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Stranded: Quiet

Posted on Mon Sep 15th, 2014 @ 5:59pm by Unawakened Jana Rotherbridge

Date: March 22, 2010
Time: 1:00 pm
Location: Living room and basement at party house, Lake Texoma, Texas

The living room looked like something out of World War Three. There were bodies everywhere, and the carnage was immeasurable.

It didn’t help that the ‘bodies’ were staring at them. The ones that were conscious, anyway.

Jana and her small party of four picked their way across the room. Someone had been through with a broom, so the glowsticks, streamers, water bottles and various other pieces of party paraphernalia were along the sides of the room, but it was not so easy to move unconscious teens who’d eaten or drunk who knew what the night before. Jana was glad Cole had had something of a spotter last night. It appeared he was one of the lucky ones.

Chairs that had been elsewhere the night before were now in evidence. One group was Delilah, Brandy and Cherie. They were all smiling, even grinning broadly, and Delilah gave Jana a huge wink, mouthing ‘good job’ when she caught her eye. Jana, though she and Simon had done nothing wrong the night before, blushed a little. Curse of the natural redhead.

Another group was Bridget and others of her ilk, including ‘her Mark’, who looked mussed with marks that looked suspiciously like lipstick on his face and neck, obviously from the night before.. Far be it from Jana to judge, but if Bridget had to resort to opening closed doors to find him, perhaps “her” Mark belonged to many girls.. But she wasn’t going to stoop to that girl’s level, no matter how tempting. As it was, the cat in the cream look had started to leave the cheerleader’s face as they hiked across the high-ceilinged room, and it wasn’t until she spoke that Jana knew why.

“Gabe? You know about this?” Bridget’s voice was unnaturally high, her hand motioning to Jana and Simon at the head of the group.

Gabe glared at Bridget. He was in a bad mood, looking harassed, and she wasn’t helping. “Not that it’s any of your business, but yeah, I do.” Seeming to recover some of his good humor, he forced a small smile on his face as he looked at Simon. “He helped get us a room last night, but slept somewhere else.”

“Perfect gentleman,” said Jana. “We’ve kept it quiet because we wanted it private for a little while longer.”

It was a plausible story. No one could find fault with it. There was just enough truth that the lies were easier to swallow. It left Bridget standing by Mark’s chair with nothing to say, which was good enough for Jana. Well, almost.

“We’re going down to the basement, so if you could move back a little, we’ll be on our way.” Jana smiled sweetly, which caused many people to cringe and shift back in their chairs.

Bridget, the focus of that smile, reluctantly moved back (clearly against her own wishes). The backs of her legs hit the arm of the chair, and she fell back into Mark’s lap. Hoots of laughter came from not only Delilah and company, but all who were conscious in the room and watching the exchange. Satisfied, Jana led the way to the basement door, semi-concealed by the entrance to the hall to those still in the PTZ (Party Zone).

As they went down the stairs (ladies first), Jana heard the exchange behind her:

“My thanks.”

“No problem. I don’t want them to know the truth any more than you do.”

“All the same. It was never my aim to sully your sister’s reputation.”

“Or to help other people do it?”

“As you say.”

Trevor’s voice spoke up. “One of us is choking on testosterone. Can you guys take a rain check on this… contest?”

She heard Gabe growl-sigh. “Sorry Trev. Next time we whip it out, I’ll make sure you aren’t there.”

Jana cleared her throat, approaching the bottom of the stairs. “If we could put it back in our pants, now…”

The boys went quiet as they entered the basement, where the game looked a little… odd. Two of the girls were in boys’ laps, and the majority of the company looked uncomfortable. Not what Simon had described to her before. Then again, it had maybe been a while. Cole looked up from his place at the table, and his eyes lit when he saw them. He waved them over. “Hey guys,” he called to the group at large, “more food!” He looked relieved. She was amused by that, but a subtle push from Simon had her moving forward.

As she walked, she saw one of the boys was (however awkwardly) touching the thigh of the girl in his lap, and the girl was not objecting. Jana wanted to say something, if only for Cole’s sake, but decided, feeling Simon’s heat at her back, that it wasn’t her place. She shrugged. Cole had to learn about the birds and the bees sometime.

As Jana set the guac in front of him, she restrained the urge to kiss his head. ‘Not in front of his friends’ had been drilled into her head. But she did squeeze his shoulder.

The others put their offerings on the table, and suddenly, Jana noticed that Gabe and Trevor had disappeared. Maybe to keep further confrontations from occurring, she decided. She saw some guacamole on her hand and moved to lick it off.

Simon stopped her. “There’s a small kitchen over here,” he said. “We can wash up in there.” Using her affected hand, he pulled her into that room, out of range of any of the players to see or hear them. Stopping in front of the sink, Simon pulled up her hand and, instead of putting it under the faucet, brought it up to his mouth, licking it off. Little by little.

Jana felt a little flick of heat at each lick. She finally managed to draw breath. “You.. you promised,” she reminded, unable to move her hand from his grip.

Simon chuckled. “Oh, I won’t ravish you with one of your brothers in the next room. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have any fun.”

It was hard to tell him ‘no’ when it was the furthest thing from her mind. So she responded when he kissed her.

The kiss was flavored with avocado and lime, reminding her of California. But it also had a flavor that was all Simon, and she murmured, moving in to explore that taste a bit more. Simon made a sound that was somewhere between pleased and primal. He lifted her and turned, setting her down on the table as they continued to kiss in the kitchenette.

It was a revelation. No other guy had ever kissed her this way. It was almost like she was being devoured. She was returning the favor, though she was more shy about it. He didn’t push, and for some reason she found that hot. She was going up in flames, and it was still raining.

Their moment of passion was interrupted by a familiar voice.

“Jana!” Cole cried from the next room, slightly muffled by distance.

She ripped her lips from Simon’s. “Yeah, Cole?” she called, a little breathless.

“We need more coke!” This came from one of his friends, she couldn’t tell which one.

“And bottled water!” her brother added.

“They sure are taking a while,” another friend muttered.

“Jana takes longer than me and Gabe,” Cole said off-handedly, oblivious to the inferno that had been a few moments ago.

Simon chuckled, resting his forehead on hers.

Jana smiled, looking up at him. Her hands, she found, were on his shoulders. His were on her thigh and the small of her back. “What?” she asked.

“Love,” he murmured, “your family will be the death of me.”


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