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Welcome to Shady Side pt 3 - New Quest: Meeting The Prince

Posted on Mon May 11th, 2015 @ 11:32am by Unawakened Melissa Wilson

Mission: Everyday
Location: Melissa's room


Melissa’s speakers cut through the silence of the night. They weren’t turned up very loud, but, turned as they were toward the bed, they could hardly fail to slide into Deo’s dreams like a knife of reality in an otherwise peaceful sleep.



Deo found sleep elusive after months of luxurious back rubs. The weight of Bobbie against his back, the warm press of their bodies as they lay together lulled Deo into a peaceful slumber unlike anything he had known before or since. Going without it proved a lot more stressful than Deo expected.

Ordinarily the slightest light or sound jolted him awake but here, now, they struck his fitful dreams like electric prods. At first the strange light of Melissa’s screensaver bothered Deo so he gingerly draped a shirt over the monitor. Now came incessant pinging and at what-the-fuck time in the night. The Greek boy sat up with a growl of frustration glaring at the offending machine.

He promised not to touch anything but maybe if he ‘accidentally’ bumped the power button it would shut the damned thing up. No, he knew he he felt when anyone tampered with his computer. He could not do that to his young cousin. He already put her out of her room.

*DING!*DING!* The sound came again. Deo had to do something if he was going to get any sleep at all. Mama and the cousins planned a full day for the family tomorrow and dark, sleepless circles under Deo’s eyes would only make the Greek hens cluck. The computer had to be silenced for the good of the family and Deo’s sanity.

He rubbed his chin as he pondered what to do. If he was going to break his promise he might as well make it worthwhile. He planned to get a screen capture of Melissa’s “Worlds of Myth” character, Neferu. He might as well do that while telling whoever was pinging her that she was away. Hell, likely she was asleep … like he should have been.


Deo took the shirt gently off the monitor. He winced against the bright light. The pinging woke Melissa’s screensaver. She left her game running and the chat was still active. No wonder she had visitors. They thought she was still online. Deo took a quick screen capture and e-mailed it to himself and noticed the scroll of chat running down the side of the screen. He knew he should not but he could not help but notice some of the words in the text and it gripped his attention.

What the hell…?

Damn him, but he read.

Are you avoiding me again? I’m sorry... can we please talk?
Are you okay, Melissa? You left so quickly before.
Please talk to me.
I’m going to go over to Greece... come and meet me there, ok?
I’m worried about you.

Deo scrolled back through the chat to discover that Melissa had been engaged in a deep conversation with whoever was behind the name ‘Ankhramesses’ until the time stamp when Deo and Mama arrived. Likely the family called her out before she had time to shutdown the computer. Deo pondered what to do.

The first inclination was to turn off the computer and go back to bed. Doing that however would wipe the chat and what Ankhramesses was talking about was pretty heavy. Turning down the volume and going back to bed left the guy hanging and Melissa likely would not be back in her room until Deo left. A week was a long time to leave her apparent boyfriend hanging. He had already broken his promise to Melissa by touching the computer. She would not care that the pinging drove him nuts. Girls were weird like that. Liv would have threatened Deo’s future offspring for less.

The nice thing to do in any event was to tell this Ankhramesses character that Melissa was away for up to a week and why. It meant using her account and her avatar, a cardinal sin amongst gamers. Another strike against him. He was racking up bad karma tonight.

Okay, he would tell Ankhramesses that Melissa was away and then turn off the computer. No actual violation of gamer etiquette and a forgivable breaking of game EULA. What the developers did not know and all. So, Deo turned his attention to Melissa’s character and dropped his jaw.

He took the screen grab without really paying attention. Now that he sat at the desk and truly studied Melissa’s in-game avatar he did a double-take.

The game had changed considerably since Deo last played several years ago. Graphics were better and effects cooler. The site location was Alexandria. An animated representation of the Mediterranean Sea glittered on a full moonlit night. He saw Neferu from behind, a shapely, athletic female form in silhouette, behind a translucent blue cape. Long, straight black hair cut in classic Egyptian style flowed down the shoulders. The character stood still, like a puppet without a handler, frozen in time. Deo turned the camera to get a better view from the front.

Neferu wore a bejeweled Egyptian collar with fanning metal wings over her breasts adorned in lapis, rubies, and gold. Where classic Egyptians wore a linen kilt or tunic Neferu wore a skimpy metal bikini worthy of a teenage boy’s comic book wet dream. The only modesty the character enjoyed was a loincloth and what passed for a guild tabard. For a digital character she was stunningly pretty with large blue eyes, honey bronze skin, and red lips. Sickle daggers of bright, silvery metal glittered at her hips. A quick glance at her character sheet and Deo drooled with envy. He considered reactivating his account. He shook off the distraction though when he spied the chat screen in the lower left corner.

He bit his lip and sighed, “I am a complete moron.”


