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Stranded: Truth or Dare

Posted on Wed Dec 10th, 2014 @ 11:11am by Unawakened Jana Rotherbridge

Date: March 22, 2010
Time: 5:00 pm
Location: Den in the house on Lake Texoma, Texas

The evening started innocently enough.

“Hey, you guys want to play a game?”

Jana looked up from where she sat next to Simon on a large beanbag, all but forced to cuddle with the way the thing was constructed. Not that she was complaining. She looked at the one who’d spoken. It was Cherie. “What game?” she asked.

The green-eyed blonde smirked. She was sitting half in Pete’s lap. “How about a friendly game of Truth or Dare?”

Jana blinked, and her attention was called to movement on the sofa. It was a large one, with four seats instead of the usual two or three. Gabe and Trevor were on the middle two, and Delilah and Brandy had their legs over their respective laps. Gabe had moved when Cherie made her suggestion, but appeared loathe to displace Delilah. “Uh… is that wise?” he asked.

“Why not?” asked Brandy. She’d claimed one of Trevor’s hands, and was playing with it. He was letting her, even if he didn’t understand it. “We can keep it clean. Well, as clean as we can,” she said with a smirk.

“We won’t ask you to strip if you refuse to do a dare or answer a question,” Delilah said, running her fingers down Gabe’s arm.

Gabe looked at her, wary. “What, then?” It wasn’t as if he didn’t trust her. But she’d proven to be a bit… wily, and that bore watching.

Delilah smirked. “If you refuse, you have to give a kiss to the one who asked.” She looked at Jana. “Unless blood related. Then they get to choose who you kiss.”

Gabe gave Jana a look. Jana, deciding she liked this idea, merely smiled back. “Are we spinning a bottle for this?” she asked.

Brandy shook her head. “Nope. We’d have to get up.” She smiled at Trevor. “And I think all the ladies in the room are much too comfortable for that.”

Pete was about to get up, and Cherie instantly moved to slide into his lap. “Sorry, honey,” she said. “You’re staying put to keep the numbers even.”

“If none of us are allowed to move,” said Gabe, “that would make it hard to kiss the one who issued the challenge.”

“He’s right,” said Cherie, smiling at Pete when his arm went around her to keep her up. “But.. we *are* paired up.”

Delilah grinned. “That’s right! Okay, small change: you don’t take the challenge, you kiss your partner.”

Brandy chuckled. “That makes it too easy for Simon; he’s with his girl.”

Simon cleared his throat. “There are some things I like to keep private,” he said.

Delilah motioned to him. “See? Perfect incentive to either do a dare or tell the truth. We’ll just go around the group and take turns. See where it goes.”

There was much shuffling and muttering, but soon the game was underway.

“Hey, Trevor,” said Brandy. “Truth or Dare?”

Trevor squirmed, but finally said, “Truth?”

Brandy chuckled. “Are you gay?”

Gabe coughed, but covered it up.

Trevor, pausing only a moment, pulled Brandy across his lap, her legs tangling with Delilah’s, and kissed her. She made a surprised sound, but kissed him back, cupping his face. It only lasted a moment or two, but when she moved back, she was slightly breathless.

“Dam*, baby,” she murmured. “You’re a preacher’s son.”

Trevor blushed, shrugging.

“Am I the first girl you’ve ever kissed?” she asked, smirking slightly.

Still red as a tomato, Trevor nodded.

“Wow,” she said, “You’re a natural. I may have to find you later.”

Delilah chuckled. “Careful. You might pop his cherry.”

Brandy snorted. “I want a good makeout sesh. If I wanted more, I have tried and true sources.”

The three girls tittered, and Trevor cleared his throat. “My turn?” he asked, his voice a little weak.

Brandy settled in, now most definitely in his lap. “Yup.”

“Wait,” said Cherie, “was that him bowing out of the question, or answering it?”

“As someone with a front row seat,” said Delilah, “I don’t care.”

They laughed, and Trevor sat up, getting attention back on him. He seemed to think, then looked at Pete. “Truth or dare?”

Apparently deeming it safe, he said, “Dare.”

Trevor smirked. “I may need some pointers for later. Make out with Cherie for 30 seconds.”

Pete turned bright red, and sputtered. Finally, he said, “Man, either way, I’m kissing her!”

Trevor looked as evil as a preacher’s son could. “See? Made it easy for you.”

Pete swallowed, then looked at Cherie. Cupping her face, he leaned up.

