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What Am I Doing? (Part 3 of 4)

Posted on Sat Jun 7th, 2014 @ 4:37pm by Ainsworth "Jax" Jackson & Bryan Kestrel
Edited on on Sat Jun 7th, 2014 @ 4:39pm

Mission: Everyday
Location: Wizard Island Facility, Bryan's Quarters
Timeline: March 27th, 2010

Jax paced the room from one corner to the other... again; passing Bryan where he sat at the foot of their bed… again. His hair stuck up in just as many random directions from just as many nervous fingers combing through it. This was his third circuit and Bryan still hadn't talked.

Finally he rounded on his lover and glared, "Would you spill already!?!"

The purple prince rested on his elbows and stretched long, lean legs; in no hurry to answer Jax whatsoever. At long last he flashed a smile somewhere between cherubic innocence and that of a wicked choir boy taking supplicants inside the confessional.

“Why,” he purred with supreme satisfaction. “I’m enjoying your pacing way too much.”

Jax glared, "You know I can't even think of a threat I would be willing to follow through with to get you to talk..." a sudden light flared to life in his eyes and a smile spread across his lips as he stalked towards the bed, "you know... I've never tested whether you're ticklish or not..."

The young prince smirked playfully. "Took ya long enough."

"I'm not so I just didn't think of it," Jax said, still moving slowly with the careful measured pace of a predator as he crawled up on the bed.

Bryan sat up and hugged his knees in response. His eyes glittered with anticipation. "It's never a good idea for a mutant to lose control. You know this, right?"

"You have nano," Jax countered, "I think Riff can handle it." He loomed over Bryan, still smiling his fingers curling into 'claws' though thankfully not real ones. "You know all you have to do is tell me about your conversation with Abby and this all stops."

A swift grip on Jax' wrists and he found he suddenly braced on all fours over a prostrate Bryan. The Raven Prince proceeded to lift the shirt and caress Jax' sides, lazily soaking in their warm skin contact.

"I wanted you to prowl." He sank his fingers into Jax' messy hair. "You're sexy when you prowl. Anyway," Bryan thought back.

"Abby wants you but she's afraid of falling in love." Bryan simpered sardonically, smiling and then he explained. "She got burned by her last boyfriend, Ethan. She isn't looking for a relationship. At least, not now. I convinced her to come by after her shift and let nature take its course. All we can do is wait."

Jax reared up enough to run his hands up Bryan's out stretched arms, starting just above his armpit and caressing all the way to his wrists, which he then held down gently, "What happened with Ethan?" There was a dark protective look in Jax eyes though he didn't seem to be tense with anger, he was curious but at the same time didn't like that someone had hurt her.

"Fucker turned her in to Nexus." Bryan sighed. "That after she saved his worthless life."

That made Jax stiffen, his expression turning even darker, "You didn't see what they did to her Bry, it was bad... like really bad... I get now why she's so skittish. If she cared about that guy... yeah, totally makes sense." Jax breathed in through his nose, pulling Bryan's scent deep into his lungs, letting it sooth and comfort the beast that raged just under the surface. He relaxed incrementally as human and beast came to an accord, they'd kill him if she asked but it had to be her choice, and that was something they could both live with.

As man gained control over beast, Jax let his smile turn sly, raising one eyebrow, "You know... I still never figured out if you were ticklish." He moved so fast that had Bryan been human he wouldn't have been able to follow, his hands falling from Bryan's wrists and going to push up his lover's shirt and tickle his ribs.

The response was immediate and explosive. Bryan kicked in reflex, attempting to buck Jax off. He squirmed helplessly, all the while laughing like a polyphonic hyena.


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