The response came quickly

Oh, thank god, I thought you were avoiding me again. I mean, I’d get it, if you wanted to, but I’m glad you’re not.
Tara just told me about things at school. Melissa... I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to put you through that. Jeff is a jerk. He shouldn’t have done that to you.

“It’s simple, Deo,” Greek boy muttered under his breath. “Just type ‘Melissa is away for a week, sorry’ and close down the game. Go back to bed. Don’t die tomorrow.”

Done what?

“Shit,” Deo spat.

There was a pause.

You know... the rumours he’s spreading. That we were... well... that he found us having sex on the beach. That you cheated on him with me and he walked up and found us.
I didn’t know he’d say those things. I didn’t know people would react like that and make it so hard for you at school.

“Now I feel like shit,” Deo wanted to beat his head on the keyboard. “Can’t be as hard as what Melissa is going through. No wonder she is so quiet. And here this kid is pouring his heart out. Why isn’t he doing this in person, though?” He noted too long had passed without a response so he typed something simple, something Melissa might say.

“I’m going to die,” He hit ‘enter’.”

It’s okay.

Melissa... I never wanted to hurt you. I asked you to come to the beach because... well...
We’ve been playing here, together, for months. They have been the happiest months of my life. You know my life, well, there’s not all that much to it. Dialysis every day can be pretty boring, trust me. You’ve made it worth living. You have no idea how much I look forward to you coming online, just so I can see you, see Neferu, and be with you for a little while. I know this might be kind of strange since we’ve only met in person the once - and, well, it ended in Dr. Cyparissus’ office - but... I love you, Melissa. I am in love with you.

“That does it.” Deo breathed with absolute certainty. “If she doesn’t kill me, he will or he’ll die and I’ll die of guilt. Way to go, Spencer.”

I don’t know what to say.

“Fingers, what is wrong with my fucking fingers?” Deo glared at his hands. “Traitors!”

Say you love me, too? *lol*
Or... at least, say you want to try? That me being sick doesn’t matter, and that you care about me?
Or... say you don’t, but, please, Melissa, my amazing Neferu, please, if you don’t love me, if you can’t love someone like me, tell me now. Cut out my heart, but do it now.
For what it’s worth, my vote is for the first option. Just saying.

Deo drew back with a grimace, “Oh, dude, anymore corn and I’m going to need butter! Ugh!” He immediately felt bad, though as Ankhramesses clearly poured out his corny, melodramatic soul. How was he going to dig his way out of this? The boy wanted an answer.

“Shut down, shut down, now….” Deo stared at the screen before typing.

I mean, I don’t know how to put this without sounding like a complete ass but I’m Neferu’s … Melissa’s cousin. I just wanted to let you know that she was out of her room for the next week. I saw your lines and couldn’t shut down the computer. She needs to see this. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to spy or lead you on. For what it’s worth you seem like a really good guy. A bit heavy on the ‘forsooth’ but hey, chicks dig that.

Where’s Melissa?

There was a brief pause.


Deo fell back covering his mouth against the urge to burst out laughing and wake up the house. At least Melissa’s guy didn’t drop offline but in many ways Deo wished he had. Now he had to explain.

Melissa is fine. At least physically though from what you said she’s probably really fucked up inside. Her mom moved her to her sister Lisa’s bedroom while my mom and I are visiting. Against my protest, btw. I didn’t want to put her out of her room.

Anyway, I’ll cover the monitor so her mom doesn’t read your lines but dude, this is not the kind of thing to say online. Can you call her on the phone? You mentioned being sick, can she visit? I’ll drive her over if I can.

No ... my parents are watching me like a hawk since I snuck out to see her.
But ... they’re going out tomorrow morning. Church. They always go. I’ll be here with my sister. Would you really bring her here?

We have family stuff planned for tomorrow but I’ll fake sick and sneak Melissa out. Does she know where you live?

No. I live on Goose Creek Rd, right near Jack Creek Park. It’s the big house near the end of the street, at the water. Red roof.

Deo did not know this guy from Jack-the-Ripper and for all he knew he just promised to take Melissa to a stalker. Still, the chat about what she endured in school and apparently, from the way she acted Melissa kept it all bottled up inside--like how Deo did. He knew from personal experience how toxic and painful, how unbearably lonely it was before Bobbie. Was this Melissa’s “Bobbie”? Who was he to say? Who was he to judge by their online relationship when he and Bobbie slept in the same bed from the first night they met? No, he would not throw stones but he would be careful.

He began typing.

It’s Melissa’s call. I’ll bring her over but only if she feels comfortable. I’m not leaving her alone, either. I’m in for a penny, in for a pound by now. I’ll support you but I still have to protect her until I know for sure she is safe with you. That’s the deal, take it or leave it.

Taken! Thank you. I don’t know who you are or what to say, but, thank you. My parents are going out at about ten, and they’ll be back by about noon.

there was a pause.

