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The Prince Is In Another Castle

Posted on Tue Nov 4th, 2014 @ 8:57pm by Unawakened Melissa Wilson

Mission: Everyday
Location: Math class, Shady Side High
Timeline: June 10th, 2010

The bell rang, and the students began packing up their books. Melissa slid her notebook and textbook in to her bag, all the while glancing up at Tara. Working up nerve.

She knew who Ankhramesses was. She had his note. This might just be her only chance. Taking a deep breath, she moved over to the girl.

"What do YOU want." Tara said brusquely.

"The... the note." Melissa stammered. "W-who..."

"Who what?" Tara demanded, meeting Melissa's eyes with a challenge. "You wanna ask me something?"

Melissa swallowed. "W-who gave it t-to you?"

"A-a-a p-person." Tara teased. She paused, looking away slightly "Oh, shut the fuck up, asshole."

Melissa frowned slightly, noticing the wires under her jacket again. Come to think of it, Tara often wore this jacket...

"Oh yeah? Fine. Suck on this, loverboy." Tara spat. She turned back to Melissa. "You wanna know who that's from? My dipshit twin brother." She turned away again. "No, you suck!"

"You... you're talking to him?" Melissa asked "R-right now?"

"What of it?"

Melissa paused. "Does he... play... um... Worlds of Myth?"

"Worlds of what?" She looked confused, then apparently heard something "Oh, that stupid piece of shit game? Yeah. He plays all the fucking time."

"I, um... I'd like to... uh..." Melissa stammered. "C-could I m-meet..."

Tara laughed. "What, you want to meet Tim? Good luck with that."


"Oh yeah? What are you going to do about it?" Tara laughed to her brother. "Come here and MAKE me... oh wait... you can't... loser." She turned to Melissa. "You wanna know why? 'Cause that's his game. He can see people, but no one can see him. He stays in his room all day, where it's all 'clean' and 'sterile', so he won't get sicker, and I get to carry this stupid fucking camera around with me, so he can take classes." Tara opened her jacket, exposing the wires. Sure enough, a small camera was built in to one of the buttons of the jacket, wired in to a battery pack at her side. "But, y'know what? I'm sick of this shit, Tim. I'm sick of being your little fucking messenger girl. You like this girl? Huh? Talk to her your own goddamn self and keep me out of it."

Tara took the jacket off, pulling a small earpiece out of her ear and threw it on one of the desks. She stormed off, shaking her head and grumbling with excessive expletives about how she wished she was an only child.

Melissa watched her leave the room in shock, then turned back to the jacket. Sick. Ankhramesses - Tim - was sick. That was what the charms had meant. She'd feared that, but now it was confirmed, and it formed a sinking ball of dread in her chest.

She felt strangely numb, unsure of how to deal with the situation... except for one thing she knew, without question, she needed to do.

Gingerly, she picked up the earpiece and tucked it in her ear. She adjusted the jacket's camera-button to face her, seeing her own reflection in the lens. "H-hello?"

There was a long pause before a rich, deep, masculine voice replied sadly. "Hi."


"Yeah." He said simply. "I... didn't want you to find out like that. I'm sorry."

"It's... it's okay." Melissa gave a small smile. She could feel a small tear roll down her cheeks. "I... I found you."

"You did." He sounded a little less sad about that. "Sort of. I, uh... had something else planned for us meeting."

Melissa smiled a little more. It was hard not to. "You did?"



Silence. "Tomorrow. After school. There's a little beach out by Jack Creek Park... do you know it?"

Melissa nodded.

"Meet me there when class is over, okay? Then... then we can do this properly."

"Okay." She said softly. "She, um... your sister... she said you were..."

"Sick?" He sighed.

Melissa nodded.

"Don't worry about that for now, okay? Just... come tomorrow. I'll be there. I promised, if you found me, I'd answer any questions that you wanted to know, and I will... just, in person."

Melissa nodded again. "Okay. Um... Ankhramesses?"

He gave a small chuckle. "Yes, Neferu?"

"I liked the necklace and the charms."

"I know. I can see you wearing them. You look beautiful in it." His voice was soft and reverent.

She smiled shyly. "Thank you. Tomorrow."

"Tomorrow." He agreed. "Better get to lunch."

"Oh... right." Melissa nodded. "Should I, um... leave... er, you...?"

"The jacket? Yeah. Tara throws fits like these. She'll be back for it."

"Okay." She smiled again. "Bye."


She set the earpiece down, stepping back from the jacket and it's camera button. She smiled one more time before getting her bag and walking out the door.

Ankhramesses - Tim - was right. She had to get to lunch.

Jeff was probably waiting.

Melissa sighed. This was going to get awkward.


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