reading, Biking, Drumming on things, Baseball, Football, Jogging and Climbing.

How does character spend a rainy day?
His nose in a book unless he feels up to going for a run in the rain, which is actually really fun.

Sioux Falls, SD

Type of Childhood?
Broken home, unhappy. Never really close to his siblings, had difficulty making very close friends, but had many pleasant acquaintances.

What is your character's first memory ever?
His grandmother playfully threatening to put him in her deep freeze before feeding him lime sherbert.

Most important childhood event that still affects them?
He was once dragged into court at the age of eight to testify against his own father. There was a custody hearing and his mother's lawyer decided not to take the moral high road and leave a child under the age of ten out of the proceedings. Because he was actively used as a tool against his father, he and his father have never been close. He also resents his mother for putting him in that position.

Preschool, Elementary school, Middle school, summer school, high school and one stretch of summer camp.

Freestyle Pantheism. Essentially his own religion, as he prefers to cherry-pick facets and ideals from several different religions. He believes in the Buddhist concept of karma, the ethical idea of sanctity of human life, various Judaic philosophical practices and other ideas based on peace, kindness and self-reliance, among others.

He comes from a family that was well-off until the divorce happened. Now he's used to living in the lower middle class of Americans.

Mary Spencer. She felt more like a babysitter to him than a mother. She always worked late shifts and slept during the day. He thinks of her parenting as very hands-off, though their relationship is mostly pleasant if a little empty.

Steven Q. Spencer. His relationship with his father isn't great. They rarely speak and when they do, it feels as if Steven's simply going through the motions with his son. His father has since remarried and has a young daughter, but Elliott hasn't spent much time with his father since he left.

His brothers Michael and Lex are 24 and 20, respectfully. When he was younger, the boys played together constantly, but as they grew, they grew apart. The volatile environment that the divorce left in his household lingered like the kind of smell old houses get and never seem to lose.

Extended Family
None worthy of note.

Being responsible for the abuse, maiming or death of an innocent person or child.

What is the worst thing that could happen to them?
To have his morals and beliefs manipulated and twisted into a Hellish version of itself. That or repeated rape in prison, though he'd likely not stand for that. He's peaceful, not a pushover.

What single event would most throw character's life in complete turmoil? Why?
The deaths of his family and every other person he's ever cared about. While he isn't overly close to his family and has a hard time making close friends, he cares about those that he's chosen to associate with and befriend.

What will character fight to the death over?
If somebody that he loves is in danger from a slasher or if the entire human race is about to be wiped out unless he can kill a man or woman, he will fight until his last breath. While he has no desire to die or be a martyr, Elliott believes himself to a good man; a man of moral courage. That courage would not allow him to wilt in the face of death.

What makes the characters skin crawl?
Bug's eyes, Jellyfish, Jacob's Ladder and rampant ignorance.

Character is most at ease when:
Laying in a field of green grass in mid-spring when the air is not cold and not hot, reading a book or throwing a baseball into the air.

Most ill at ease when:
Confronted with things like child molestation, the loss of innocence or emotional manipulation by way of horror.

- Get a good education and job that allows him to be free of his family once and for all.
- Play college baseball for at least one year.
- Climb a mountain.

How does your character feel about themself?
Elliott likes himself. He knows there's room for improvement and he'd like to be a better person, but he realizes that being comfortable with himself is something just as important as self-betterment. Inwardly, he lacks confidence in himself when confronted with challenges that require him to use his brains. He'll often ask
someone else's opinion to see if they came up with the same solution as him.

What past failure they would be embarrassed to have people find out about? Why?
In the 4th grade, he entered the science fair at school with a display of how a circuit worked. At the time, he had braces, so he thought it'd be worth some extra points if he were to channel the electricity through his dental hardware. Because he'd put wax on his braces to keep them from tearing up the inside of his lip, the light didn't come on and he was awarded nothing after his public attempt at completing the circuit with his mouth.

If granted one wish, what would it be? Why?
He would wish that his grandmother had lived long enough to raise him.

Daredevil or cautious?
Elliott is a take-charge kind of person, so I believe that he'd qualify as a daredevil, though he doesn't take
stupid risks if he can avoid it.

Greatest strength in character's personality (whether s/he sees it as such or not)
He looks before he leaps; thinks before he acts.

Greatest weakness in character's personality (whether s/he sees it as such or not)
Confidence in his ability to solve problems on his own.

Character's soft spot?
He loves animals and no, he doesn't hide it.

What is your biggest vulnerability?
Personally, my biggest vulnerability is letting a bad idea loop around in my head until I become pretty irrational and bitter over something that nobody knows about but me. Elliott's biggest vulnerability is a polite cynicism. He doesn't give people many chances to charm him or even be on good terms with him.

Are they an introvert or extrovert?
Extrovert. Elliott likes to meet new people and finds it easy to talk to new people. It's keeping himself interesting further into the acquaintanceship that proves tricky.

He has a good perception of depth and good hand-eye coordination. Because of this, he can jump from one bar to another and catch it, or catch a pop fly at high speeds. He is also in very good shape for a teenager his size and height. He doesn't tire easily.

Extremely skilled/unskilled at:
He's a truly awful speller, despite the fact that he reads like it's going out of style. He is also unskilled with computers. Thankfully, he's a good driver and has great throwing aim.

Strengths: Athletic, Good Sense of Humor, Loves the Outdoors, Frugal
Weaknesses: Distant, Computer Illiterate, Pacifist, Lacks Faith in Self

Polite, good-humored and affable.

He always seems to have a bottle of water around him or on his person. It's a habit he has to keep clean, bottled water nearby or if he cannot find any, to buy some.

He wishes he'd tried to spend more time with his father when he was younger, rather than let his mother manipulate him into being short or distant. He also wishes he'd kissed Jewel White at prom when he had the chance.

Teaching himself to play the drums and how to follow rhythm.

Character's darkest secret?
When he was eight, he once tried to burn his mother's house down with matches, but his brothers caught him and blackmailed him into being their servant for nearly a year.

One word CHARACTER would use to describe self:
Sports Fan!

How CHARACTER would describe self:
A real laid-back guy with a good singing voice and a great pitching arm. He feels that he could be better with people, as he realizes he doesn't really give them much of a chance starting off. He thinks he's perceived as the kind of person you meet, like and then later forget.

If change #1 was made, would character be as happy as s/he thinks? If not, why not?
Elliott doesn't know. He thinks he'd be happy either way. Part of what makes Elliott who he is is that he's a little awkward at times. He wants to be himself, not somebody else.

How does character relate to others?
He draws on lessons he's learned from the books he reads and is known to parrot the words of those smarter
than himself(this is a conscious act) in order to ease another person if they're upset or disturbed.

How are they perceived?
Elliott is perceived to be a big sweetheart by his friends. Strangers usually just see a tall, good-looking young man.

What do family/friends think about character?
Elliott's family is dysfunctional at best. He and his siblings get along fairly well, but aren't very close. Elliott is closer to his mother than his father and he barely knows his half-sister. His parents consider him the 'weird' son, though they love him in their own way. Elliott's friends find him to be funny and relaxed, though quiet about his personal life.

Elliott would like to go on to play college baseball and eventually land a spot on the San Diego Padres as a Right Fielder. Job-wise, he can see himself working outdoors and dislikes the idea of an office job.

During a crisis, Elliott typically tries to breathe evenly and keep his head about him. He will talk slowly and softly, as if consciously trying to keep his composure. Elliott faces his problems directly and without dancing around them. If he's wrong, he's wrong. If he's right, he's right. He adapts to change very well indeed.

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