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The Pack - Project Management

Posted on Mon Apr 21st, 2014 @ 6:57pm by Zach

Mission: Everyday
Location: Paris France
Timeline: August 1st, 2006
Tags: Zach, The Pack

Zach sat quietly behind a large dark brown oaken desk. The desk over carved with not a flat surface on any of the sides of the desk. Claws gripping spheres made the feet while swirls and circles covered the rest. Zach was wearing a black suit jacket with no collar and a dark grey shirt underneath it. He of course was wearing black matching pants along with black loafers. On top the desk was a leather mat that protected the wood from day to day use and in the center of it was a single worn pen what was covered in gold filigree with pearl panels. The desk sat on top of a black rug with a saturated brick red field in the center with gold flowering decoration and rug sat on top of pure white marble. The room was 1200 square feet with only two high backed leather chairs that faced the desk. The chair that Zach sat in was a plush leather contemporary chair that matched nothing else in the room. Walls and ceiling were the same color as the floor. Zach sat calmly in the chair waiting for his next meeting. He had flown in from his private estate to see about a contract from some prince from Saudi Arabia.

Eventually there was a single knock at the door to the office and it filled the entire space in hollow echo. After a second the door opened and in came in a man with dark olive brown skin wearing flowing red and white robes with a purple keyyifeh held on with a gold cord. He was followed by two of Zach’s men, Mathias and Trey. They were a part of Zach’s mercenary company known only as “The Pack”. Zach’s mercenary group was largely unknown throughout the world despite how long Zach had created the crew. They were whispered about among only the extremely wealthy and powerful. They were known to be super discreet and able to handle the most complicated problems quietly. Trey walked up next to Zach and whispered in his ear that the 10 million in gold had been received. Zach nodded while not taking his eyes off the Arabian Prince.

“Good afternoon,” replied Zach, “How can I help you?” Zach wasted no time with pleasantries. If he did then the rich and the powerful would think they were being kowtowed too and that would make them think they were in charge. The Saudi took a moment to get over the shock of being talked too so bluntly.

“Yes, well, thank you for seeing me I have a problem and I need you to take care of the issue,” he replied in a thick accented English.

“Details?” Zach replied flatly.

“A man has insulted my honor by refusing to give me his daughter in marriage. I want you to kill him,” replied the prince with venom.

“No,” Zach said then nodded to his men.

“You would dare refuse the request of a prince?” the man sputtered in outrage.

Zach just looked at the man and tilted his head to the right. Mathias saw the move and started to sprint toward them understanding that the prince was at risk of losing his life to his own personal stupidity. Zach looked up and lifted his hand. Signifying that Mathias should stop.

“I am not your obedient dog. So either tell what the real issue is or you can go. Become disrespectful and you can die. I will wait,” Zach said flatly. The prince sat for a moment and thought. He sighed deeply and then took out a picture of a beautiful woman and threw it on the desk.

“This is my wife. I married her about 5 years ago. 4 years ago she gave birth to my first child, a daughter,” the man’s shoulders sagged while his brown eyes hardened. “6 months ago she went on holiday without me. I was to follow later after I had dealt with some business. When I arrived at our apartments it looked like they had both been kidnapped.”

Zach raised an eyebrow, “appeared?”

“Yes. It turns out that she was a part of a little known terrorist group called the Allah’s Scarlet Jihad. They had planned our marriage and then planned to use the child we would have as leverage to get funding from me,” the prince was spitting and his face was contorted in rage.

“Calm yourself Prince. How did you discover all this information?”

“The deceitful cow sent me a video telling me all this. I am to pay over 50 million dollars to them or they start sending me pieces of my daughter a finger at a time,” he replied.

“So you want us to rescue the child?”

“No. I will not keep a child born from the cow’s loins. I want you to find them and kill them both,” he replied barely holding back his anger.

Zach thought for a moment and made eye contact with both Mathias and Trey. They both nodded slightly letting him know they were fine with the contract. Zach looked back at the Prince who had totally missed the exchange. “Fine we will do the job. The price is 200 million in gold, platinum, diamonds or rubies. Mathias will talk about delivery of payment. We only guarantee the death of the women and the child. Please info dump all intelligence with Trey so we can get started on this project. As you know if you renege on payment or try to turn on us in anyway the consequences will be dire. Also you can cancel or change the contract at any time but you can not cancel the payment once this agreement is made. Are you clear on the details?”

The prince only nodded once.

“Good,” Zach threw him a disposable cell phone but it only had one button on it. “You can only use this phone once. That means you get one chance to change the contract. I would not have it next to your ear once I hang up though.” The prince nodded once picked up the phone and then walked out escorted by Mathias and Trey. A moment later the two returned.

“Well, that was…terrible,” said Trey.

Mathias nodded, “It always is when dealing with billionaire princes. So we are going to kill a women and child?”

“No, I am,” Zach replied. “Get me the intel. Rally the pack and tell them we have work to do. Call my butler and see what assets we have in the area once we know what that area is. Meet back at the local office here in 48 hours.” The two nodded and left without question. They knew what their jobs were and were clear on Zach’s expectations.

