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Posted on Fri Oct 11th, 2013 @ 1:54am by Dustin Craft & Brooklyn "Brook" Van Domelen

Mission: Everyday
Location: Showers
Timeline: The morning off the kitchen meeting

Dusty got hit in the hands for what seemed the 100th time in a row and he let out a low growl. As he got up to leap at the aged master he was easily flipped over on to his back for an equal number of time.

"You are like a blind angry bull. You run around and rage but you accomplish nothing but expending energy. Until you master your demons you will be a useless rutting bull!!!!" With that Master Minamoto walked away from where Dusty was laying down. "We are done for the day and clearly to practice further will accomplish nothing but to show me how much you love lying on your back. Which might be nice for your boyfriend but does nothing for me." The simulation faded away and Dusty was laying on his back in the middle of the gym.

"That guy is an asshole," Dusty stated through gritted teeth.

+He is also the author of the "Nine Rings" which you will be reading. +

+That a comic book?+

Blue just shook his head. +Should I clean you?+

+God no, first off it just feels weird, next, I kinda like the feel of water+

+Meaning you want to masturbate in the shower again?+

Dusty's face turned beat red at the declarative statement.

+The sooner you accept that we are connected and you can not keep secrets from me the easier this will be for you. I know all about you Dusty and you know all about me as my program continues to evolve. +

Dusty immediately thought about Daryl. +Everything?+

+Yes Dusty, everything including Daryl. The world does not exist in your double wide trailer and the forrest you escaped too. Hopefully when we can settle down you will go out and see the world for what it is and can be. Until then you reek. Privacy mode engaged, I will check back in when 2 hours or when you call.+

Dusty just stared as Blue faded from view. His thoughts reeling but he shook his head as he realized he was sweaty, stinky and tired. He padded off to his room and reduced the nano to a large back tattoo of a tribal sun with one to match on the front. He happen to notice his back shoulder and noticed that his southern flag tattoo was gone.

"Strange, I will have to ask about that later," Dusty said to no one. He grabbed a towel and wrapped it around his waist along with a pair of white briefs that he favored. He walked over to the showers and noticed that no one was in there. He hung his towel and underwear on an empty hook and walked into the shower room. He turned on the water and scream out at how cold it was. He turned the water up and waited until he could see steam. He stood under it and then jumped out of it again as it was still cold. He then turned it all the way up and waited a little longer but it was still cold. Dusty was confused. He shrugged and then walked around and turned all the shower heads on as hot as they would go. Dusty started to feel al little more comfortable and then finally started showering.

Brook made his morning walk to the shower after working out. After a month of daily effort it came to be second nature to him, something he never thought possible before coming to the school. He paused before the double doors leading to the shower area. Something inside fogged the glass. He pressed the door open slowly only to have a blast of moist heat hit him full in the face. He entered and looked around for a water leak. Some of his fellow students made a habit of wrecking the private showers but the steam billowed from the public shower. Eyebrow raised in curiosity, Brook crept toward the open shower.

He drew near and found the steam scalding hot so he summoned his nanosuit. Did someone break the hot water line in here? He wandered inside protected from the steam. The heat foiled infrared scanners leaving the young artist to fumble blindly. Parabolic sensors indicated that someone turned on every spigot in the open shower full blast and hot. Brook triangulated on an unusual patter of water nearby and drew close. At last he turned off infrared and opened his mouth.

He meant to say "Hello?" but what came out was "OH!"

There, before him in all his naked glory was Dusty. The towering figure of muscle stood in the scalding spray as nothing unusual. Brook spied a lovely tribal sun image on his back and the view drew his eyes unerringly down Dusty's backside. Brook's first noticed the tan line that spanned from Dusty's waist to his ankles. The young artist noticed how the redheaded giant wore long pants nigh constantly. Brook took in long, powerful legs but his eyes returned to the fleshy globes of the Dusty's ass. He wondered, amazed at how it might take two or three of Brook to make up the mass of muscle Dusty carried with ease.

Dusty turned at the sound giving Brook a full view of his massive chest and slabs of muscle that formed his abdomen. The Asian youth swallowed, his mouth strangely dry in a room full of steam and moisture. He noted absently how the sun tattoo covered Dusty's heart but what drew Brook like a magnet was the python of flesh at rest between Dusty's thighs. Lowering his head did no good, that only brought the sight up front and central in his attention. Averting his gaze seemed impossible. Like a cobra it held his gaze, paralyzed, his heart racing. His visor covered his eyes but it was clear by his posture and the bend of his head what he was looking at. If possible he turned beet red from head to toe, as much at his awkward helplessness as for staring shamelessly at Dusty's body.

