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Learning to Reason

Posted on Mon Sep 16th, 2013 @ 3:18pm by Dustin Craft & Bryan Kestrel

Mission: Everyday
Location: Atlanta, Ga
Timeline: March 15th, 2010
Tags: Bryan, Blue, Dusty, Riff

As everyone began breaking off in pairs Dusty gestured to Bryan and met him down the stairs. He was very curious about several questions about the nano. Especially since he had been spending most of his time learning about the nano. He was suppose to report to the firing range as well but he was unsure of when that was suppose to happen. He had blue open a private channel to Bryan.

+Hey man can we do our one on one at the garden?+

+We're both in nano so we can risk it,+ Bryan replied. +You should know that by now the black hats are probably surrounding this place like Waco.+

+Uhh right well I try to spend as much time as I can outside since being cooped up is drivin me bat shit crazy. I quess though we can just do it here in private channel and save time. How did you do that key board thing? When do I actually begin taking classes and whatever?+

+It's better if we do this. Riff, coordinate with Dusty's sliver, sense-link us, and load a simulation in the woods; basic training level.+

+On it,+ Riff replied and within seconds both Dusty and Bryan appeared in a forest setting familiar to Dusty. Bryan looked around with a nod of satisfaction.

+Looks good,+ he said. To Dusty he spoke. +This work for you?+

Dusty looked like he did in real life except he was not appearing in his nano. He was in ripped up dirty jeans, no shirt and barefoot. +Oh hell man, I have not gotten to this part of the manual yet.+ Dusty took a deep breath in and was impressed as it even felt like home. He looked around some and nodded approvingly. He looked at Bryan and notice he looked drastically different. +Hey man you look...different. Like that one women from that old movie I saw once. What was it Black Diamond or something. Are you a gelfling?+ Dusty scratched his head, "I think that is what they were called but they did not have horns or nothin'+

"I'm impressed," Bryan smiled. "The movie was called 'The Dark Crystal' and no, I'm not a Gelfling. My father was half-human and my mom was Sidhe." He pronounced slowly as 'shee.' These come from my grandpa, a troll." He tinked his horns and breathed a longsuffering sigh. Anyway, this is what I really am but I can't wear that face on Earth. Here, inside the nano simulator, it's safe. You wanted to go over the manual?"

"Kinda, I wanted to ask you how you did that computer thing when you were talkin' earlier. I was not sure if that was apart of the Nano or your power set," replied Dusty

"You can do it. Bryan drew a plane of light from the air like a window blind and set it up so that it faced Dusty. It looked like a copy of his HUD. "Think of the user menu; think of the system; now look for the tutorial folder. Inside here you'll find a folder labeled 'virtua.' Open that and you'll find 'manual access'." Doing this with the planes of light is the first thing we learn to get used to how virtua works. As we get better we do things like homework in our heads and pop it off to the instructor. It's still handy for giving people without nano access to the virtua or giving presentations."

Dusty nodded and followed suit. He tried to draw a pane of light like Bryan but it the lines were not straight. Without thinking he made a motion of erasing it like one would a chalk board and they went away. His furrowed and he thought about it a little harder and then tried again again and it still failed. He stared at Bryan for a moment and then snapped his fingers and asked, "The hand mostions you do they are not required are they?"

"Nope, it's however most suits you." Bryan made like shooting pistols with his fingers and it looked like paint blobs of light scattered across the HUD, each showing a different website. He waved dismissively and they vanished. "It's all in your head."

Dusty smiled having an aha moment and held his arm out like he had just hit the power on a remote control for a television and his UI flicked up. He had a wide smile on his face but then he made the same motion and the screen went away, "Bad ass". Then with no motion at all his U.I. popped back up. Floating in front of him. His brow furoughed and the specified file showed up and started scrolling and Dusty giggled. "Ok so the next question I have might be kinda stupid. But, well, can this thing like play music, movies or video games?"

"All of that and more." Bryan grinned. "You can game multiplayer online through any server that OG has screened as well as anybody with a suit. Better, you and your sliver can mix music, make your own movies, and games. Pretty much anything you can think of to do on a computer this thing does a thousand times better. Hell, we don't need video games when we can make our own in here. Care to spar?"

Bryan waggled his eyebrows cleverly.

Dusty smiled wide, "Sure!!!"

"Okay, simple rule. You win when you can hit me." Bryan took a defensive posture and waited.

+Master, are you sure this is wise?+ Riff felt like a WAV file stuck on autorepeat.

+Of course not,+ Bryan sniffed dismissively. +Now go make bets with Blue and stop distracting me.+

Bryan took a defensive stance to start. According to the file he had read, Dusty had no formal training but was known to get into fights often. There were several police reports to attest that the boy got in trouble often enough and that crossed with the boy was use to taking a beating could mean a lot of raw talent. Bryan nodded and Dusty just smiled and started stalking the fae opponent in a circle. Bryan started close a little bit and thought he would just throw an obvious kick just to see what would happen. At the same time Dusty decided he would just charge in as he use to do all the time. Bryan let loose a straight kick that connected squarely with Dusty’s face. His head snapped back violently and while this was not the real world it still hurt. Dusty fell back shaking his head hard as he was now dizzy. He reached up with his index finger and thumb and pinched his nose. He looked down and rubbed his now bloody digits together.

