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Familiar Surroundings (Part 4, Conclusion)

Posted on Thu Jul 2nd, 2015 @ 10:48pm by Jonathon Harrison & Unawakened Bethany Davies & Abby Tibbs & Ainsworth "Jax" Jackson
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Mission: Everyday
Location: Wizard Island/Bethany's room
Timeline: Saturday, August 28, 2010/Afternoon

"Not to eavesdrop, but you're welcome to stay here if you would like," Abby called from across the room. "The couch folds out into a real bed. And we'll get you a cane by the end of the day. The doc can also look at your leg. He can sometimes find treatments for old injuries."

“I’ll always need you, Jon. You’re my best friend,” Bethany said quietly, giving the stoic man a sad, reproachful look. When Abby mentioned the hidden bed, she actually smiled, her brow furrowing a bit with confusion as well as curiosity. “A couch that becomes a bed? That’s kinda neat.” The young woman’s green gaze turned back to Jon and the look on her face shifted from the curious to the hopeful as she continued, “I don’t want to be alone. Please stay? At least for a little while longer?”

Jon gave Bethany a smile. “Yes, okay,” he said. “But people will start to talk!” he teased her. “They might think I’m corrupting you, luv.” He rubbed his leg, not wanting to go back on the cane, but the last several weeks of intense activity were catching up to him. “The muscle was pretty torn up by shrapnel,” he told Abby. “They said they were surprised that I could even walk, much less walk well, so I’m grateful even if I have to be on a cane for a few days. Mostly just needs rest. Just acts up sometimes.”

Abby didn't point out that Bethany should have died from her injuries but instead was days from being at least somewhat mobile, "A brace might help too. I'll tell Timo and he can look at it when he comes down to check on Bethany." She also didn't add that he probably had already looked at it and knew exactly what was wrong.

Jon nodded ruefully. “This is wot I get for not going to work at the docks like my father,” he said with a wry chuckle. “I wanted the exciting life of the army.”

“Who cares. Let them talk,” Bethany said with a small shrug and hissed as her shoulder protested. “I kind of got used to people thinking naughty things about us right off the bat,” the young woman teased right back with one of her playful, lopsided grins as she managed to shove the pain aside. She hated the idea that Jon was in pain because of her and she was trying her best to keep the mood as light as she could.

“It can’t hurt to let them try to help you,” the young brawler encouraged Jon from her annoyingly uncomfortable bed, and she braced herself as she shifted again. After a moment, she either succeeded in finding a more comfortable position, or she gave up, it was difficult to tell as she laid back and tried to catch her breath. “And, for what it’s worth, I’m kind of glad that you’re not working on some dock somewhere. I’d probably be dead by now if you were.”

“I suppose that is true,” Jon admitted with a smile. “I would hate to have missed meeting you,” he chuckled. “Though I’m thinking it might have been safer if I left you at Destiny’s,” he said. “You did like it there,” he teased her. “I’m sure Jade misses you.”

The blush that rose up in Bethany’s cheeks over the idea of being left at the brothel stained her skin scarlet. “I do not want to live there. It was okay for a short cover, but just the things I saw in the hallways made me nervous and the stuff on the TV thing was just...disturbing.” The green-eyed girl let out a soft sigh before continuing, and her gaze turned back up to her blue-eyed hero as she continued softly, “But I do miss Miss Destiny and Miss Jade. I’m a little worried about them. What if Nexus finds out they helped us?” The worry over the idea of possibly having put them in that kind of danger danced in her intense gaze.

“I’ll see what I can do, luv,” Jon said. “See if they’ll let me contact them. We don’t know if Nexus even knew you were there,” he reminded. “I’m not sure what they would gain by messing up a well-connected madam and a lowly prostitute,” Jon reasoned. “But it couldn’t hurt for Destiny and Jade to take a vacation for a while,” he mused.

Bethany shrugged a bit, that worried look still in her eyes, as she said, “Thanks. I don’t know that they would go after them, but be honest, do you think I could just sit on my hands if they did find out and get ahold of them? Oh! I know! Tell Opie! He’ll do what he can to keep them safe, whether they like it or not. Not so sure he’d appreciate it if Jade disappeared on him.” She really didn’t trust the new up-and-coming crime lord, but, for some reason, she did believe that he loved her friend and that he at least respected the beautiful madame that had taken her in to get her away from Morty.

