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When Reason Fails (Part 6 of 6)

Posted on Tue Aug 27th, 2013 @ 9:04am by Magdalena Somerset aka "Maggie Locke" & Liam Carter & Lily Owens & Timo Braken & Oligelshareeshamas OG & Ainsworth "Jax" Jackson & Donya Somerset aka "Donna Locke" & Cameo Somerset aka "Camille Locke" & Alexis "Lexia" Rodgers & Dominic Hayes & Elliott Spencer & Brooklyn "Brook" Van Domelen & Dustin Craft & Bryan Kestrel & Alexander "Lex" Spencer
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Mission: When Reason Fails
Location: The Tower - Atlanta, GA
Timeline: March 15th, 2010 - 10:00AM

He took a cleaver from the kitchen and hacked his black-clad forearm with force. "Nano can stop knives, small handguns, and grazing shots from heavier guns. It's like wearing a bulletproof vest without any of the bulk or weight. It won't stop a direct hit from heavier guns and no matter what, you're still gonna feel it and it's still gonna hurt. Hurt in my opinion is better than dead."

The exposed part of his face sealed over and he spoke across a speaker system. +The suit is designed for long periods in space. It is climate controlled so you can endure arctic cold, near volcanic heat and low-grade radiation. You can seal it against gas and water. You also don't have to worry about going to the bathroom. Nanites convert waste including dead skin, sweat, and dirt into fuel. You'll always stay clean but baths feel good. Anyway," He got back on point. "You never have to worry about running out of air, water, or food. The suit creates what you need. It doesn't taste good but it keeps you alive. The suit is pressure resistant to five thousand feet. We could swim down and look at the Titanic if we wanted. If you get hurt the suit can perform limited surgery and first aid. It can make and inject medicine. Now, for the fun part for those of us who like breeding.+

The face port opened allowing Bryan to speak normally once more. He leveled his gaze on Jax. "Nano blocks all unauthorized matter and energy we come in contact with. That means we can't catch diseases. We also can't drink or inhale poison. A handy little side-effect of this is contraception. Girls, you'll only get pregnant when you want to. Guys, that means no need for condoms, ever. Okay, this is the last and most important part, when you get nano it comes with a sliver."

He drew down a plane of light to the virtua and a kestrel appeared as if sitting outside a window. It bobbed its head in greeting and spoke across Bryan's sound system, +Hello, you may call me Riff."

"Riff is one of OG's kids. He and I are bonded for life. We learn and grow together and Riff is always there for me. He will fight his mom and Cam for me if he feels he has too. He won't hurt me nor will he ever act against my interests. He's my partner and my copilot. This suit is way too complex for me to run by myself so when I need something, I ask Riff."

+I slave away with sweetness and joy.+

"Thanks Riff," Bryan closed the plane of light. "That's the nano suit in as terms as clear as I can manage. "The suit gives us a lot of power and advantages and the price for that power is giving up our privacy and giving Cam the ability to turn our powers off. If you're worried about corruption or Cam taking advantage of us you should know something. Riff's reason for existence is to help me reach my full potential."

+I have my work cut out for me, I know.+ Riff sighed across the intercom.

Bryan glared at the interruption before continuing. "Riff isn't AI, he can't be hacked. OG and the slivers are people, aliens who naturally exist as energy. It's in their best interest for us to be as healthy and as happy as possible because they need us in order to grow up. I can't explain this easily but they keep everybody honest. The choice of whether or not to wear a nanosuit is yours but once you make that choice, it's for life. If you remove the suit you lose your sliver and can never get another."

At that he sat and waited for questions.

Jax raised his hand, "What happens to the sliver if you do take it off?"

"If you're in contact with OG when it happens it goes back to her in the virtua. If you're outside of her range," Bryan sighed, "Your sliver dies."

Jax nodded, that sinched it, he wouldn't be getting Nano until he'd had a chance to really examine it.

After Jax's question was answered Dusty raised his hand, "Uhh, since I do not know what I can and can not do yet, what if I get hotter than magma? Also, can you put energy into that zero space pocket thingy?"

"Your nanosuit adapts to your power as soon as you put it on," Bryan faced Dusty. "No matter how hot you get it stays with you. One of my buddies on Excelsior, Stellar was a living star. He put out enough juice sometimes to burn the Earth to the bedrock and his suit never gave him a hint of trouble. As for storing energy?" He raised his brow, pleasantly surprised and curious about the implications, "I've never known anyone to do it so try and let me know what happens."

