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Awkward Silences (Part 2 of 2)

Posted on Sat Jun 7th, 2014 @ 10:24am by Abby Tibbs & Ainsworth "Jax" Jackson & Bryan Kestrel
Edited on on Sat Jun 7th, 2014 @ 4:38pm

Mission: Everyday
Location: Wizard Island Facility, Infirmary
Timeline: March 23rd, 2010

Twenty minutes later Abby had changed into black yoga pants and a green top and had pulled a lab coat on over it before coming back into the infirmary. She'd set the jeans, boxers, t-shirt, tube socks and Nikes that OG had helped her retrieve from his room on the couch next to Jax before going to check in with Timo.

Timo, the traitor, had sent her right back into the room with Jax, pointing out that Bryan was much closer to waking up than Dusty, and they'd done a full work up on Dusty that morning. Thankfully, at least for her frazzled nerves, Jax had gotten dressed while she talked with the doctor. Though just to herself she admitted she wouldn't have minded a little more time with him without the clothes.

"Hey," she said softly as she went to pick up the tablet that had Bryan's vitals on it.

Jax came over and took the tablet from her setting it down, "Nothing's changed, he still has brain wave activity, his neurotransmitters have recovered, the drugs are clear from his system, he'll wake up when he's ready to."

Abby turned to look at him but he was closer than she thought, bringing her face to face with his t-shirt covered chest. As her eyes focused on the words she couldn't help but laugh.

i could use a little sexual harassment

"Was the t-shirt choice intentional?" Jax asked taking a step closer his voice a soft whisper.

Abby had been leaning against the counter and had no where to retreat to as she looked up at him, a little breathless. It took a moment to put together what he'd said, "What? Wait... no... I just grabbed the first shirt in the drawer."

Jax tilted her chin up with a gentle hand and leaned down until his lips were just above hers, "We're not in the shower any more so it's not going to ruin the moment... Abby, I really want to kiss you right now."

Voices murmured, at once tantalizingly familiar and yet strangely vague. Curiosity drew consciousness and with consciousness came awareness until violet eyes cracked open. Soft amber light shone overhead and the rustle of fabric nearby caught attention. Two figures, a young man and a woman seemed preoccupied in a romantic moment.

The man looked in the prime of young adulthood with short, messy brown hair and a light beard. His clear gray eyes peered onto a lovely face with both warmth and desire. He tipped the woman’s chin as if ready to kiss. Her thick dark curls streaked with olive green and gold concealed much of her face but her warm brown skin and full lips were readily apparent. Sight brought memory and memory brought a smile of knowing amusement.

“If you don’t kiss him, I will.” Bryan croaked past parched lips.

Jax' demeanor changed instantly, as he turned to look down at the bed, his face breaking into a huge smile, "You have a deal." Then he looked back at Abby expectantly.

Abby looked from Jax to Bryan, they were both looking at her with a look so similar it was disconcerting. Finally she shook her head incredulously, "Seriously? He just woke up from a coma and you're still trying to seduce me!?!"

Jax just shrugged, "It's what I do." But his hand had slid into Bryan's and he refused to let it go.

“Nothing personal, but he’s always horny. He also has good taste.” Bryan squeezed the hand. “Fuck, but I’m weak. How long was I out?”

"Long enough for me to get to know our new nurse," Jax said still holding Bryan's hand as though it was his lifeline. He wanted to drag Bryan out of the bed and just hold him and be held for the next three days, to know that he was alive and breathing and back from the brink. But he knew if he let Abby retreat now the magic of the moment would shatter, all the work he'd done to prove to her that she was beautiful and desirable would be at risk.

Maybe she wouldn't slide back down that slippery slope, maybe she had enough self confidence left that she would be okay. But he wasn't willing to take that chance. Even if this didn't lead to the horizontal fun time he hoped it would, he knew he needed to do this, not for him, though he had no doubt he'd enjoy it, but for her. Leaning down he set his lips softly against hers, cupping her jaw with his free hand to keep her in place as he kissed her slowly and tenderly.

+Riff,+ Jax thought at Bryan's sliver, +Fill him in on what's been happening with Abby? The whole severe dehydration thing and then the look on her face as she tried to hide herself from me. I don't want him to think I am ignoring him in his first moments but I can't let her keep feeling like that if I can help it.+

As for Abby, at first she held herself stiff and unyielding against Jax, though her lips were soft and parted for him at his gentle pressure. But no matter her mind's protests, her body knew what it wanted, it craved this touch and melted against him. Her delicate, nimble fingers splayed over on his hard chest, feeling the play of muscles under the thin cotton then curled into fists as he pressed the kiss deeper.

