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Rebounds and Unrequited Lust, Part 2 (Conclusion)

Posted on Tue Mar 18th, 2014 @ 11:21pm by Unawakened Edward Carlisle IV & Cecily Carlisle

Mission: Everyday
Location: Chicago
Timeline: Thursday, March 18, 2010/Evening

Max and Cindee didn't live too far away. They hopped on their bikes and pedaled to a brownstone apartment building, climbing up to the third floor. The apartment was a small, cheap, two-bedroom.

Xander paused at the door to Max's room, looking back at his sister. "You gonna be okay, luv?" he asked.

Cecily gave him a nervous smile, but nodded, glancing over at Cindee.

"Cindee gonna take real good care a your baby sis," she promised.

Xander chuckled. "Actually, I'm the baby brother," he said, and then Max's hand snaked into his jeans and tugged him into the bedroom, the door closing behind him.

"C'mon, baby girl. Cindee gonna teach you how to do shots," Cindee grinned, going to the kitchen and pulling down some tequila and getting limes out of the refrigerator.

Cecily raised an eyebrow, glancing between Max's room and Cindee, feeling very much out of place. She watched Cindee do a shot and tried one herself, wincing and coughing as it burned down. The second one was a bit better, and the third went down smooth and warm, making her head feel a little light and mellow.

"Okay, that might be enough, lightweight," Cindee laughed, leading Cecily over to the couch. There were sounds coming from the bedroom now and Cecily blushed.

Cindee chuckled. "Damn, your boy must be good. Max ain't usually that…vocal. Wanna grab some coffee or somethin'?" she offered. "There's a diner down the block."

It was ten thirty when Xander finally awoke and rolled over, looking at the clock. Bloody hell! The shelter closed at ten. They wouldn’t be able to get in, much less get a bed. He ran through all the places he knew where they might keep warm and get a little sleep. He cursed his fate. He had a ton of money sitting in a bank somewhere to provide his sister with the life she deserved and no way to access it without tipping his uncle or his lawyer off to where they were.

Xander pushed a hand through his messy brown hair and looked down at Max’s naked, sleeping form next to him. He smiled. Damn, she was so hot! He leaned down and kissed along her bare shoulder. She murmured and shifted, turning her head and giving him a sleepy, satisfied smile before drifting off again.

Xander slipped out of the bed and found his boxers and pulled on his jeans. He slipped out of the bedroom. “Cece?” he whispered. The living room was dark and he didn’t see anyone, but there was a bit of light coming from the other bedroom, which was slightly open. Xander walked over and pushed it open a bit further, sticking his head inside.

Cindee sat up against the pillows reading by the light of a lamp. She wore a pink camisole top and panties, her long, chocolate legs stretched out. He couldn’t help admiring them. She was rather hot. Cecily was curled up on the bed in her white tank top and blue panties, her work clothes folded over the back of a nearby chair. Her golden head lay in Cindee’s lap, sleeping quietly, Cindee’s fingers idly caressing her silky golden locks.

It was Xander’s turn to be embarrassed, seeing his sister half undressed. Cindee looked up and gave him a smirk. “I know you’ve seen girls in their panties before, Xan,” she teased.

“She’s my sister,” Xander said, focusing on the beautiful black woman rather than Cecily.

“Your beautiful sister,” Cindee smiled, looking down fondly at the sleeping girl.

Xander was conflicted. If Cindee had been a guy, he’d have had no trouble finding a baseball bat and breaking his knees if he’d caught them like this.

“Wait, did you two—?”

Cindee laughed softly. “I don’t think there’s enough alcohol I could give her that would do that, Xan,” she said. “Alas, Cindee will have to lust from afar.”

“Not so ‘afar’, it seems to me,” Xander said wryly, leaning against the doorframe.

Cindee just gave a Cheshire grin.

“Just…don’t,” Xander warned the other girl. “Cece is…special. She’s been through a lot, and…”

Cindee gave him a serious look. “I know. Cindee ain’t gonna hurt baby doll.”

“Wait,” Xander said, straightening a bit. “Did you say you got her…drunk?!”

Cindee looked embarrassed, holding up her fingers with a bit of space between them. “Itsy bit. Cindee didn’t know she was a lightweight. She might have a headache in the morning.”

Xander groaned. Great. Now he’d have a hangover to worry about on top of finding someplace warm to sleep tonight. He looked at his angelically sleeping sister and was loath to wake her.

“You need a place to crash tonight?”

Xander blinked, looking at Cindee with surprise. How did she know?

Cindee gave him a serious look. “Cindee been there, boo. It’s cool. It’s cold out, and I’m sure Max wouldn’t mind round two in the morning.”


“I know,” Cindee smirked.

Xander had the decency to blush. “Sorry if we were a bit…loud.”

Cindee waved it off. “’Bout time my boo got a piece after Logan.”


“Boyfriend, before you.”

“Oh.” Xander wasn’t sure he should ask. It wasn’t his business, and he wasn’t sure how serious Max was. Or he was. Cindee made it sound like rebound sex. Xander was cool if that’s all she wanted.

“Thanks, Cindee,” Xander said.

Cindee slipped carefully from the bed, easing Cecily’s head onto the pillow. Xander’s eyes traced her long, lean, strong legs. Damn, she moved like some African jungle cat! He licked his lips.

“Boo, you just had spicy Latina, now you lookin’ for some dark chocolate for dessert?” Cindee asked coyly, tracing her long nail down his bare chest. “Sorry, this candy ain’t on your menu.”

Xander smiled. “Sorry. Can’t help admiring a beautiful woman,” he said.

Cindee laughed softly. “Oh, you do have promise, boo,” she said, leaning in and giving him a brief kiss. “But right now, Cindee gonna do unspeakable things to your angel baby doll sister.” She closed the door in his face.

Xander blinked. He was sure she was kidding. Pretty sure.


Shaking his head, Xander went to the kitchen. He found the tequila and poured himself a generous glass, tossing it back. It wasn’t his preferred alcohol, but beggars can’t be choosers. He returned to Max’s room, climbing back into bed. She rolled over and curled up into him, her hand sliding into his boxers. He smiled and inhaled the jasmine scent of her hair. Yes, this was certainly better than the shelter.


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