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Bethany’s Awakening, Part 1: Poison, Pain and Panic

Posted on Mon Jun 8th, 2015 @ 12:29pm by Unawakened Bethany Davies & Timo Braken & Abby Tibbs
Edited on on Mon Jun 8th, 2015 @ 12:29pm

Mission: Pre-Awakening
Location: Wizard’s Tower, Medical Ward
Timeline: Friday, August 27, 2010/Early Afternoon

The thick, inky blackness had become a seemingly impenetrable gray fog, filled with nightmare sounds and images. The sounds of gunfire and chaos replayed over and over in her mind, filling her nose with the scent of gunpowder and blood, and her own screams pierced through the haze as her precious mama’s lifeless eyes stared deep into her soul. All she wanted to do was get out of that strange, dark place.

Bethany Davies began struggling as the fog began to recede, tears streaming down a face that felt too hot. She didn’t know where she was, or how she had even managed to survive the suicide run that kept repeating in her head, but she did realize that she was still alive. The pain that seemed to be everywhere was only one of the proofs.

Her lips were dry and she tried to wet them, only to find that her just-as-dry tongue wasn’t up for the task, and she sobbed as she struggled to open eyes that seemed like they had been glued shut. The girl gasped when she tried to rub them and realized that she couldn’t move her arms, then froze. They had gotten her after all, even as hard as she’d tried to die with her mother.

When her eyes finally did manage to open a crack, the world was almost as hazy as her nightmares had been and she cried out weakly when she tried to pull against her restraints, pain shooting up her left side. The agony managed to force the young woman’s eyes open and she whimpered when she realized that she was, indeed, in an unfamiliar, sterile room and a nauseating, creeping panic began to rise in her sore chest.

The room was quiet, save for the strange, vaguely familiar tones of medical equipment and the steady hiss of raw oxygen that was being fed to her through an unpleasant smelling plastic thing in her nose. The subdued colors were depressing and the room seemed far too small in that moment. There was a chair beside her bed that looked like someone had been using it recently, but they weren’t there as she tried to force her mind to work properly and failed miserably.

“Poison...” Bethany managed to mutter in fear, giving a weak groan as she recognized the sensation that she was fighting against, and that only served to make everything worse. She could feel her stressed out heart began to pound in her ears again and she couldn’t seem to catch her breath as she neared the edge of terror over the unknown. Hospitals weren’t exactly her favorite places, and she really had no idea where she was or what they were planning on doing to her that they would go through so much trouble to keep her alive.

She was trapped and heaving sobs began wracking her damaged body, a depression like nothing she had ever felt before settling on her shoulders. Bethany’s mama was gone, and she had drugged and abandoned the one person that had saved her the last time, and while she knew that the possibility of that happening again was slim to none, all that the green-eyed brawler wanted in that moment was to hear Jon’s voice, see his smile. She truly hoped that he hadn’t been found and that he could find some happiness in life without feeling like he had to stick around to keep watch over some messed up kid, even though his absence tore at her beleaguered, broken heart.

The moment the monitors started screaming there was movement from the room through the small window across from her, though the blinds were drawn so she couldn't see who until the curtains across the doorway pulled back. The girl wasn't overly tall, a few inches over five foot, with soft, springy brown curls shot through with green and metallic gold. Her skin was the creamy color of chocolate milk, but she had large brown almond shaped eyes fringed with thick black lashes. For all her exotic coloring she was dressed in very familiar green scrubs and a pair of spotless bright yellow Crocs, clean white socks showing through the holes.

Bethany was in the middle of cursing the existence of the traitorous technology that had summoned the unknown person to the room when a girl that seemed somewhat familiar for some reason walked around the curtain. The battered brawler froze from her weak attempts at squeezing her good hand out of its restraint and her breath caught in her throat as she tried in vain to figure some way out of her situation. She didn’t say anything, but the look in her eyes was one of terror, her jaw set tightly, lips pressed into a thin, pale line, and after a moment, in her drugged, confused state, she started struggling with the restraints again.

"Bethany, you have to calm down," Abby said, moving closer so she could administer a sedative if needed.

