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Worlds of Confusion (part 2)

Posted on Sun Jul 12th, 2015 @ 12:31pm by Unawakened Melissa Wilson

Mission: Pre-Awakening
Location: Shady Side - Melissa's room
Timeline: August 20, 2010

She sat in her bed, morning light streaming through her windows. She was up early, earlier than any of the rest of her family could possibly be. The morning light seemed to shine gold upon her otherwise dark hair, faint streaks of of blonde that hadn't been there the night before. Melissa hadn't noticed. She was far too preoccupied for that.

Weird dreams. Very weird.

Her phone lay in her lap, dropped a moment before. Her eyes were wide, her skin pale.

[Now, it’s late and your night has been weird to say the least. Go to bed and call me in the morning when you believe I am real.] Her phone said in a sexy male voice.


“This is one of those times I really wish I had more friends to talk to.” She muttered to herself. “But... who am I kidding? No one would ever believe this. I wouldn’t believe this.”

She stared at the phone a little longer.

“I must have gone insane. That’s the only explanation. Insane. Yes.” She giggled a particularly nervous, insane sounding giggle.

If you’re insane, A little voice in the back of her mind asked is there any harm in calling him?

She pondered that for a moment, cursing her own logic. Her fingers gently, tentatively touched the phone screen, as though trying to reach out to touch the god inside. “Fine. You win.” She told the voice. “Adonis?” She spoke his name quietly, tentatively, not really believing anything would come of it.

It took a moment, just long enough for her to convince herself she really was insane, but then the screen flickered to life and the face of the man from the night before appeared. He leaned back his hand outstretched as though he had touched something she couldn't see and sat down on the foot of a large 4 poster bed. He was dressed much as he had been the day before, though his shirt was tucked in and his sleeves buttoned, and today his pants were a soft dove gray that managed to set off the blue of his eyes. "Do you believe me now?" he asked in a fair impression of the guy from the cell phone commercial 'can you hear me now?'

She dropped the phone, scrambling back in her bed. "Holy shit!"

A low chuckle came from the phone, "Still thought you were dreaming I take it? And before you ask, no, you are not insane. I'm as real as you are."

"H-how...?" Melissa stammered.

"I think I explained that last night," Adonis said with another almost touchable laugh.

"Yeah, but I was..." She shook her head. "Okay... w-wait... so... uh... you're... I mean... are you...? Actually?"

"A god? Yes," he said with a smirk, lounging back on the bed.

“But... how?” Melissa asked, wide-eyed.

"Well when a mommy carrier and a daddy carrier really love each other, and a god gets bored and nosey," Adonis said with a grin, "they make a little x-positive baby and the god gets a... shall we call it a paragon, someone who is tied to them and their powers, someone who will one day awaken, someone who will keep them from dying."

Melissa blushed furiously. “I-I know how... well... with people. So... so... x-carriers are... what, related to gods? I-I don’t... the x-gene... I don’t really... understand. Y-you said that I... do I?”

"Your parents are carriers," Adonis explained, propping himself up on one elbow on the bed, "you are x-positive."

“But... how?” Melissa asked again.

Adonis frowned, "You did pass biology right? Two carriers have a kid? That kid has a 50% chance to be a carrier, 25% chance to have nothing and a 25% chance to have the full gene?"

She glared at him. “Okay. But... my brother and sister, are they...?”

"Not sure, they are neither one linked to other gods, but they could be any of the above," the god pushed himself to a sitting position so he was no longer lounging around like a romance cover model, "I was serious when I said I thought you knew, I've been getting energy from you for a couple months, not a lot but enough that I thought your gene had gone active, I thought Cameo would have contacted you by now. Her daughter can sense these things."

“Who?” Melissa asked. Her voice was starting to tremble a little. “What... what kind of.... energy?”

"Take a slow deep breath Melissa, you're starting to panic," Adonis said, and while his words were kind there was a weight to them, they pressed around her seeming to come not just from the phone but as though she could feel them whispered against her skin.