He added with a smirk, "Just, not here."

Dusty nodded. He would wait until the move to see if he could store solar energy in the dimensional pocket thingy.

"Any other specific questions before I pair you off with someone to decide if you want nano?" Cam asked?

"Yeah, come on guys," Bryan gestured for action. "Don't break school tradition. We gave Townsend hell about the lack of privacy and grilled him to the wall about why we should have trusted him to have the power to turn us on and off." He buffed his nails on his suit, "Of course, I gave you a better orientation than he ever gave us. Great man; piss-poor people skills."

"About Flatspace," Elliott said pensively, "If arrangements were made for somebody so that they'd be comfortable, could I put, say, Maggie in my Flatspace if I wanted to conceal her?" Five cubic feet didn't seem like a lot of space, but it may just be enough.

"A single human being has about 10 minutes worth off air inside flat space," Bryan answered, "Now, there is a kinda sick but helpful thing you can do. If someone dies before medical help arrives you can store them in flat space until you get to help. You can then pull the body out and revive it."

"Remind me to get you an oxygen tank," Elliott said to Maggie, not looking down at her.

Maggie snorted, "I'm not going in there, I'm claustrophobic remember?"

"I'll... give you some dramamine or something," Elliott said, a slight upturn to his lips.

"Dramamine's for motion sickness," Maggie said with glare, "you try putting me in your flat space and you will never see me naked again."

Elliott shot her a faux-wounded look that, for an instant, made him look ten years younger. "Okay," he muttered under his breath.

Cam cleared her throat, "Can we get back on topic? Elliott, since we know you are ready for Nano, why don't you and Maggie and Donya go up to one of the classrooms, she can get you both set up."

The tall boy next to her daughter nodded.

Bryan arched an expectant eyebrow at Jax, "Well?"

Jax shook his head, "Not yet, I gotta think about all this. I don't even have powers yet so what's the good of suppressing something I don't have. I want to think about it first, besides there are others that need it first."

"Sure, but there is something everybody should consider," Bryan rubbed his lover's arm. "Nano came in stages or Mark numbers. What we're wearing is Mk IV. There are nine stages. The original purpose of Nano, the Mk I was to monitor mutation and constantly feed data to be studied. So," he looked to Jax. "There is a huge benefit to your wearing the suit. It lets Cam and Timo study you while you work out, train, eat, sleep, hell, a nightmare can trigger an Awakening. The more we know, the better we can help train you when and if the time comes for you to Awaken." He paused. "The armor and combat abilities of the suits were reserved for those who chose to put their lives on the line for others."

"I'm going to wait," Jax affirmed, "We can talk about it more tonight."

"Sure," Bryan squeezed his hand.

"I think I'll wait until I see how everyone fares first. I know you guys have a lot of assurances about privacy and autonomy or whatever, but I'm not that convinced, yet." Dominic said, tapping his lips, "Then again, I could be paranoid. But it's better to be paranoid and wrong than compliant and right."

"You either one wanna watch while Gran gets hers?" Maggie asked as she got to her feet and picked up two the boxes next to her mother, "You can put on an earpiece so you can hear what the sliver says."

"I need to talk with Dusty before we head back to the room," Bryan bumped Jax. "Stay outta trouble until I get back."

"Actually I need to meet with Mr. Jackson briefly to make the arrangements to have his transcripts transferred so we can continue his education," Cam said.

Bryan peered knowingly at Cam where Jax could not see it. "I want him back in one piece." He teased. "Preferably the piece that counts."

"You are the one that got his pieces in trouble, I just want to make sure it doesn't set his degree back," Cam said, a small smirk on her lips.

"Fine," Bryan turned and drew Jax by the chin for a rolling kiss. "Go play, I'll meet you at the room later. Come along Dustin." He gestured to Dusty but could not resist goosing Jax as he passed.

"Nah," Dominic said, replying to Maggie, "No need." he raised his eyebrows in an armless shrug, he didn't particularly care how someone got nano, but what was done with it afterwards. Besides, near as he could tell he didn't have any powers to be afraid of going off in the heat of the moment. When they did previously, Timo, who had been with him, hadn't been affected. If that were the case, only people who deserved his ire would get it. He stood from the couch, gave a half salute to the rest of the students and headed back to his room.

Cam nodded, "That will be all for now, but I will be taking a few of you aside for additional training, please take a binder and review the locations listed and either let your sliver or OG know your vote. Dismissed."



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