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Training Day

Posted on Thu Jul 17th, 2014 @ 7:43pm by Dustin Craft

Mission: Everyday
Location: Home Base
Timeline: April 10th
Tags: Training, Dusty, Alexis

Alexis wore her her nano in the form of a black sports bra and a pair of comfortable yoga pants as she settled onto the mats of the gym, starting to stretch. She had been tasked with the job of giving combat training to any who requested it and so she was here to offer her services as a teacher to their newest member. *Dusty? You available?* She sent the request over the nano, making sure that it was limited to Dusty alone.

Dusty groaned at the female voice ringing out over the Sliver channel. His UI popped up automatically with a picture of Alexis and her current location displayed below. “Define available?” He asked as he padded nude to his bathroom to take a leak.

*Are you planning on doing anything for the next hour or so?* Alexis said with a laugh. *I figured it was time to start your combat training.*

*you mean the brutal beatings I’ve been handed at the hands of the Blue in that damn Nano SIM don’t count as combat training? Wonderful. Nah I ain’t doin much a nothin that can’t be put off till later. Is your current location where you want to meet* Dusty’s nano automatically morphed in white ki pants with a black t-shirt that had the rebel flag on the back.

*I'm in the gym. And no Nano SIM training does not count as combat training. At least not to my way of thinking and since I'm the Combat Instructor…* She trailed off and he could since a broad grin.

*Aww right on my way then* The Nano UI popped up and guided him to the Gym since he was still getting used to the new digs. After a moment he was at the aforementioned location and he walked into the room.

The gym was pretty much like any gym in the world, with a section of weight machines and a small track around the room. Near one end of the track was a area covered with mats. In the center of the mats sat the petite blind girl. "Hello Dusty." Alexis said smiling over toward his general direction.

“Hi” he replied in a long cornfed accent. He ambled over and stood across from the petitie mutant. “You know if Aunt Suzie finds out one, that I’m fighting a girl and two that I’m probably going to lose to her. She would laugh the entire time she’d be beatin’ me.

"Here I'm not a girl. Just like here I'm not blind. Here I'm your teacher." Alexis chuckled. "In a battle a woman won't hold back because you don't want to hit a girl. If anything that will make her even bolder. So I will make you a deal, I won't tell your Aunt Suzie if you don't."

Dusty shrugged and replied with, “I will try but some roots just don’t come up on the first try. So what are we learnin today?”

"Today is about learning where you are. I use a style called Systema which is more about accepting chaos and using what the other person has against them. For right now I want to see where your training with Blue has gotten you skill wise." Alexis popped to her feet as she spoke. "Our slivers will keep our powers from interfering with our lesson."

“Right. That training has been mostly Aikido and Iaijutsu. Something about learnin self control. +Blue full lock down on my powers that includes super charging the suit+ A small red flame with a red circle and slash over it appeared in the bottom of his UI. Dusty waited for direction from Alexis.

"Now for the hard part." Alexis' grin broadened. "Hit me." She stood with her arms spread slightly and her feet shoulder width apart.

Dusty stood in a loose stance with both his fist next to his face. He grinned his southern smile that he always through at girls and then threw a lazy straight punch at Alexis without really paying attention to his footwork.

Alexis grabbed his hand, her fingers digging into the pressure point on his wrist. She moved to the side taking his arm with her and using the limb to shove him forward.

Dusty bent forward as the joint lock forced him too. He grunted as he was forced to bend over low at the waist.

"My style is about controlling chaos. There are no katas there are no combo strikes I go with the flow of battle." Alexis said softly as she gave him a shove to send him off balance even as she leapt back so she was out of his reach.

“That makes no sense. Doesn’t everyone inherently go with the flow of battle. I mean i watched a bunch of MMA fights at my Aunt’s house and those guys didn’t exactly stand there and do “combos” and katas?” Dusty replied as he stood up, with no pain showing on his face.

"Ah but they do, when they train they train the same moves in the same order, they flow from one move to the next repetitively. There is a pattern to their movements if you watch them. There is no pattern for me, no way to trip me up from my pattern." Alexis grinned as she waited for the next attack. "While they do go with the flow in most cases they rely on their patterns, it's just too fast for most people to see."

Dusty just stopped and looked confused, “Wait so you mean to tell me that you never practice the same thing twice when learning whachamacallit?”

"No, I'll practice the same move over and over until I get it right but I never practice the same movements in the same order. I also prefer to have live or nano training partners that can think for themselves rather than a lump of sand filled canvas. So move a doesn't always follow move b unless it is what is called for in the battle." She chuckled. "I am not very good at the explanations of the style, however I excel at the combat. I have trained with firearms, knives and hand to hand combat. Nico will be your trainer for firearms, since while I can at least hit the broadside of the barn I am not nearly as proficient as he is. It has something to do with not being able to see what I'm aiming at."

Dusty stood for a second and you could see the wheels turning but his face was confused. Like a thought was out of his reach. “Well I am not sure how you are suppose to be the combat instructor if yah can’t actually explain but whatever,” he shrugged, “I am sure you know more than I do about but I do have one more question. What if I would rather learn a different style? Are you able to teach that as well or am I only going to learn your style of fighting?”

"I only know my style of fighting, however Jax, Bryan and Liam at the very least know multiple styles of combat. I plan on asking them to teach me their methods as well. I have the role of combat instructor simply because I have the ability and nothing else to do. Bryan has his Kestral persona that he needs to keep up with, Jax has Bryan and Abby to keep up with and Liam has security, so they are not always available as I am. If you do not wish to learn Systema then I will ask that one of them who knows a style that you want to learn takes over your training."

"I am more interested in learning to control my powers than combat training, hell I'm not even sure on why I need combat training unless we are becoming an army. For now I will just continue on with Bryan when he is available. Thanks though," Dusty replied with a smile.

"As you choose." Alexis gave him a small nod. "As to why we offer combat training, well we're mutants with a nasty government black ops group after us. Mainly it's so that we can defend ourselves and others like us." She smiled over at him. "It's okay. I'm not offended my style isn't for everyone."

Dusty nodded, "thank you, ma'am". He was not quite sure if he should hug, wave or just leave. Instead he said, "well, uh, see yah around" and he headed toward the door.

"No worries, Dusty. If you ever decide to give chaos a shot let me know." Alexis laughed as she waved him out.


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