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The Rising Son

Posted on Sat May 17th, 2014 @ 10:03pm by Dustin Craft

Mission: Everyday
Location: The new Secret Base
Timeline: March 30th, 2010
Tags: Dusty, Maggie, Bryan, Abby, whatever else you want

Blue sat on Dusty chest and just stared. His eyes were all black as readings sped by. He deca-checked all the readings and for all intents and purposes Dusty was finally back to normal. Temperature was a cool 102, resting pulse was at 70 bpm. Energy levels were now empty and so the temperature in the room had finally returned to normal. Also, Dusty had now attained his GED equivalent degree thanks to the sleep education programs Blue was able to run.

+I think Dusty is back to normal. I will be bringing him out of his chemical coma and powering down his powers for now in 5.231 minutes+

Abby nodded, "I'll go tell Timo, he's going to want to be here when Dusty wakes up." OG had had to translate for him as the new nurse didn't have nano yet. She walked with very slight limp but looked utterly normal otherwise.

Blue suddenly folded in on himself and disappeared from Dusty’s chest and reappeared in his personal pocket dimension. He looked around as a 1950s large office appeared in front him. In perfect rows were steel desks with antique typewriters. Besides the fact that the large office farm appeared to be from the World War II era was the fact that there was a blue raccoon at each type writer. Each one was typing furiously. Each page would be set to the right of the typewriter only to be picked up by another blue raccoon and taken to the front where a raccoon at a larger decks would read the document and then decide where each piece of paper goes into one of many folders. Blue looked around and nodded. He snapped his clawed fingers and said, “Well Done.” As soon as the snap rang out all the blue raccoons looked up at him, nodded and digitized and faded away. Blue turned around and as he did the office faded to qblank white and then he unfolded back into the real world.

All the hard light screens that showed all of the different vitals on Dusty disappeared. The hard shield that Blue had created to prevent all light getting too Dusty. The shielding broke apart into weird geometric shapes would rise up and then sink back into the nano. Blue decided that naked would be preferred because it would be hilarious. He did however put the typical sun tattoo on his chest that he had of late preferred. Blue waited patiently as Dusty slowly began to rouse to consciousness.

Dusty slowly moved a little bit at a time as he started to wake. Fingers and toes wiggled along with limbs moving. Joints popped and cracked while muscles complained about being held motionless for weeks. Dusty’s eyes opened suddenly and he shot up screaming. Blue waited as Dusty got his bearings. Once he settled down he said, “Welcome back Dusty, we have missed you.”

Dusty looked around and saw Blue he then realized he was naked, “Blue, why am I naked, in front of adults?” The nano snaked out of the tattoo design quickly and covered Dusty in tight black onesie.

“Because I thought it would be funny,” responded Blue completely deadpan.

Dusty cracked his classic southern boy smile. He went to stand and his head spun….

Riff popped in on Bryan’s morning combat training exercise with Jax to pass on the good news about Dusty. The singer checked on his partner in destruction from Atlanta every day after emerging from his own coma. Now he lagged behind Timo as to not crowd the infirmary. He watched as the young medic checked Dusty over. He took in Dusty’s nakedness with a look of mild appraisal.

“I’d tap that.” He commented evenly.

"You will neither one be 'tapping' anything for a few more days," Abby said as she came back in with her tablet and their charts, "You both nearly died... come to think of it, if you hadn't nearly died I probably would have." She shook herself and took a deep breath, "How are you feeling?"

"Like my dad drank too much again," replied Dusty with a thicker than normal accent. "Dizzy nauseous and my body hurts," he said offering more detail. He spent a moment to think and the nano shifted into blue jeans and white t-shirt with "Sear" written in tribal script on the left breast. He squinted his eyes as a wave of migraine washed over him. "Did we win?"

"And then some," Cam said from the doorway. She still looked a little worse for wear, paler than she should be with circles under her eyes, "You did great, Nexus is still scratching their heads about what to do with the giant hunk of metal you left behind and they'll think twice before coming after us again thanks to you both."

Dusty nodded his head but that was a terrible mistake as his head started pounding even more. He closed his eyes hard and rubbed the bridge of his nose with his index finger and thumb. Once the pain reduced he looked at Abby, “My name is Dusty, who are you?”

"Abigail Tibbs, I got here the day after you moved here," Abby said, watching his face and reading the pain there, "Nurse and descendant of Pontus. But you can call me Abby."

“Nice to meet you ma’am. Pontus, the guy who would not release Jesus?” replied Dusty.

Abby laughed softly, "No, Greek god of fish and other sea creatures. Makes me a little different than the rest of you, but I try to make myself useful."

