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Babysitting pt 2 -

Posted on Tue May 13th, 2014 @ 9:40am by Unawakened Melissa Wilson

Mission: Everyday
Location: Olivia's room, McArthurs' house, Shady Side, MD
Timeline: May 10th, 2010. 7:05pm

Olivia's room was at the end of the hall, a powerful blend of pink fairies and budding maturity. Posters of popular boy bands graced the walls amongst flittering fairy stickers and sparkly drapes. The ten-year-old girl sat at her computer, a head of light brown curls rising above the black desk chair as she leaned over the keyboard.

Melissa recognized the game instantly. Worlds of Myth. She smiled happily.

Olivia was on one of the introductory campaigns. Greek. She could see her avatar - female hero, devotee of Artemis, ranged weapon set, Amazon heritage - and nodded approvingly. Good choice. Artemis gave bonuses to bows as the goddess of the hunt, and though the Amazon heritage was usually better for melee fighters, that would help her out as a newbie, when monsters got a bit too close. Some of the monsters in the Greek campaigns could be pretty brutal. The Amazons had a good bonus for mounts, too, and while Olivia's level 3 character wouldn't be getting a mount for quite a while, she'd get it two levels earlier because of being an Amazon. That would help!

"Hey." Melissa said, walking up behind the girl, trying not to startle her. "Good game."

Despite Melissa's efforts, Olivia jumped a little, her curls bouncing. She smiled when she saw the babysitter. "Hey. Yeah, it's ok, I guess. I just started. There's... um... someone at school who plays, so I thought I'd see what it was all about."

Melissa couldn't help but smirk a little at the way Olivia had stumbled over 'someone'. She had a sneaking suspicion it might be a boy someone.

"Yeah? What does this someone play?"

"Uh, Greek. He said something about... uhh..." Olivia thought for a moment, then reached over to a stack of pages on her desk. She selected one, pulling out the torn white slip of paper with pink writing on it. "Oh, yeah... Zeus."

Melissa gave a small frown. Zeus didn't show up until at least level 37. Olivia had a LOT of game to play.

"Are you enjoying it?" Melissa pulled up a nearby chair and sat down beside the younger girl.

Olivia shrugged. "I guess. I dunno... I don't really play a lot of computer games, so, it's kinda confusing to try to figure out what to do. I tried to google a walkthrough or something, but there's so many races and missions and stuff that I got confused. Do you play this game?"

Melissa nodded. She decided against saying just how often she played. "I can give you a hand, if you want."

"Yeah?" Olivia grinned, her face lighting up. "Can you get me to the Zeus part?"

"Um..." Melissa hesitated. "Probably not today... but I can speed you through a few of the boring parts."

"You are awesome." Olivia slid her chair over to give Melissa access to the mouse and keyboard. "So.... what got you playing this?"

With a shrug, Melissa took the mouse and clicked on a narrow alley. Olivia's avatar headed there. "I dunno... I like mythology, I guess. Then, well, it was fun when I got in to it. Have you ever read a book and gotten so in to the story that you can't put it down?"

Olivia looked skeptical and a little uneasy. "I, uh... don't really like reading all that much."

Melissa nearly dropped the mouse. "No? How come?"

The younger girl shrugged. "It's boring."

Melissa had no answer to that. Boring? The very idea that books could be boring was beyond her comprehension. "Well... uh... maybe a TV show, then?"

"Oh yeah." Olivia nodded. "I could watch episodes of iCarly ALL DAY LONG!" She grinned. "You have NO idea."

She really didn't. Melissa had absolutely no idea what iCarly was, aside from the poster on Olivia's wall of some brunette chick, a blonde, and a boy with brown hair. They all grinned from the glossy paper, as if secretly, silently deriding her lack of understanding of tween culture. "Well... uh... I guess, this game is kinda like that for me."

Olivia nodded understandingly. "So, that's probably why Jason plays it? He, like, gets all in to it and stuff, and can't put it down?"

Melissa shrugged. "Could be."

The younger girl was silent for a few minutes as she watched Melissa kill a hydra. "Melissa?"


"How... um... how do you know if a boy likes you?" Olivia asked, biting her bottom lip uneasily.

Melissa looked a little uncomfortable. "Uh... I dunno. Um... he... I guess, he... talks to you?"

Olivia looked unimpressed by that answer.

"Well, what's been going on?" Melissa asked with a shrug. Easier to interpret than to extrapolate...

It was Olivia's turn to look uncomfortable. "I dunno... he, like, smiles at me and stuff... he gave me his banana from his lunch, 'cause he knows I like them..."

"That sounds good." Melissa offered.

"So... what do I do?" Olivia asked, biting her lip. "'Cause, I kinda... sorta... like him, too... a bit..."

There was a pause as Melissa tried to think up an answer. "Uh... talk to him, I guess?"

"I can't do THAT! Then he'd know I liked him!"

"Isn't... that sorta the point?" Melissa's brow furrowed.

Olivia gave a dramatic sigh. "You're as bad at this as my mom."

Melissa couldn't refute that, though she did think that made Lauren kind of look bad, by comparison.


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