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Dear Diary: A New Book

Posted on Fri Apr 18th, 2014 @ 9:52pm by Unawakened Melissa Wilson

A new book...

I hate breaking these things in. I don't know why. Having a whole book filled with just blank pages is... I dunno. Depressing, kinda. Like the whole book is just empty, boring, filled with no thoughts or words of wisdom, or secret confessions about fantastic fantasies and crazy dreams.

Fantastic fantasies? Did I just write that? Ugh. That alliteration was painful.

I leveled up again tonight. Got a few good pieces of loot, but I swear, some nights, the game's just rigged to give me the most useless crap out there. Seriously... how many Sacred Daggers of Kheper's Pride can you HAVE out in the desert? Ugh. I'm going to have to go send Neferu over to Crete or something, just to keep things interesting. I hear there's some goddesses over there with some fun quests, and there's supposed to be more in the expansion that comes out next week. So excited!

Tomorrow is Monday. I'm not looking forward to going back to school. The actual school part is fine, we're studying astronomy in science, and history class is great, because I learn about things from the game, so it gives me some hints. Last week, Ms. Andersen taught us about Rameses the Great, and that's who my character, Neferu, is the daughter of. She said there weren't female assassins in Ancient Egypt, but unless she has a time machine or a TARDIS and wants to prove it by going out looking for some in the desert some day, I'm just going to assume that there were. Like she'd know! She's hardly a Time Lord.

I just hope no one tries to talk to me in class, or that we don't have to do any group work. Whoever invented group work was a sadist.

With any luck, after school, I won't have to -

"Melissa!" Her mother's subtle Greek accent cut through her stream of consciousness. Melissa looked up, long dark hair falling over her shoulder as she lay on the bed, turning toward her mostly-closed bedroom door.

"Yes?" She called back.

"Mrs. McArthurs asked for you tomorrow night. She needs you to babysit from 7 to 9."

Melissa's forehead touched the book, and she closed her eyes with a deep sigh. The words 'do I have to?' floated through her mind, but she knew that the answer would result in her mother coming up to her room, sitting on the bed, and reciting a decades-long lecture about how Mrs. McArthurs was a friend of her Aunt Tina's, and how Aunt Tina had done a lot to help them, and how we had to be appreciative for Aunt Tina's sake, bend over backwards to make Aunt Tina happy, and what else would Melissa be doing anyway, playing 'those games' on the computer?

Melissa knew what Aunt Tina would have to say about it, and it wasn't anything close to what her mother thought Aunt Tina would say. Still, it wasn't worth the argument. Two hours... prime gaming time, but she could probably use Mrs. McArthurs' laptop after the kids were in bed.

She let the silence drag on, just long enough to let her mother feel her resistance. She sighed dramatically for emphasis. "Alright."

Her mother picked up on the silence, she knew it. Melissa could hear the sigh, and practically sense her head shaking disapprovingly. The sound of receding footsteps let Melissa breathe a little easier though. No lectures tonight.

Well, I guess I won't have tomorrow night to myself after all... so much for questing in Crete...


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