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Blacklight: Excellent Adventure

Posted on Fri Feb 21st, 2014 @ 11:14pm by Unawakened Jana Rotherbridge

Date: March 21st, 2010
Time: 9:00 pm
Location: Lake Texoma, one hour outside Dallas, Texas

Cole had the strongest urge to throw his towel over his sister as they all parted ways. And if he thought she wouldn’t have thrown it right back at him, he’d have done it.

Instead, he went to find his friends, who sat by the deep end, but just far enough away that they were out of the constant flow of traffic, carrying this bottled water as he went. He’d been warned not to eat or drink anything handed to him here.

Conrad, of course, held unofficial court, which was to say he was in the middle of the group, silently holding them together, but they were all being pretty quiet. Unlike the guys around him, all older, they felt no need to take off their shirts just yet. Even if it was *very* humid in the pool area.

The boys around Conrad were Strater (first name Calvin; they felt bad for him, so they never said it), Stephan (v sound, not f, thank you very much), Cutter (last name Cutler; known for wearing shirts with holes cut out of them, though he had to wear a whole one underneath during school) and Dayne. Dayne was quiet unless he had something to say, and it was usually insightful or clever. When he used his few words to take a shot at you, it was epic

“Hey, Cole,” Conrad motioned for him to join them. “Help me rate brain power.”

Cole sat down next to him. “Based on what?”

Conrad pushed up his sunglasses to the top of his head (Conrad often joked about vampirism). “Clothing to skin ratio.”

Cole snorted. That was Conrad-speak for, ‘The less they wear, the more vapid they become.’ Conrad was usually right. “You’d never say that in front of Jana,” he said.

“Jana’s outside the paradigm,” his friend replied, waving off the issue. “I’m talking Texas girls, my friend. Texas girls with more money than sense.”

They were certainly surrounded by those. Cole squirmed at seeing those that were just as, if not more, scantily clad than his sister. One girl even wore a crochet cover-up. There were so many holes it might as well not have been on her at all. It made Cole feel overdressed. Fortunately, he wasn’t the only one.

He looked at his friends. Conrad wore black trunks with red ‘flames’ running through them and a white t-shirt with a neon Superman logo on the front. Well, circled and with an ‘x’ through it.

Strater was in neon green trunks and black shirt with ‘Rather Be Playing My Undead Warlock’ on the front in red. He was the big World of Warcrack fan among them.

Stephan was the serious one, and wore neon purple trunks. Oddly, he was also wearing a pink shirt that said, “Keep laughing. This is your girlfriend’s t-shirt.”

Cole blinked at him. “Why are you wearing that?” he asked, his tone saying everything his words did not.

Stephen blushed. “My brother told me to wear it. Good news: we’ve been left alone for the most part. Bad news: I don’t know how long that would last if we split up.”

“Yeah,” said Conrad. “So good old Stephen isn’t going anywhere without a spotter tonight.”

Cole snorted. His friends could always be counted on to make him laugh.

Last was Dayne. He was in electric blue trunks and red shirt with a Flash lightning bolt across the front. He was the tallest, at about six foot while the rest of them were between 5’4 to 5’8. He was also the one with the darkest hair after Cole, though he (Cole) kept frosting his tips. Dayne had apparently been elected spotter of the moment, sitting next to Stephen while Strater and Cutter (dressed in bright white trunks and a cut-up white shirt that used to say ‘Why so serious?” on the front but was almost unrecognizable now) were on the other side, behind Conrad. With Stephen and Dayne behind him, Cole was the other unofficial leader. Though how he’d gotten that role, he had no idea.

He and Conrad spent the next several minutes calculating the intelligence of several of the young debs as Cole tossed his water from one hand to the other, some of whom were definitely not acting like debs. One was even already making out with a guy. “A sure sign no one will see her for the rest of the night,” said Conrad, issuing yet more of his rapid-fire commentary.

It wasn’t until they started noticing that guys, too, were going missing that Conrad gave a sigh. “Time to move,” he said, the rest of the group standing as well. “They appear to be going after the shirtless, first. If we are very quick, we may be able to avoid the painting.”

Unfortunately, this time Conrad was wrong. Even as they were exiting the pool area, they were picked off one by one. First Dayne, then Stephan, then Cutter. As Strater disappeared, Cole only had a moment to realize what was going on before he got pulled aside by some girls that he noted as being around his age. That was all he got before they were in the laundry room, and one was skimming off his shirt as the rest giggled.

Cole was blushing, the red going down his chest as the girl who had his shirt put it on. “You’ll get it back later,” she told him, smiling. She was a cute little blonde, and her smile did things to his insides that weren’t bad, really. They were… pleasant, even. Then the girls, four in all, got to work.

His water, which he had been carrying, stayed within reach, but in order to grab it, he would have to bump against one of the girls currently drawing all kinds of symbols on his body, including what looked like they were supposed to be Batman insignias and a line of round cherries going down his abdomen. He wasn’t sure what that meant. They were also outlining every muscle he had. It was only then he noticed the all wore glow in the dark lipstick.

After they seemed to lay several kisses on his body each, they let him escape. As he heard wolf whistles, he wound his way through rooms and sweaty bodies, clutching his bottle of water as he went to find his friends.