Jon nodded. “I will make sure they are aware of the possible risk, luv,” Jon said. “Destiny can talk to them. Don’t worry.” He squeezed Bethany’s hand.

The battered young woman nodded and sighed, holding tightly to Jon’s hand. She looked over at Abby and smiled sheepishly. “Sorry, I don’t mean to leave you out of conversations. I’m worried about my friends. I don’t have many left and I don’t want to see them hurt over associating with me. Jon and I are wanted for various reasons, if you didn’t know that already. If you want details, I’ll give them. Guess you’re probably gonna wanna know stuff about us if you’re letting us stick around. The cops have already bothered them enough. If Eva can get into people’s minds though, like the red-headed lady...Cam...? said, that worries me even more.”

"She didn't do so well trying to get into Cam's mind," Abby said, a very satisfied little smile on her face. "It was more than she knew how to handle. But if she's on your trail she may find others with fewer defenses. Write down as much information as you have about them, our tech guy can get on their trail, make sure they are okay, and see if Nexus has a bead on them yet. If they do then we can step in. We all have people that love us that we have to keep safe, Cam knows that, and has a whole other facility just for them. `When you are feeling better I'll take you to visit if you want. You're well enough for now, Jax and I can leave you be now that you are more awake. Just don't try to get out of bed or move around too much. We're pretty awesome around here but we're not miracle workers."

“Thank you, mate,” Jon said, looking at Abby. “And...I am sorry about before,” he said sincerely.

Bethany smiled at Abby and nodded. “I won’t get out of bed until the doctor says I can. And thank you again. It may just be me being worried over nothing, but I do appreciate you checking on them.” She paused, looking between the two of them with a brow arched up curiously, the look on her face showing her confusion as she asked Jon, “What did you do to her?”

Jon smiled at Bethany. “I wasn’t exactly the most likable person when we met,” he explained. “I blame the knockout drugs in my system,” he teased Bethany.

The battered brawler’s cheeks brightened again even though the rest of her body had finally lost the hot-pink-with-orange tone. “Fair enough,” Bethany said, managing to at least sound contrite in the matter, but she was still convinced that she might be mourning Jon rather than holding his hand at the moment if she hadn’t done it. She looked back to Abby with another sheepish grin. “The drugs are my fault and Jon can get a little...cranky when I get hurt. I get a little cranky when he gets hurt, too. Please don’t hold it against us too much?”

Abby nodded. She wasn't going to warm up to the guy over night, but she was raised to forgive a lot. "Not the worst treatment I've ever received. As for out of bed, by tomorrow night we should be able to at least get you into a wheelchair and I can show you around the rest of the facility so you can start thinking on whether you want to stay. Iris has also asked if she can visit you. She knows you've been through a lot and doesn't want to make your life any more stressful."

“He really is a good guy, even if he can be a little stiff sometimes. I owe him my life a few times over,” Bethany said, giving Jon a sweet smile and his hand a weak squeeze. She nodded a bit as she listened and in truth she would have paid good money to be able to get out of that hospital bed at that moment. Again the young woman shifted uncomfortably and responded, “I’ll be looking forward to that tour. I hate being immobile and inactive. As for Iris, she’s welcome to visit. I need to thank her anyway.”

"I'll let Cam know and she'll pass the word along. Iris should reach out sometime in the next day or so would be my guess," Abby said. "We'll leave you two be for a bit. I have to go make sure this guy and Kestrel didn't make too many headlines without me."

"Hey!" Jax said with mock indignance.

Abby chuckled but addressed Bethany and Jon, ignoring her lover. "If you want to show him the video of what I showed you, just turn on the TV and it's available. Should be at the top of the list of movies."

"And on that note…" Jax didn't finish his sentence. In a smooth, almost faster than the eye could follow motion, he dipped down and picked Abby up, slinging her over his shoulder, ignoring her laughing eep of protest. With a salute and a quick smile to the others he left the room. A grinning Abby waved as the door closed behind them.


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