The closer the scrub-clad young woman stepped towards her, the more frantic Bethany became, and there was a sudden flash of different colors through her bright green eyes. Her breathing became more labored and an odd, almost electrical sensation struck her. “Oh God... what? What’s happening? What have you done to me?” she croaked out as a shudder forced it’s way through her form, only moments before she managed to do what she’d only been wishing that she could accomplish.

She disappeared. Sparkling fractals of light began running up her form, like a bed of tiny prisms turning as a single wave, leaving a wash of scintillating colors as the girl’s body faded from view. Bethany’s head turned to look at the stranger, her gaze locking with Abby’s, and as the terrified young woman’s cloak settled across a face that was marred by a look of bald panic, her normally bright green eyes flashed all the colors of the spectrum before finally vanishing entirely.

That stopped Abby cold, her double eyelids flickering in shock, first the clear membrane going up, then the regular one coming down. She'd actually broken herself of it nearly entirely save for when she was truly startled. She knew the girl was still there, her clothing and restraints were still there and filled out, the IV and heart monitor floating absurdly in the air. The young nurse took a deep breath, "You're okay Bethany, you're safe. We had to put the restraints on you so you wouldn't thrash about and tear the graft on your lung. But it's been a few days, you should be okay to move around a little. If you promise to stay calm and not go running off until we have had a chance to explain things, I'll take them off you." And dose you with a little Xanax just to be safe she thought to herself.

She couldn’t see right; even the air around her was tinted in various shades of blue, while the curly-haired girl’s body was suddenly a pattern of reds, oranges, and greens, no matter how hard she tried to blink it away. She glanced at herself and Bethany’s panicked, befuddled brain vaguely registered the fact that she was seeing in infrared. She could tell that there were hot pipes of some kind running through thick walls, as well as deeper blue areas that spoke of colder conduits. The air around the airduct was deep purple as the climate control system worked to keep the sterile area cool.

“NO! Stay away from me!” the invisible, panicking girl half-screamed at the ghostly, burning form, whose face was beginning to get warmer if she was seeing things right. Her frantic struggling with the restraints became more vehement, the pain pushed aside in her attempts at freeing herself, not only from her bonds, but from her sudden waking nightmare as well. “Don’t touch me!”

As Bethany’s panic continued to rise, her heart was pounding in her chest and blood raced through her head, her breathing labored and ragged. There was something major happening and she couldn’t seem to stop it or control it. Was this what Iris had been talking about? Powers that she had no idea how to control? Was she stuck like this?

With those questions raging in her mind, the girl tried to get herself to calm down, to focus so that she could think, but rather than clear her thoughts something strange happened again. Bethany’s vision began to shift, past the vaguely familiar girl, pressing through heavy, thick walls, beyond the conduits that she had immediately noticed. She saw other rooms and other people milling around, but everything became more and more red the further that she went.

“I... I can’t see right! What’s happening? Whe...” The girl’s questioning shouts of fear stopped, only to be replaced by a strained groan that rapidly rose to an ear piercing scream as her entire world, all of her senses, seemed to be engulfed in the wavering, deep reds of a hellish heat. Then there was silence, Bethany’s screams cut off as suddenly as her panic had begun, a single word, “Nephilim,” uttered in terror, before the battered brawler’s struggling from the bed came to a crashing halt.

Abby sighed, moving forward with the sedative now that the girl was passed out. They would wake her up in a controlled manner next time. Thankfully, though she was still hard to see, Abby's second set of lids caught the glint of light that was her outline and let her locate the hand where her IV was. Once she confirmed it was still in place she injected the medication and called Timo.

It was technically his day off, but the young doctor came in and looked Bethany over, confirming that she hadn't done any lasting damage and repairing the stitches she had pulled. Though Abby could see an outline, there would have been no way for her to repair the damage. Timo, on the other hand, could still see the inner workings of her body with his second sight.

While he worked Abby contacted Cam. *She woke up, but her powers seem to have come online and really freaked her out. We've sedated her, but you should probably bring Him back,* Abby had seen the recordings of all their dealings with Jon and had a bit of a chip on her shoulder about the whole thing.



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