Delilah had pulled out her phone. From Jana’s vantage point, she could see it was on her ‘timer’ app. “Go!”

Pete jumped, but then kissed Cherie. After a few moments, Cherie made a pleased noise and moved to straddle his lap. Obviously, while surprised, Pete rolled with it like a champ, his hands going to her waist as they settled in for their makeout session. Both of them seemed pleased. She leaned into him as his hands travelled north. She made more happy sounds as he found what he was looking for her and started to grope her. It was over all too soon as Delilah finally called time.

Cherie smiled as she drew back. “You should come find me tonight,” she said, her voice husky. Pete, while blushing, smiled back.

While she readjusted sit across his lap again, Gabe said, “Dude, you got to second base in 30 seconds? What are you, The Flash?”

“His fingers worked fast enough,” said Trevor.

“Cherie didn’t mind,” Delilah commented. Cherie merely smiled, snuggled up to Pete now as opposed to merely keeping him in his seat.

Trevor looked at Gabe. “Your turn.”

Jana felt Simon stiffen slightly. She was also worried. Up until now, it had all been fun and (slightly naughty) games. But she knew how Gabe felt about Simon.

Her brother turned to them, playing with some of Delilah’s hair. He liked her. Just, not in that ‘special’ way. “Simon, Truth or Dare?”

Simon, on the other side of Jana, didn’t hesitate. “Truth.”

“As if the dare would have been any good,” Brandy murmured.

“Nope, that’s his sister,” Cherie said, grinning wickedly.

Gabe gave the two girls an annoyed look, then returned his gaze to the couple on the beanbag. “How many girls have you had?” he asked.

Jana gaped. “Gabe!”

Her brother shrugged. “Only way to get an answer, sis.”

Jana felt Simon clasp her chin, guiding her face back toward his. “Don’t worry, love,” he said. “Lesser of two evils.” Then he kissed her. He kept it quick, chaste, but still full of heat, and put his finger to her lips when he was through, as she’d started to respond. He looked up at Gabe. “Gentlemen don’t kiss and tell.”

Gabe opened his mouth, but Jana interrupted.

“My turn!” She looked at the traitor. “Gabriel, truth or dare?”

There were hoots and laughter through the room. “Oh, dude,” said Pete. “You are so going to get it.”

Gabe sat up, ready. He met the challenge in Jana's gaze with equal intensity. “Dare, Jana Lindsey.”

“Lindsey, hmm?” Simon murmured, amused.

“Not now,” she muttered, then looked back at Gabe. “You spend a lot of time with Trevor. If you like him so much, why don’t you kiss him?”

Gabe blinked in surprise, then looked at Trevor. The erstwhile tutor appeared to mull it over, then shrugged neutrally. Jana noted his reaction with confusion..

Trevor laid Brandy gently back on the couch and started to get closer to Gabe as the door slammed open, admitting five disheveled and unhappy young teens. Jana belatedly recognized Cole, who took refuge in her and Simon’s laps. His hair was only mussed, though, so she couldn’t for the life of her figure out what was wrong with him. After the events of the previous night and this morning, this was confusing.

A boy with many holes in his shirt also had many tears, which Jana was sure were not intentional.

Two of the other boys hid behind the couch, obviously overwrought.

The last one, who Jana identified as Conrad, had enough presence of mind to shut the door behind him. He turned around, his eyes blazing with the fire of furious disappointment.

Jana looked down at Cole. Pushing his hair back, she tried to see the problem, but the only thing she noticed was that his GPS app was open. It looked as if he’d used it to find her. She combed her fingers through his hair. “What happened?” she asked.

Cole leaned into her touch. “Don’t ask.”

Conrad stomped further into the room. “Worst. Campaign. Ever.” He looked around, taking in all the couples, and that seemed to only make him angrier.

He huffed. “Grope frenzy downstairs! Sucking face up here! Did no one come to this party just to have fun!?!”

“Don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it,” said Brandy.

Conrad folded his arms. “I don’t need that kind of trouble,” he said.

Delilah sighed. “Someone needs to get laid.”

“You offering?” Conrad snapped back automatically. He then caught his words. His eyes shot round, mortified, and then he palmed his face. “I did just say that out loud, in public, didn’t I.” He fumbled visibly to recover. “Um, look, you’re pretty and all; really pretty but um… crap.”

Delilah just smiled. “Are you daring me, honey? Be careful what you wish for…”

From behind the couch: “What the h*ll!?!”

All the girls, including Jana, burst out laughing.


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