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Lies in the Past (Part 2)

Posted on Wed Jul 1st, 2015 @ 6:04am by Unawakened Edward Carlisle IV

Mission: Pre-Awakening
Location: London
Timeline: January, 2007 (Flashback)

Talia listened to Neville politely, still not saying anything about his wandering hands, mentally verifying what he was saying about the piece. She’d seen a few like it in her travels and dealings, none quite so intact, but close, and she was seriously considering a silent bid on it when it went up for auction. “I’ve seen some nice tomb pieces out of the area, but that one is of particular quality. I am certain it will bring a high price.”

“Tell me, you wouldn’t happen to have a nice cognac in that lovely, dark oak bar, would you?” Talia asked after an hour of inspection, and being not so subtly groped by Neville. She had been getting more and more tense as they went over the offered relics, having noted a few things of concern. She could have been way off base, she was good, but not perfect. Her dealings so far had all been legal, but this one had the potential of a lengthy prison sentence, if she was right. “It has been a long week and I could use a stiff drink.”

~For more than one reason,~ The vivacious redhead thought to herself as she smiled sweetly at Neville.

“Of course,” Neville smiled, moving from Talia to the bar. “Always good to meet a woman who knows her liquor.” He poured her a very generous glass, studying her slight frame before topping it off even more, just to be sure. “You must be about ready for a break,” he said, bringing her drink and setting it in front of her.

“I have seen so many antiquities over the last three months, it often seems as though they are all running together,” Talia admitted as she rose and took up the drink, sighing softly. She took a healthy sip of the amber colored liquid, nodding in approval. “Thank you. It is most appreciated.”

The young woman glanced back at the work that had already been done and she thought for a moment. “I believe that we have done all that we can here. There are a number of the pictured artifacts that I would like to inspect personally, then I will be able to write up my estimates and recommendations.”

Talia paused, taking another sip of her drink, eyeing Neville over the rim of her glass as she did. As handsome and charming as the man was, she still got an uncomfortable vibe off of him, but she smiled as she lowered the glass again and allowed the alcohol to wash over her senses a bit. “Now, you were saying something about dinner and the possibility of a private viewing?” she asked with a twinkle of mischief in her eyes.

Neville smiled. “Yes.” He reached out and brushed back a lock of her red hair that had fallen in her eyes, caressing her pale cheek. “Pull the pictures you would like and I will have my people bring them over to my townhouse while we eat. What would you like for dinner?” His hand trailed lightly along her shoulder.

The beautiful young woman’s eyes closed as Neville caressed her cheek and she sighed softly. After a moment she looked to him again, took another long sip of the drink that he’d handed her, and as the alcohol warmed her stomach she looked him over. The man was rather attractive and he wasn’t exactly poor company. Again a sigh escaped her and Talia said, “I apologize if I seem a bit stiff. As I’ve said, it has been a long week. Have them bring the pieces, but perhaps we can leave further business until the morning? I tend to eat light, very little meat.” She raised the glass and gave the older man a sly smile, and a soft chuckle. “This is where I become an expensive date.”

“I spare no expense on a beautiful woman,” Neville smiled raising his own glass and clicking it against hers. “I know this amazing sushi place, tres expensive,” he assured her. “And you are right. No more business for tonight. Just...pleasure,” he assured her, his hand caressing her cheek again and sliding lightly into her silky red hair to pull her in for a soft kiss, the taste of cognac on his lips.

Talia seemed a bit surprised by the kiss, but recovered well enough, returning the gentle gesture. Her blood tended to run a bit hot and she had to admit that she didn’t exactly mind the attention of attractive men. When she broke the kiss and smiled up at him, there was a new fire behind it, a promise of things to come that had been absent just a short time before. “Pleasure. I like the sound of that,” the young woman said softly, then finished off the cognac in her glass.

Neville smiled and downed his own drink. He pushed the photo book over to her so she could select what she wanted while he packed away the artifacts he had brought, more than once intentionally brushing against the beautiful young woman.

“You’re not just a pretty face, luv,” Neville complimented. “You know your antiquities. I am impressed. Your father is a lucky man.” He chuckled. “Or perhaps unlucky. So many beaus he must have to chase off.” Neville knew just how Vincent liked to deal with such things, but such things didn’t faze him in the presence of such a woman.

The young woman chuckled, that wicked grin forming on her lips once again. “Flattery will get you everywhere. And... What father doesn’t know, won’t hurt you,” Talia said teasingly as she pulled the requested pictures and set them to the side. She gathered up her things and put them back in the small case, her responses to Neville’s teasing, warm and playful, a definite shift from the no-nonsense business woman that had walked through his door as the alcohol began to work it’s magic and loosen her inhibitions.

“Always been me own motto,” Neville had to agree with a laugh. He took the pictures over to his computer and put them on the scanner, sending them quickly to his assistant with instructions to have them brought to the townhouse.

Neville’s phone rang and he glanced at the screen before answering. “Xander, mate. How are you? Can’t talk long. Hot date.” He winked at Talia. “Yes, of course. I’ll send you a wee bit extra this month. Cheerio, mate!”

Neville hung up and smiled at Talia. “Nephew,” he explained, sliding his phone away and taking her arm. “Shall we?”

“Ah. Family is important,” Talia responded, taking up the case that she’d come in with in her free hand. She glanced at the man that she’d been sent to deal with and again gave him that beautiful, confident smile as she said, “Lead the way.”


Neville Carlisle
Xander’s uncle and Guardian

Talia Zajic
NPC- Bethany Davies


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