Dusty nodded, “Well it is nice to meet you and I am sure Timo will appreciate the help. I am Dusty my Patron is Helios, uh god of the Sun…” Dusty eyes squinted again hard as the pain in his head was worse than before.

+Dusty your BP just jumped to 141 over 12. Don’t you think you should lay down+

“Don’t be rude Blue speak out loud,” replied Dusty through gritted teeth. .

“Fine,” Blue rolled his eyes, “Your blood pressure just spiked dangerously high. Dusty you need to lay down.”

“I will be fine.”

“I would prefer if you laid down, in fact I insist,” Blue replied. He gestured with his hand and the nano suit immediately started to shift at the joints and Dusty was soon laying down in the bed. Dusty face was confused as it was scared.

“Dude this is uncool. Now stop this and let me up, now,” Dusty started to yell through his migraine.

“My prime directive is to be what you need, not what you want. The migraine might be a symptom of something else which you could aggravate. Give us time to diagnose it before you potentially make it worse. You have been under for two weeks and have been the essentially the worst space heater ever created. Please forgive my over cautious actions,” replied Blue calmly and smoothly.

Abby came to stand near the bed, she was short enough that she didn't loom over him, she touched his arm gently, "How about a compromise, Blue lets you go but you stay down long enough for me to examine you?"

Blue just nodded slightly at the offer and Dusty just nodded as well.

"Alright Blue," Abby said picking up her tablet again, "Let him go and give me a full read out on his vitals."

The nano suddenly visually relaxed a bit and Dusty settled back into bed. The migraine was worse than ever right now.

"You've had an extremely high fever for days, you're severely dehydrated and your body is fatigued," Abby said setting down the tablet and taking out an IV kit, "As we had to explain to Bryan, a coma is not sleep. Your body still needs rest to heal. I'm going to give you a banana bag, basically fluids and nutrients that Blue can work with to get you back into tip top shape. I'll also see about getting you a real meal. Give us another 24 hours then I'll release you into Blue's care."

Blue looked at Abby and nodded he then looked at Dusty while standing on top his chest. “Do as she says or I will lock you down again.” With that he folded in on himself and blinked out of view.

Abby lifted the head of the bed so Dusty wasn't laying prone, but also lowered the bed so she could reach easier, she worked efficiently, placing the IV in his hand and taping it in place so he could still move his arm. It stung going in but the pain faded before the tape was even in place. It took her another couple of minutes to put together the banana bag, injecting supplements in the bag of saline then hung it from the hook near his bed and connected it to his IV.

While Abby worked Cam came farther into the room and sat in one of the chairs on the other side of the bed, "Be careful, she's a taskmaster. She sounds so sweet and reasonable but cross her and she'll dose you faster than you can blink."

"I only did that once, and it was because you refused to stay in bed and passed out twice, I wasn't going to let you do it a 3rd time," Abby muttered as she added the note to Dusty's chart.

Dusty managed a meager grin and shut his eyes as waves of pain drowned out the background noise for a moment. "So long as she does not point a loaded shotgun at me and force me to drink a NyQuil and Vodka drink, I think we will be fine."

"No, she just has medical override on your nano and can administer medications, she knocked me out long enough to give me a sedative," Cam said, "and she's right, I was pushing too hard and deserved it. Don't worry, only three people can do that, Timo, her and OG."

Abby smiled a little sheepishly, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear then touched the pad and slid 2 fingers down the screen, as she did the lights dimmed to a soft dull glow and the blinds closed most of the way. She and Timo would still be able to see in, but what light was there came from recessed fixtures with no specific point of origin. "That should help with the light sensitivity, let that IV do its job while I bring you some real food. After you eat I'll check back in 4 hours and see where your pain levels are. Protocol says 24 hours in the infirmary after waking up, but if your EEG doesn't show a pain response I'll let you go to your room so you can get some rest in your own space. Now do you want painkillers to last you those 4 hours? They'll have worn off before I look at the EEG so it's just for your comfort."

“Naw, I hate drugs,” was all he said as he closed his eyes and tried to relax.

Bryan listened as Cam left out many critical details about Atlanta as she talked with Dusty. It might have been for the best but it still sucked. He stepped up and clasped Dusty’s hand in a friendly show of camaraderie. “Enjoy the rest. Assessment and training start as soon as you’re outta here.”

Cam glanced at Bryan then back to Dusty, "Once you're feeling better, I'll let Bryan fill you in on any details you're foggy on, and I will answer any other questions you have."

Dusty replied only with a nod and then passed out.


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