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Bioshock: Kyle

Posted on Sun Jul 12th, 2015 @ 8:15am by Unawakened Melissa Wilson

Mission: Pre-Awakening
Location: Shady Side - Melissa's house
Timeline: June 22nd, 2010

Kyle's absence - with Deo - for most of the day had been fairly conspicuous. When the pair finally did show up, mere minutes before dinner was put on the table, there was no chance to pull the two aside and ask what the hell had happened with Jeff.

That chance didn't happen until everyone started heading off to bed.

Still fuming, Melissa waited until her parents' door closed, heading straight for Kyle's room with determination. She opened his door without knocking.

"What the...?" Kyle exclaimed, his cheeks flushing darkly, quickly holding his pyjama pants over his naked manhood. "Holy shit, Melissa, learn to knock!"

Melissa scowled, closing the door behind her and trying not to blush. She had to remain strong and determined, no matter how awkward this was. She thought of Neferu - Neferu wouldn't be intimidated by walking in on her brother naked, so neither was she! At least, she vowed not to show it openly. Kyle took the opportunity to wrap himself up in a bedsheet. It wasn't much better for his dignity, but every bit helped.

"I had a visit from Jeff today." Melissa said with quiet fury.

"Oh yeah?" Kyle sat on his bed, trying to make sure the sheet wasn't too transparent. "What's that dickhead want?"

"To say sorry." Melissa folded her arms. "With bruises on his face."

"Listen, if you heard the stuff he was..." Kyle began.

"I don't care what he was saying!" Melissa fumed. "Did you hit him?"

Kyle scratched the back of his head. "There... may have been some hitting involved..."

"And you think that makes all of this better?" Melissa shook her head in shock. "I didn't tell you what happened so you could go and beat him up! That doesn't solve anything!"

"Are you kidding me?" Kyle exclaimed, his brow furrowing. "This is the jackass who went around school telling everyone who would listen that you slept with someone on the beach, and you don't think he deserves consequences for that?"

"Not from your fist." Melissa frowned.

"Look... maybe things got out of hand, I'll give you that." Kyle sighed. "But come on... the guy's an asshat. He literally has an ass for a hat. That's how much of a dick he is. He even tried his 'oh, your sister's a whore, she deserves the way people are treating her' line on me." He waved his arms mockingly. "Melissa, you're my sister. I wasn't going to let him talk about you like that. Maybe it's a testosterone-fueled guy thing, but if anyone messes with you or Lisa the way Jeff messed with you? First thing I want to do to them is usually violent."

"Well... don't." Melissa retorted.

"Instinct. Rugged caveman instinct." Kyle shrugged, grunting and hitting his chest to punctuate his argument.

"You're an idiot." Melissa rolled her eyes.

"Yeah, maybe... but I'm still your brother, so you just have to live with it." Kyle grinned.

"Promise me you won't hurt him anymore." Melissa folded her arms.

Kyle shrugged again. "I make no promises if he starts it... but I will promise that I won't. So... he apologized, huh?"

Melissa nodded, leaning against the door with a sigh.

"For what, fighting with Deo and I, or for what he did to you?"

"Both." Melissa said softly, looking down.

Kyle watched her silently. "Are you going to forgive him?"

She looked up, her dark eyes meeting his. "I... don't know."

Kyle gave a soft, disappointed sigh.

"He... he said he did it because he loved me and he was hurt." Melissa quickly added. "I hurt him. I shouldn't have..."

"Melissa... that's the kind of bullshit excuse someone who is abusive gives." Kyle said gently. "You're better than that. You don't deserve what he did to you, you wouldn't deserve it even if the rumours WERE true."

"They're not." She protested weakly.

"I know... I know they're not." Kyle sighed again. "You deserve to be treated better than that."

Melissa stayed silent. She didn't really believe him.

"If you had walked in a minute later and I had my pants on, I would come over and hug you right now." Kyle said softly. "Look.. I'm you're brother, and I'm not supposed to say nice things about you to your face - part of the brother code - but you're better than that. You deserve so much more than this. I'll stand by whatever decision you make, but I just want you to think about it - really think about it - before you make the decision to forgive him or not. From what I've heard, he really beat the shit out of Tim Lafontaine. What, for argument's sake, would have happened if you'd done something to piss Jeff off that hadn't involved someone else? Would Aunt Tina have gone to fix you up instead?"

Melissa continued to stay silent, her eyes fixed on the floor.

Kyle sighed, making sure his bedsheet was firmly wrapped around his waist before he stood up. He shuffled over to his sister, pulling her close with one arm in to a tight, supportive hug. "You can do better, Melissa. You are better."

"How do you know?" She asked quietly. "What if... what if I'm not?"

"Please. Have you seen yourself in the mirror lately?" Kyle grinned. "For the sake of your honour, I'm going to be fighting with guys left, right and center one day, and every single one of them will make Jeff look like the pile of dog shit he really is. Do you love him?"

Melissa met her brother's eyes for a moment. "I... don't think so. I'm not sure."

"Then you have your answer. No point in being with someone you don't absolutely know you love, right?"

"But... what if... what if you did feel something for someone, but you knew it wouldn't work out?" Melissa asked quietly, her voice little more than a whisper.

"Tim Lafontaine." Kyle deduced.

She nodded.

Kyle sighed, releasing her from the hug. "Well... I haven't really had a whole lot of relationships, I'm probably not the best one to ask. You could go ask Lisa, I'm sure that, somewhere along the way, she's slept with someone with health problems."

Melissa glared. "That's not helpful."

He smirked. "That's probably what she said."


"Alright, alright... well, I guess you have two choices - try, see where it goes and if there's anything there, or... don't. If you're sure it's not going to work, no one would fault you for saving yourself some heartache, but if you're wrong, you're probably missing out." He smirked again. "Besides, then you get to see if everything is disabled, or just..."

"Oh my god." Melissa shook her head, turning away.

Kyle chuckled. "Oh, come on, I'm just joking around."

"N-no..." She shook her head, her face turning red. "Your... your sheet...."

Kyle looked down and turned similarly red. He grabbed the sheet quickly, covering up where it had slipped. "Um... maybe you should go and let me change."

Melissa nodded as she opened the door. "I wonder if they make bleach for eyes."

"Very funny. I'll have you know that, by comparison, mine is really quite..."

She shut the door quickly, shuddering and heading back to the room she was sharing with Lisa.


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