The whispered feeling seemed to whisper against parts of her skin that were otherwise covered by the shorts and tank top she slept in, and it was a bizarre, tingling, electric sort of feeling that Melissa really didn’t know how to interpret. She shuddered, despite herself, finding the feeling strange and curious all at the same time. “Panic?? Oh, this is me starting to panic? I hit panic a while back.” Her voice shook, and she blinked away tears. “You... you come in to my.... well, my monitor, my phone... you tell me I’m a monster, or I’m gonna be, or something, I don’t know, that there are gods and genes and that I’m giving you energy and... and... I don’t know what else, and I’m supposed to be calm??” Her breathing sped up, catching in her chest. “This... this is.... it’s... argh! What do you even want from me?? Why me?? Who put you up to this?”

"Slow deep breaths, you're going to hyperventilate. To answer your question no one put me up this, you aren't the first by any means, many of the gods, from many belief systems, have bonded with humans to keep from dying. And you aren't a monster, most mutant abilities are so minor that they may not even know they're mutants," he didn't mention that by being bonded to him it pretty much guaranteed she wouldn't be one of those mutants, for now he thought it wise to leave that unsaid, "as for why I chose you, that I am not sure about. We choose a person at the moment of their conception, that split second when two carriers' DNA join and create a life. When we choose to bind ourselves to a mortal we reach out into the mortal realm with our powers and that makes us aware of those that are compatible, of all those available you called to me the most."

"What about me called to you? I'm no one, really. Most people at school barely know I exist." At least, they didn't before the last week or two of school. She thought, darkly. A frightened tear rolled down Melissa's cheek as she started to realize that she would never again have a normal life, if this was true. She couldn't even fathom what kind of life might be in store for her, and it scared her immensely. "You're... well... you. Your myth is all about how you are.... well... looking like you. I... I don't look like you. Or, well, a girl-you. Shouldn't you have picked Jaynie Taylor, or one of the pretty cheerleader girls instead? If you're going to start trying to build my self-confidence or some crap like that and tell me I'm going to be a supermodel or something, I swear to god - err, gods... other ones... or something... - I will laugh in your face."

"It's not who you are, but who you can be. Jaynie Taylor is a self indulged twat who couldn't string two thoughts together if her life depended on it, excuse the language but it's the most accurate description I can think of. You are so much more than that. True, in my day I was known for my beauty, so I can't help but value that in others, but I have had centuries of idleness to become more than just a pretty face. Centuries of having others compared to me by those who don't even believe I existed. It's rather humbling," his smile showed that while it had humbled him, it hadn't completely humbled him, he still knew just how devastating his smile could be, "also, remember, my ideal of beauty comes from a very different time. You may not see it but you are lovely. I have no intention of turning you into anything at all. I chose you for you, not to try to turn you into some poofy lipped skeleton who can't walk right. You will be who ever and whatever you decide to be and do, I have no control or influence over you. My connection to you only means that your gifts, when they do come, will be linked to me and my abilities. But you are still your own person."

That helped. A little. "What... do you mean by your... abilities?" Melissa asked, warily curious.

"I'm a god Melissa, you've read the myths, what all could Adonis do?" he asked cocking his head to one side, curious how much she would remember.

"Uh.." She had to think. Adonis, for all that he was presented in-game as a vapid pretty-boy, had never really piqued her interest. She hadn't gone out of her way to study him, like she had some of the other gods and goddesses. "You are, uh... connected with growing plants. Love, attraction, stuff like that... Your death was kind of a big deal...." She shook her head. "But, those are just myths. Stories. Oral traditions, that stuff changes with time. What's the truth in it all?"

"I am a god of life, death, and rebirth. In my day I died and was reborn with the seasons, some sects believed my death was what allowed the season to turn, that spilling my blood brought about the springtime. I was coveted for my beauty yes, but I was tied to the turning of the planet the rebirth of the world each spring. I did many other things, but that is what remains to me, if I faded and died I would not be reborn, my death requires a purpose and belief that I will return or it would be permanent."

“So... you chose me so that I’d... believe in you?” Melissa’s brow furrowed. “Other than dying, you know, you didn’t actually tell me any abilities you have. I’m not sure I buy the whole letting-the-seasons-turn thing... besides, wasn’t that Persephone and the whole pomegranate story?”