Cole found Conrad first, the other boy cursing the loss of his shirt. He was covered in miscellaneous symbols, though one enterprising girl had drawn the Superman symbol on his chest, the bottom point most definitely pointing down. It would have been funnier, but Conrad had a philosophical problem with the Man of Steel. He’d actually explained it to Cole a few times, but it was never any more clear. Something about the hero being ‘broken’, somehow.

“Villainous wenches,” he muttered

“You could try wiping it off,” Cole offered as a solution.

“They might find me and put something worse in it’s place,” Conrad muttered. Then they went to find other members of their group, Cole taking a sip of his water as they went.

Strater was found in the game room. He found Cutter before they had, and they were in the middle of a game of pool. He was filling out more than the others, and his muscles were outlined, as well as a few well placed swords. Cutter had circles in pink where his holes had been. But the circles were put to good use, which Cole thought was funny. They were going by the logic that if they stayed in one place, they’d be found more easily.

Soon they were joined by Dayne and Stephen. their paint was best not described, in particular Stephen, who endured more teasing without the shirt than with it.

“And now some girl out there is wearing the shirt,” said Conrad.

Cole let out a guffaw. Conrad was funny.

Soon enough, Cole was playing pool with him and randomly dancing to the music coming from the living room. His friends kept looking at each other, but none said anything, so it probably wasn’t that big a deal.

The game room was fun. There was a full-size pool table, a poker table, a foosball table, and they’d also squeezed some air hockey and miniature basketball into the corners. The room was full of all the people who didn’t want to dance and had similarly been painted against their wills. In other words, the most interesting people (in Cole’s opinion) invited to the party.

By the time they finished the pool game and went on to foosball, Cole was celebrating every major (and minor) victory to be had. He thought he might have seen Jana walk by the door, but he wasn’t paying attention. He was soundly beating Dayne, and drawing smiles from the other occupants of the room. They liked him, wow!

After that, things started to blur. He could still see just fine, but he was losing track of time and getting more clumsy. His friends were looking a little more concerned as the night wore on. His mouth kept getting dry, so he kept drinking his water.

It wasn’t until he was singing with Kestrel that his friends got truly concerned.

”I want to start a revolution/A type of personal solution…”

It wasn’t that Cole couldn’t sing. Or even that he shouldn’t. It was that singing while he was high was not the best idea, and as he was currently in a Daughtry phase, Kestrel just came out of the blue.

Though he did be bear a remarkable resemblance to Kestrel when he sang his songs high.

“Sh*t,” muttered Conrad, taking one of his arms. “Dayne, flank him. We need to find his brother.”

His friends surrounded him as a group, and they made their way onto the dance floor as Cole’s loud singing petered off with the song. Just as his friends started to relax, The opening strains to Justin Timberlake’s “Sexyback”.

”Them other boys don’t know how to act…”

Cole looked at his friends around him. “Guys, WTF?”

“Dude,” said Strater. “You’re high as a f*ck*n’ kite!”

He shook his head. “No, you’re... nuts. I’ve only been dreeinking my water tonight. Now, let me go, this... is my jam!” Cole broke out of his friends’ hold and ran out on to the dance floor, dancing to his jam as he went. Awesome song.

“Cole!” It was Gabe’s voice.

Cole greeted him with a carefree laugh. “I’m bringin’ sexy back!” He didn’t see other people as he danced.

He felt a hand take a strong grip above his wrist, a tug on his arm, and suddenly he was pulled from the other dancers, stumbling to keep up as Gabe pulled him to the side.

“Are you high!?!” Cole tried to shake his head, but Gabe was feeling his forehead. A guy he recognized as Gabe’s tutor also looked at him, and for some reason, his pointing at Cole’s face made Gabe gasp. “Oh my G*d, you are!”

“No, I’m not!” Cole protested, feeling indignant. “Ddin’t eat or dreink anything, like you said. Just my water.” His words were slightly slurred. That was weird.

Gabe sighed. “We’ll talk more later.” Cole watched him as he reached down and pulled Cole’s own phone out of his pocket.

“What are you doing?” he heard Trevor say. “You’ll never hear anything in here, and it’s raining cats and dogs right about now.”

It was only then that he heard the rain against the windows. Geez, the music was loud.

“We downloaded a GPS app onto his phone, so that he can always find us if he needs us.” Gabe put in the pattern on Cole’s phone and went into his apps. “I think it’s time to find big sister.”

Even as he started to protest, He felt a hand on his shoulder. He threw his head back and saw Conrad looking down at him, appearing to be playful, yet a little tender. “Sexy can do without you for the night, dude,” he said. His friend looked at his brother. “You’ve got this, then?”

Gabe nodded. “Yeah. Thanks.” He looked at him. “I”m guessing you were trying to bring him to me?”

Conrad nodded. “Got away from us when he heard Timberlake. I didn’t think he could move that fast.”

Gabe gave another sigh. “Well, he’s just full of surprises, tonight. Thanks for taking care of him.”

Conrad nodded to him and walked away.

Gabe frowned at the GPS. “Why is she upstairs?”

“M’be she needed a nap?” suggested Cole unevenly.

Somewhere off to his right, he heard Conrad give a bark of laughter. What he thought was so funny, Cole didn’t know, and didn’t have time to find out as Gabe dragged both him and the tutor upstairs. When they got to one of the closed doors, Gabe knocked.


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