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Stranded: Stolen Time

Posted on Thu May 8th, 2014 @ 1:14am by Unawakened Jana Rotherbridge

Date: March 22nd, 2010
Time: 9:00 am
Location: Bedrooms in house on Lake Texoma, near Dallas, Texas

Gabe had dreamed of waking up next to Trevor. He just didn’t think it would be while he was sleeping in the same bed with Jana and Trevor sitting on the edge.

Then again, nothing else in his life went as he wanted, either.

Trevor tugged on his arm. He glanced over at Jana, and realized that Cole was missing, but after another insistent tug, he allowed his boyfriend to pull him out of the bed. Trevor handed him his shirt silently, then pulled him from the room. It was as serious as he’d ever been, so Gabe didn’t question him as they went a ways down the empty hall.

When they went into an empty bedroom, he started thinking he knew what Trevor wanted. His body thrummed as he watched Trevor close and lock the door. He tossed his shirt aside, onto a chair. “Where’s Cole?” He was sure he was safe, or Trevor wouldn’t be pulling for private time, but if he didn’t check, he’d worry.

“Basement. They bugged Tommy until he showed them where the manuals for D & D were.” He turned around, and eyed Gabe, still shirtless. “Babe? What are you doing?”

Gabe was already advancing on him. “You’re the one who brought me here. What do you think I’m doing?”

Trevor backed up, finding himself at the door before he turned again, though it wasn’t much better. Now he was backing toward the bed. Which was just fine with Gabe. “Gabe, I wanted us to be private. I couldn’t pull you into a bathroom!”

Gabe chuckled. “Why not? That’s something we haven’t done before.”

Trevor hit the bed with the backs of his legs, landing with a surprised ‘oof’. “Gabe!” He moved back on the bed like a crab as Gabe pursued him. “I did it so we could talk!”

Gabe was faster and stronger than his boyfriend, and soon had him pinned. “About what?” He leaned down to start nuzzling Trevor’s neck.

The other boy gasped. He strained to move his head away, but Gabe merely followed him. His squirming was helping neither of them. “Last night!” he managed.

Gabe sighed. Leave it to his love to make this complicated. “What about last night?” He planted a kiss on Trevor’s jaw. “I don’t want to talk about last night.” He pinned Trevor’s hands above his head. “Why do you?” They so rarely got time alone together that it was a shame to waste any of it.

Trevor looked up at him, catching his green eyes with his brown ones. “Because if we don’t, you might do something you’ll regret.”

Gabe sighed. “If we keep talking, we won’t be doing something else. And I will definitely regret that.” Gabe had discovered he was virile and voracious when it came to his mate.

Trevor gave him a look. “Tell me something I don’t know.” He sighed, trying to move his hands. It soon became clear that Gabe wasn’t going to let him have them back. Another sigh, and he looked up at his lover seriously. “Simon.”

Gabe bristled. A cold shower wouldn’t have been more effective. “What about him?” he asked.

Trevor raised an eyebrow. “You think I didn’t notice how you reacted to him? Take that on the mat and see what happens.”

It was Gabe’s turn to sigh. “I found him, with Jana, alone in a bedroom. How am I supposed to react?”

“I don’t know,” Trevor replied. “But I surely know you aren’t supposed to start a brawl with your baby brother in the room.”

Gabe looked annoyed, then let out a breath, settling on top of his lover. “I didn’t start anything,” he pointed out.

“You were going to,” Trevor reminded. “Before your 18-year-old sister came back from her foray into the bathroom.”

This time, Gabe outright scowled. “What does her age have to do with anything?”

Trevor eyed him. “Only that she’s an adult, and can handle herself. When we walked in, neither of them was missing clothing that they hadn’t already lost, in the case of Simon.”

Gabe was glaring. “The door was locked,” he growled.

“She still seemed to be handling him very well,” Trevor reminded, keeping his voice reasonable. “I don’t have any siblings, so I guess I don’t know, but you deferred to her about Cole. Why not this?”

Gabe averted his eyes, unable to hold Trevor’s. “That’s different.”

“Why?” he asked. Testing his arms, Trevor found them free and pulled them back down, wrapping them around Gabe.

Another sigh from the larger boy. “I don’t know. It just is. This is the first time she’s really had a guy interested in her and I don’t want Jana going ‘all in’.”

Trevor caressed his cheek. “Like you did?” he asked.

Gabe pushed back his hair. “That was different,” he said. “You were my friend before we… you know.” Even in their current position, Gabe blushed. “He propositioned her, Trev.”

“I know,” Trevor replied. “But unlike Cole, this doesn’t really involve you.” Gabe opened his mouth in protest, but Trevor put his finger over his lips. “Let her handle it. She’s an adult, and it’s her problem.”

Gabe rolled his eyes, then grinned. “I can think of something I’d like to handle,” he said. One of his hands disappeared.

Trevor gasped. He’d found it.

Later, they were getting dressed, if a bit slowly. Trevor was still in his boxers, straightening the bed. Gabe was getting into his pants, unlocking the door so they could leave easily. It was as he pulled them up to where he’d pull them over his butt that he heard running footsteps coming down the hall. Before he could think, the door crashed open.

It was Pete. “Dude!” Then he got a look around, and probably a good whiff. His eyes went wide. He slid into the room, slamming the door behind him. “Dude! What the hell!?!”

Gabe put out his hand. “Pete-”

“Dude, the preacher’s son!?! How’d you swing that!?!” His voice was tinged with awe.

It was only then that Gabe realized Pete wasn’t disgusted. And then he felt ashamed, giving his boyfriend a sheepish look. He should have trusted his friends more. They were his friends because they didn’t think that way.

He grinned. “What makes you think I did the swinging?” he asked, pulling his pants up fully and fastening them.

If anything, Pete’s eyes bugged out of his head even more. He looked at Trevor, who had more than regained his color. “Dude! Cajones!”

Gabe blinked at him. “Cajones?”

Pete looked embarrassed. “Been hanging out with Jose,” he admitted.

Gabe chuckled, watching Trevor dive for his pants out of the corner of his eye. “Keep this under your hat?” he asked. Just to be sure.

“Psh!” Pete waved it off. “Like you need to ask.” He looked at the door, then hopped over and locked it. “Listen, I came up here to tell you something.”

Gabe picked up his shirt and pulled it on. “What’s that?”

"Oh,” Pete grabbed his arm. “Dude, you gotta come down."

Gabe blinked, looking at Trevor as if he’d know. "Why, what's going on?"

"You're not gonna believe this.” He preceded him toward the door. “Your sister just came down the stairs with Simon North wrapped around her like they were a pig in a blanket.” Pete looked like he’d just tasted something bad. “Uh, don't tell Jana I said that."

Gabe spat every curse he’d ever learned. He gave Trevor a look. She would ‘handle’ it, huh? "What does she think she's doing!?!" Trevor started to look alarmed.

"I don't know, dude, but if you don't come right now, there's going to be a riot."


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