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Achievement: Completionist

Posted on Wed May 27th, 2015 @ 9:30pm by Unawakened Melissa Wilson

Mission: Pre-Awakening
Location: Lisa's Room, Melissa's House, Shady Side
Timeline: June 20th

Melissa and Deo had gotten home long before the rest of the family had come back from church. True to his word, he had installed the latest expansions for Worlds of Myth on his laptop - thank God for decent internet speeds! - and they found the time to play a little bit.

Deo - with Sostris - was pretty rusty. Rusty was a polite term for it, really. He played well, and it was obvious that he knew the game mechanics, but it was just as obvious that he didn't know how to deal withthe new things that came out in the more recent expansions. Persia threw him for a loop, and the mission for the High Goddess Ishteth'noq of the Minoans messed him up completely. To his credit, the Minoan missions were hard. Those goddesses were kind of a pain in the ass, especially with male avatars. Still, he held his own, and picked it up pretty quickly. She'd make a top-level player out of him yet.

She hid under some blankets in Lisa's room with Deo's laptop, lying on her stomach and guiding Neferu through the streets of Akrotiri, it's two-storied houses looking down on the dark, cobbled streets below. Somewhere, along these mysterious alleys, the goddess Artemis had hidden the armour of a fallen Egyptian soldier, who had dared to kill one of the goddess' handmaidens. It was her quest to retrieve it. She'd found most of the set so far, only the helmet remained. There weren't many alleys yet to explore.

The laptop pinged through the headphones she wore to block out Lisa's snoring.

The end of the mission you're on is brutal.

She stared at his name for a moment before replying, her heart racing in her chest.

You've played it?

Melissa was a little bit surprised. She didn't think Tim enjoyed the Greek missions very much.

Yeah. Last night. I'm trying to work through the last missions before they release "Dido - Carthage Unbound" next month. Preordered it yet?

Not yet. I have to save up for it.

It should be good. I hope it's better than the Etruscan expansion.

It would be hard to be worse.

*lol* True.

Neferu ran down another alley, her translucent midnight blue cape fluttering behind her, strong legs pushing effortlessly on in the dim moonlight.

I just wanted to thank you for visiting today. It was really good to see you again.

Melissa blinked, rereading the words. Was he serious? She had told him that she couldn't date him, that getting beaten up by Jeff was for nothing and she'd made him cry. He was THANKING her for that?

I didn't think you would have been happy about that.

She stared at Neferu on the screen for a long time before Ankhrameses replied. Neferu remained still in anticipation, her cape fluttering nervously.

Well... I admit, I hoped it would go differently, but I still liked seeing you.

I liked seeing you, too.

I really do want to stay friends, okay? Even if that's it.
And, if you ever want more, well, I'll be here, but no pressure. Friends is good. I like friends.
I don't really have a lot of them... kind of hard to get out and meet people. :)

Melissa smiled softly.

I feel the same way, and I have more chances to, I guess. Friends is good.

Good :)
So... now that that's established... if I help you find the armour, will you help me defeat Ishtar's lions in Babylon?

You haven't done that one yet?

Like I said, cleaning up quests... you have?

At level 40 *lol*

*lol* Showoff. You can tell me how to do it, then. Maybe... if you have a headset, we could voice chat while we play?

Melissa smiled eagerly for a moment, before another loud snore from Lisa dimmed her enthusiasm.

My sister's asleep... I'm staying in her room while Deo is visiting.


I'll have to whisper :)



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