"Persephone's story was one for the harsher climates, where winter and summer were more drastically different. My myths evolved farther south, where things were a little more temperate, winter not as cold, summer not as hot. But I was also the god of natural beauty, Aphrodite is immortally lovely, her beauty a power in and of itself. Mine is more terrestrial."

“So... you can... what, make beautiful things grow? Flowers and trees and things in spring? I thought that was Demeter.” Melissa frowned, looking confused.

Adonis laughed softly, "No, I don't make them grow, my life force feeds them... it's hard to explain. And there are even things I could once do that I no longer remember. None of my abilities were active, I couldn't DO anything specific so much as my being part of the world brought things about."

Melissa frowned. “So... you’re a god... but you don’t actually DO anything, spring just happens because you exist? But... you won’t keep existing if people don’t believe in you, so, you picked me so someone would believe in you, so nature would still be there?” She looked confused.

"Let's just say I'd rather not know if my death would stop the rotation of the earth," Adonis said, his expression solemn, something around his eyes gave her the idea that it could have been fear for the world falling to chaos that made him sad, or maybe, just maybe a fear of the world not falling to chaos with his death. He'd been a thought, an ideal, he'd never been a major power. If the world didn't rely on his life, what had it ever been for?

Melissa stared at him for a long moment, blinking with surprise. “Uh... okay. Fair enough. You’re that important? I always thought you were... um... well...”

Adonis raised one eyebrow.

“Kinda... just... there to look pretty.” She finished up, sheepishly. “‘Oh rare Adonis’, and all that stuff from those English poets.”

The god sighed, "I was, which is why I couldn't simply let myself die. If you ever tell anyone I said this I'll deny it but I felt my energy fading and thought 'If I die and the earth keeps turning then my only accomplishment in this world has been hooking up with a few goddesses and not getting killed... permanently... by their god husbands.' I didn't want that to be my only contribution to this world."

Melissa was quiet for a moment, then nodded. “I understand that. So... what do you want to contribute?”

"That's really up to you," Adonis said, watching her closely.

“What... YOU want to contribute... is up to ME.” Melissa said slowly, warily. “Why?”

"Because I've tied my life to yours. What I want is of little consequence in a world that doesn't believe in me any more. This is your world Melissa. What do you want it to be?" one gold eyebrow crept upward as he looked at her.

Melissa opened her mouth to answer, but nothing came out. The truth was, she really wasn’t sure. Oh, she had ideas, dreams, but to pick one was a lot harder. Decisions were hard. How did someone ever know if they were making the right one? “I don’t know.” She said after a moment. “I... I like a lot of things.”

She wasn’t entirely sure why she didn’t tell him more. There were top choices, of course, possibilities for her future that seemed more appealing than others. But, how exciting did it sound to most people when she mentioned wanting to be a librarian? Or a scientist, working in a lab somewhere? She didn’t exactly want an exciting life, or one where she had to cope with people on a regular basis. What fun would a god find in that, especially one like Adonis?

"Then that's what we'll do.," Adonis said gently, "I'm not here to change your plans Melissa, I'm here to help you be the most amazing version of you that you can be."

She looked skeptical of there being a most amazing version of her to be, but she decided not to press the issue. “So... what now, then? Now that, well, I know, I guess, that I’m... different? What happens now?”

"Now you continue your life. If you want to talk or want my help with anything you just call. I will keep an eye on you and when your abilities begin to manifest we will deal with it together. Should you need it, my allies will help protect you and keep you safe," Adonis said seriously.

She stared at him for a moment longer, and then slowly nodded in acknowledgement. “Okay. And, um, if you need me... well... I guess you kinda know how to talk to me already, but... you can. I-if you need to.”

"Don't worry, I'm not going to be popping in randomly. You can call me any time as you did here, just pressing your hand to a reflective surface," Adonis said with a radiant smile.

Melissa nodded. “I’ll... well... I won’t pop in randomly, either.” She promised. “It, um... it was nice... meeting you.”


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