Riff appeared on the guard rail of Bryan’s bed, his dry commentary offering a bizarre contrast to Jax and Abby’s steamy kiss. +Master Jax asks that I bring you to date.+ Riff began. +As ever your grovelling, joyous slave I endeavor to please.+

+You collapsed after expelling the fusion reaction and have lain in a comatose state until now. During that time the sea god Pontus guided his many times great-granddaughter, Abigail Tibbs to Cameo’s care. A former prisoner of Nexus, Abigail survived severe torture and escaped only after her friend’s power awakened and damaged their prison. Timo nursed her back to health and Abigail, or ‘Abby’ as she preferred immediately took up position as nurse. She has been caring for you since.+

Riff tilted his head in a fond gesture, +She and Master Jax have bonded quite deeply in the interim, assisting each other with similar issues of loss and pain. Abby suffers poor self-esteem after her transformation into a mermaid to which, in his own way Master Jax seeks to help. Timing is critical in such cases as you know so he hopes you understand the touching moment. If you feel ready for solid food I can fetch popcorn.+

Bryan shook his head but smiled at the offer. He squeezed Jax’ hand in support and when the kiss lingered a little long, he cleared his throat abruptly, “My turn.”

Jax pulled back from Abby, a slow smile spreading across his face, his tone was conversational, "He has waited rather patiently."

For her part Abby was dazed, she nodded licking the taste of him from her lips but she hadn't really processed what either of them said.

Jax let her go then turned to Bryan, cupping the back of his skull in a large warm hand. As he drew closer the fae could smell the clean masculine scent of freshly washed skin. Just before their lips touched Jax whispered, "You scared the hell out of me.`"

“That makes two of us, babe.” Bryan leaned into their kiss.

Abby picked up the data pad again and focused all her attention on the screen. She processed enough of the information to see that Bryan's vitals were okay and normal brain function was returning, but her focus was on the two men kissing on the bed.

"You know," Jax said, gazing down at Bryan, "I think I must love you to have been this worried..." he pretended to ponder for a second, "yup, I think I must love you."

“Me too you,” Bryan stole one more kiss. He turned his attention to Abby. “Introduce me to the hot chick?”

"Bryan, this is Abby Tibbs," Jax said, as he sat on the edge of the bed and pressed the button to help Bryan sit up, "Abby, this is Bryan."

Abby pushed her hair back from her face, the loose, springy curls almost immediately falling back to where they had been. It was a nervous gesture that Jax had seen her use many times. "I uh," Abby started a little sheepishly, "I feel like I know you already, Jax told me so much about you."

“Lies,” Bryan smirked playfully. “Thanks for looking after me; for both of us.” He looked at Jax.

"That's my job," Abby said, smiling a little, "I should probably go let Timo know you are awake and let you two have some time alone."

Violet eyes followed Abby out. When at last they were alone Bryan arched an inquisitive eyebrow at Jax. “Skittish little thing, ain’t she?”

"She's still working on not being ashamed of what she's become, she took a pretty hard blow when she awakened and then spent some time in Nexus custody," Jax explained as he went around the bed and gently shifted Bryan over so he could crawl into the bed and pull Bryan in against his body. It wasn't sexual, at least in this instance, it was just wanting to hold his lover and feel him close. While Bryan was unconscious Jax hadn't been allowed to do this and now nothing would stop him. "She and Timo sealed the records with all the pictures but I was here when she came in. She was seriously hurt when Pontus contacted Cam to go get her. Between her, Dusty and you Timo exhausted himself. She was a couple months from graduating nursing schoo9l when she awakened so she's been a real help around here."

Bryan nuzzled under Jax’ chin and breathed a long sigh of contentment. “How is Dusty? He lost control and Blue shut him down.”

"From what they've told me he's going to be okay," Jax said, "His body can take extremely high levels of heat on the outside while keeping his internal organs at or just above healthy temperature, but the amount he was channeling slowly inched his temp up until it was shut him down or risk him stroking out. But then they had to bring his temp down slowly and keep him unconscious while his body healed."

“That was a hell of a stunt to pull after only four days awakened. We all lucked out.” Bryan closed his eyes. “Feeling tired already.”

"Sleep and unconsciousness are two different things. Now that your mind has healed you need rest," Jax said, kissing Bryan's hair, then his voice changed and he sounded less sure of himself, "You're okay with me pursuing Abby right? I mean I know you said you were but most people wouldn't be and I really like her. There's just something about her."

“I ain’t gonna lie, Jax. I’m nervous this might blow up in my face but expecting you to be something you’re not is no better than expecting me to like sex with women. It’s cruel and unnatural.” Long, slender fingers reached to caress Jax’ cheek. “I trust you. It’s up to you to decide how much my trust is worth.”

"She needed that kiss," Jax said softly, tightening his arm around Bryan, "But I won't be going anywhere with her unless you're okay with it. You're my everything."

“Good to know,” Bryan’s breathing leveled off as he drifted to sleep. “I need it right now.”

Jax reached to the table beside the bed and grabbed an extra blanket. It took a little maneuvering to do it one handed, but he managed to spread it out over them both. He knew this wasn't going to be easy, he'd never tried to do anything like this before. Then again he'd never cared for someone the way he did for Bryan, and he knew, deep down, he'd give up anything to make it work. Even women if he had to. He didn't want to, but he would if it came between him and Bryan.

He took a deep breath, inhaling the spicy fragrance of Bryan's hair, thankful that his lover was alive and awake. He wanted to tell Bryan to never scare him like that again, but he knew he couldn't. He couldn't ask Bryan to change, to stop being a hero, or he wouldn't be the man he loved.

His father had been right. Love was hard, but it was worth it.



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