Everyone knew Dusty grieved the loss of his best friend and took great care to respect his pain. Brook felt horrible now, for ogling Dusty unabashedly and without permission. He struggled to apologize but no sound issued past his lips. His jaw worked impotently, stunned speechless by the model of masculinity before him.

"Why are you in full ninja mode in the shower?" asked Dusty as he washed the soap off his "cobra"

+It is hot enough to cause nasty burns,+ Brook spoke through his voice projector. +I-I thought something might be wrong and so I...I checked.+

"Oh, that. Is it that hot? I thought the hot water heater might be broken or sum thin," Dusty said half thinking. He walked over to the each of the shower heads he was not using. He returned to his shower head slightly shivering without the full nano on to regulate his body temperature. He looked at Brooke and let loose his best southern smile with bright blue eyes, "Better?"

A quick glance at the thermometer and Brook nodded, letting his nano suit drop without pretense. He felt a twinge of self-consciousness next to Dusty. He toned up nicely in three weeks of intensive working out but still he looked skinny and frail next to the virile giant that was Dusty. It took a long moment before he tore his gaze away.

"I-I left my things outside." He made his way out without any concern someone outside might see his nudity.

Dusty shrugged and he went and toweled off. His nano coalesced into gym shorts and a loose fitting muscle shirt with the word "Seared" on the back in a 80's styled splatter painting. Dusty padded his way back to his room and looked around. He was tired from training all day but he was also stir crazy.

+Blue, open the window, I want some light in this room.+

+Dusty, we have been instructed to keep the windows closed due to snipers in the surrounding buildings.+

+Listen, I am bored and I want to try something but I need light. Please open the window enough to let in lights.+

There was silence for a moment and then the window shades opened just enough to let a couple lines of light into his room. Dusty nodded and smiled.

+Now, turn off full suppression+

+Is that wise?+

+We are going to slag this building more than likely anyway and I need to practice some of the finer aspects of control.+

+Fine, Suppression protocols are currently on pause. I will activate if at any moment you appear to be loosing control.+

+Sounds Good. OK the first thing I want to see is if I can generate heat with out generating flame or light. At the same time I want to see if I can localize and control the location of that heat.+

Dusty focused hard and called the light to him. For the first time he saw the small rays of light bend to him and into his body. He could feel his ball of light growing slowly and he wanted at a certain point he stopped absorbing. He then held out his left hand and focused. He tried to imagine heat emanating from with his hand. As if there was a tiny source of burning hot fire hiding with. He furrowed his brow for a long moment trying to will it to happen.

+An change Blue?+

+Internal body temperature is now 150 degrees but this is with your personal normal range due to your powers. However the heat above the surface of you hand has not changed. +


+You are doing it wrong+

+Little shit+

+Thank you sir+

Dusty relaxed for a moment then focused harder this time he decided that maybe some flame was OK. He held out his hand and willed a small flame to come into being. With a small hiss and pop his entire hand was on fire. Too much was all he could think and willed the flame to just cover his palm. After 5 minutes of time passing unnoticed by Dusty the flame shrunk to the palm of his hand.

+Small victories+

Dusty could not see but he could feel the nod from Blue. Right now he kept the heat as low as he could.

+Blue we may need to let the OG know what is going so the fire alarm does not go off?+

+Already notified before we started. At risk parameters have been reduced and I have immediate access for activation as needed.+ Blue's replied almost seemed bored as if he had thought of all of this some time ago.

Dusty nodded, and turned his focus back to his hand. He called some more light to but instead of storing it he sent all to his palm. He kept his mind focused on a very small flame but increasing the heat. The flame started red but then moved to orange and yellow quickly. Then it turned a icey blue with dark blue low lights. Finally after more time the flamed turned white. Dusty smiled at his accomplishments.

+Not Bad+

+Please be careful you are currently in excess of 5000 degrees. Somehow you are also containing the heat to an area immeadiately around your hand but you are in danger of causing everything around to combust.+

Dusty nodded and he immediately starved the flame and it went out. +You can close the blinds now but please leave my suppression off for a little longer. I want to see how it feels when I am in control.+

+Sure thing Dusty and I must say, excellent job+

+We will see. I imagine melting a building will be a lot harder+



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