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Reader's Digest

To earn the Reader's Digest award, a writer must write up a synopsis of their posts every few weeks. A section has been added to the biography form where you can write up a basic summary of what's happened to your character since it came to the sim. The expectation is that this will have a 1-3 sentence synopsis of what happened in each post. For each 6 month period covered the writer will earn this award. This award can be earned up to 3 times per character but must be maintained or powers and power tricks may start misbehaving.

** Reward: The writer may choose one of the following:

a. One power modification of the GM's choice for a character of the writer's choice.

b. One NPC powerset of GMs choosing for one character of the writers choice.

c. One power trick of the GM's choice for a character of the writer's choice. The other character for this power trick will be based on the specific story in question. The primary writer for this storyline will have "control" of the power trick and their character must be the one to initiate the power trick.

Category: In character
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