Bryan bit back a smirk as he did not expect to land that kick. At first he thought it was funny but when he made eye contact with Dusty he realized that Dusty was not having the same good time.

"Do you think that's real blood here, in this place?" Bryan gestured around them. "Use your mind, Dusty. Don't let your opponent read your moves."

Dusty was red in the face and was ready to get into it. This time though he did not leap straight in like before he faked right and then quickly moved left. He came in with a hard right hook to Bryan's small well defined face.

Dusty might as well been moving in slow motion. Bryan ducked under the right hook and grabbed Dusty’s wrist with his right hand thumb up and guided Dusty past him. Just he was passing Bryan, Bryan jerked back on Dusty’s wrist and kicked Dusty’s right leg out from under him with his left foot. Dusty was on the ground on his back and even angrier than before.

"Good, you're starting to think on your feet but you're still telegraphing your moves." He braced his stance, "You gonna stare me to death or hit me?"

+Popcorn,+ Riff offered Blue.

+Thank you+ Blue graciously accepted with a small bow to Riff.

Dusty got up and he was fuming mad. His chest heaved in anger and all he could see was red. He ran at Bryan hard and low arms out wide. His thinking, what little he was doing, was that going for the legs it would be impossible for Bryan to avoid the scoop maneuver. He was wrong. Bryan had time to pinch the bridge of his nose and then leapt straight up into the air, thinking to simply just leap over the charging bull. Just as he cleared the ground Dusty punched down with both arms as he was under him and ended up stopping his forward momentum immediately. This brought his legs out and over his head in sort of a front flip. He hooked his legs and Bryan knew that if he did not think fast he was going to eat those two feet in the chest. He quickly brought up his legs so his knees were pressed against his chest and quickly shot out his feet to meet Dusty's. Bryan used a little bit of the kinetic energy on impact to force himself further away but to also lend strength to the blow. Dusty's legs shot in the other direction forcing Dusty to flip over his feet back the other direction to again land on his feet. While Bryan lightly landed onto the ground 10 feet away.

Dusty looked over at Blue "Ain't you suppose to be helping me?"

Blue nodded ,"Yes and you should not ever do that again. Also, you have dirt on your mouth," he replied in a terse British accent.

Bryan clasped his hands behind his back, pacing thoughtfully. "Excellent improvisation. You have clear talent and ability but anger," He gestured "no" with a finger. "Anger is your weakness." He braced, "Again!"

Dusty just stood fuming for a moment. His chest heaving with anger. He then knelt down hard while punching the ground with both hands. He then lifted up the ground like a carpet and sent a wave of earth directly at Bryan going impossibly fast.

The Fae Prince sprang into the air flipped across the wave like an acrobat, racing closer until he kicked Dusty into a tree, snapping it like a dry twig.

"Flexible mind, creative but you're still telegraphing your moves like AT&T." He barked tauntingly, "Quit fucking around and hit me!"

Dust just stared for a long moment and then without warning he crossed his arms with each fist sitting slightly above the opposite shoulder. He then brought each fist down next to his side. As finished the motion Dusty seemed to catch fire in a large pillar of red flame. Dusty was no longer visible, just a black silhouette amidst a storming inferno. Dusty then shot his arms out toward Bryan and just like that the flames were gone but Dusty was still glowing red. Nothing appeared to happen at all to Bryan.

"Anger makes you stupid and stupid makes you dead." Bryan swept Dusty's legs out from under him with a swift, circular kick. He dropped down on the fiery youth and hooked his head in a vise-like grip with an elbow.

"A twist and I snap your neck; no powers, no tricks." He let go and stepped back. "Maybe the little blind chick, Alexis is more your speed."

A voice from off to the right to where Bryan had Dusty in a head lock, "My daddy always said that there was no such thing as fair fight. and to expect a fair fight was stupid." Dusty snapped his fingers and what Bryan was holding crumbled to ash like the end of a cigarette. At the same time the ground beneath Bryan exploded and cracked as it became molten lava in a circle of about 40 meters in diameter. "Do you know the melting point of earth," and the world around Bryan became liquid rock and fire.

For a moment it seemed as if Bryan might have fallen to Dusty's clever ambush but the lava cooled to solid rock unnaturally fast. Next, it exploded spectacularly, pelting Dusty with boulders.

"Nope," Bryan rose from the debris and dusted off. "I know how much power it gives me, though. Are you gonna hit me or are you just gonna have fun with the virtua all damned day?"

Dusty's face and was clearly struggling to keep his temper under control. His mind raging against his emotions and eventually his mind won.

+Blue, get the fuck out this damn thing+

+Yes sir+

The forrest melted and the school room showed back up. "No, I am not going to hit you," and Dusty just walked away.

Blue looked on as Dusty walked away his tail swishing back and forth throughtfully.

+Interesting,+ He said only to Bryan.

+Kid shows a lot of promise.+ The Dark Fae cooled the area from 115 degree heat but he could do nothing for the perfect circle of scorched carpeting, furniture, and warped paneling, and blistered paint. +It's a miracle he made it this far. Send Aunt Suzy a bottle of MacAllan scotch, 1985 with my regards.+

Blue bowed low in a respectful bow +Very Good, Sir. + He bowed low and then scittered off toward Dusty to discuss his attitude.



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