The kitchen was decorated in deep red wood tones with black marble counter tops. The hardware on the cabinets were all pewter knobs that matched the stove and microwave. The floor was black shiny tile and there was a large island with bar stools around it. Standing around them was The Pack. Mathias, call sign Bear was a large burly man with olive skin and brow hair. Common to Italians was a plethora of chest and arm hair that he proudly displayed by wearing a thin white button short sleeve shirt that was only buttoned up halfway. Whenever would laugh or move his over muscled frame it would show off his chest forest. Trey, Call sign Fox, was almost as tall as Mathias but had blond hair to match sun tanned skin. He had clear blue eyes and smile that made men and women melt in his arms. Next was Moloch, call sign Crust, he was an older pale man. His hair was white and balding. He appeared to be a skeleton with skin stretched over him. His face was stuck in the expression of discomfort and annoyance. Finally there was Xander, call sign Dad, he was the youngest of the group. He had wavy brown hair, green eyes and an easy smile. He was also the newest to the team. Zach stood between the island and the stove top and was cooking up a meal for his crew. Each had their preferred drink in front of them except for Dad. He had a milk, a running joke, one he wished would die like the people on the other side of his scope. Zach was cooking up a specialty recipe they boys liked that he had created some 50 years ago. He pulled in spices from many different cultures and that along with plenty of red meat and vegetables it was a hardy meal. The guys laughed with the exception of Crusty who never laughed but just grimaced and nodded. Zach never laughed either but they all knew him better. Zach was not one for emotion, any emotion. Only Mathias and Trey had a clue at how old Zach actually was and the others had just gotten use to how Zach ran his crew.

Zach served up the meal and they all ate quickly and hungrily. They put their dirty dishes in the sink to be cleaned later by whoever’s turn it is they retired to the living room of the rented country home to discuss the details of the next project.

“So we were able to find where the woman and child were located. It was easier than I thought. The woman, stupidly, is using facebook and twitter to keep in contact with friends. To keep up the pretense of being on vacation. Because this Scarlet Jihad thinks they are off the radar of everyone they are pretty free with their internet traffic. Anyway they were located in the mountains near Kabala,” stated Trey.

“So they have wireless in the mountains now,” replied Crusty.

Trey ignored the statement and continued, with pulling out some photographs, “They are small and they are well trained compared to your average military. There is only one entrance to the cave but I bet there is another entrance somewhere on the other end. If you show up without an invitation then you are shot on site. No questions and you body is lost forever in those damn mountains. It is a 10 mile hike over rough terrain to get to the base and there are no clear landing spots anywhere close. They do not appear to have scouts and I could not detect any electronic sensory devices in our around that area,” continued Trey.

Zach stared and filed through all the photos. One caught his attention and he pulled it out. “Who are these people?”

“As far as I can tell they’re either wives or women loyal to the cause. They come in every Tuesday and Friday loaded down with supplies,” replied Trey

“Did you notice if they were thorough?” replied Zach.

Trey responding understanding exactly what Zach was asking, “They check the supplies but they do not appear to check the women.”

Zach nodded, “Ok we are going to Dubai, I will have Xander make the arrangements.” He looked at Trey, “I want everything on those women.” He looked at the rest of this, “My initial plan is I am going to go in dressed as one of these women. Once inside I will find out targets and finish the project. No guns for me so that leaves chemical and blades. Dad will provide sniper cover over the entrance in case I need to leave hot. Fox will be on comms and intel. Bear I want explosives set here and then I want you backing up Dad with sniper coverage. Crusty you are to be waiting for me here with…”

“Let the kid drive. I will cover you,” replied the old Russian.

“What are you stupid,” replied Mathias.

Zach just stared for a moment, “You have your orders. I will provide updates as I get better intel.” Zach said nothing else and simply left the room taking the intel with him. As they all knew, he would retire to his room and go over everything in excruciating detail.

When Zach was out of site Mathias looked at Fox and Dad, “You two take off.” His voice was highlighted by a growl. Letting it be known he was not to be ignored. Dad grabbed his beer and headed off to the door. Fox only nodded, knowing what was coming. Mathias was considered second in command and once again he would have to address Crusty. Crusty got up to leave with the others but was stopped by Mathias, “Sit your Russian backcountry cunt down.” Crusty just looked him but refused to sit.

“You cannot talk to me in this way,” he replied blithely. Before he could say anything else Mathias had his large hand around his throat and with a heave threw him across the room so that he slammed and fell over a leather couch.

“You stupid fuck. I expect that kind of slip from the kid but you should fucking know better. He will kill you and no one will know and that is if you are lucky,” Mathias stated in a seething whispering voice as he walked over to where he threw Crusty. He had his Desert Eagle already out and pointed at crusty as well.

Crusty jumped up with his hand axe drawn but saw he was late to that party, “I am a professional. I do not see why the new guy should get the fun and I get the grunt work.”

“You know he does not give one hot fuck about how good we are. You do as you are told,” replied Mathias and he put his Desert Eagle away.

“I am tired of doing it his way. Where would he be without…” before he could finish the sentence a kukri spinning vertically like a Frisbee just missed Mathias cheek and flew past Crusty but not without scratching his neck. Instincts took over as both drew guns and pointed them at the direction that the knife was thrown has come from. They both turned and saw Zach standing in the hallway leaning against one of the walls. Mathias knew him well and could tell that Zach was murdering mad even though the rest of the body is relaxed.

“You should have talked privately to Crusty if you had an issue with the way I manage this company. However I regret to inform your services are no longer needed or desired,” Zach said calmly. He looked at Mathias, “Please dispose of the body. Xander will have the rest cleaned.” He turned and went back to his room.

Mathias went to say what body but then heard a thump on the ground. Mathias shook his head, his boss was a sociopath of the highest caliber but he was also the best in the business. Not to mention that his crew was richer than most of the 1% in the USA.



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