Um... since I said what I said to you - well, her - anyway... did that sound okay?

Deo could not help but grin. This guy was growing on him, hopefully not like penicillin. He typed back.

Heavy on the melodrama for my personal taste but what matters is that it comes from the heart.

Another long pause.

How would you say it?

Honest? With a lot of “um…” and foot scuffing and you know what? That’s okay. Just say it and mean it but dude, you’ve got to mean it. Saying ‘I love you’ to a girl is punching a ticket to forever. You ready for that for real?

What do you mean?

“Yeah, Deo, what do you mean?” The Greek boy combed his fingers back through his hair. He heard Liv in his head, “You realize you aren’t any better at this than I am, right?” After that, on another important day she waxed wisely again, “Our dear Deo always seemed too afraid to risk, to take chances.”

“I don’t know my head from a hole in the ground and I’m giving this guy advice?” He whispered to himself. “Think, Deo, what would Tina say?” At that his eyes lit and his fingers flew across the keys.

Saying “I love you” to a girl like Melissa is special. She isn’t someone you can have fun with over the summer. She’s looking for her prince charming. So far you’ve been playing the part to the hilt. If you’re just playing around and looking to hookup with a good friend then you might want to put on the brakes and talk with Melissa about what she wants. You say ‘I love you’ and don’t mean it with all your heart it’ll crush her. I think you know that.

“Okay, Deo, you’re making a lot of assumptions about a girl you only met today. Better safe than sorry, though.” He paused for Ankhramesses to respond.

I know. I mean it, I promise. I don’t want to hurt her. I really care about her. Should I ... wait? Not tell her I love her now? I mean, I know I do, but, I don’t know if she does.

How long have you been chatting?

About seven months, in the game.

How about in person?

Well ... once. I kinda have health problems, so I don’t get to go to school like she does. But, we talk in the game almost every day!

Deo could not see this guy. He could not hear him but he could feel earnest hope behind his words. Of course, the Greek boy could be imagining things too. That was the danger of online relationships and that inspired his reply.

I don’t know about health issues. I can only tell you that chatting online is no substitute for the real thing. Until you hold her hand and look into her eyes, her real eyes you can’t know what it is you’re really feeling. Neither can she. No matter how difficult you need that physical contact. If you can’t make it happen then all you have is this, words on a screen. That can’t keep you or her warm at night.

“It can keep me awake, though,” Deo groused.

Oh, it’s there. We had this amazing hour on the beach... we kissed and everything. I know she feels something for me. It was incredible. Well, before her boyfriend showed up.

Deo barked laughter and covered his mouth quickly, hoping he did not wake anyone. “Well, at least he’s honest about it.”

Dude, you ninja’d another dude’s girl?

She didn’t feel anything for Jeff! He’s a massive tool!

He might be, I don’t know him from Adam but dude, that’s uncool no matter what. You just don’t do that to other people. How would you feel if it was you that got ninja’d?

The only reason she was with him was because she didn’t think anyone else wanted her... and because she thought he was me at first. She told me that. I just let her know that she didn’t have to settle for the first guy that asked, that’s all. That she was worth a lot more than that. She is. Besides, this guy? He’s violent. Beat me so bad I needed a doctor when he caught us together. You want your cousin dating a guy like that?

Deo gritted his teeth angrily, imagining how his father beat him on the floor of the shower at school. His fingers flew across the keys.

Sure, you two messed up but there is never cause for that kind of violence and adding insult to injury. It’s bullying of the worst sort.

“Oh, I am so not thinking what I’m thinking…” Deo groaned. “I am thinking what I’m thinking and Liv should be here to stop me. God damn it….”

Look, let’s get you lovebirds together tomorrow and we’ll discuss how to handle “Dickless” in a legal and properly humiliating way.

I like the way you think. :) Got any ideas?

We’ll talk tomorrow. I need time to let my idea fester. I’m going to need your help to get the lay of the land at school.

I don’t go to school, so I can’t help much... but my sister, Tara, can. She sorta wants to string Jeff up by his balls. She’d do it, too.

But, Tara’s hated him for a long time, so I’m not all that surprised.

Two words, PER-FECT. I’ve got to go. If I stay on Melissa’s computer someone will see the light and check. See you tomorrow at 10. If you need to abort text me at I have to figure out how to get Melissa on board with this without her taking my nuts for a trophy. Girls are bad about that.

Hah! Good luck, man. You seem like you really know a lot about girls, though, so I’m sure you know how. You must have had a lot of girlfriends, or one really special one, to know so much. Thanks.

Deo looked up and once more he imagined as Liv did the “icky” dance. “Penis, eugh! Penis, eugh! Penis bad! No penis!”

No comment. See you tomorrow.

At that Deo logged out of the game and palmed his face. “What have I gotten myself into?”


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